Try These 12 Tips to Renovate Your Home in an Eco-friendly Way

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If you have jumped on the bandwagon of an eco-friendly lifestyle, then it is time you consider starting from home. Your lifestyle does not necessarily change when your home remains the same. With significant changes in your home, you might find it easy to live your life in the way you want. In this instance, we are talking about adopting ways that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

If you are feeling hesitant to renovate your home or apartment thinking it might cost you a lot, don’t worry there are plenty of options to consider which may not cost as much and you get what you want. We show you some of the best eco-friendly ways to renovate your home.

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1. Use recycled glass

Technology has come very far in making environment-friendly products. Some brands sell bio-glass which looks like glass but is 10% eco-friendly. These glasses make a nice addition to your bedroom or kitchen as they brighten up the space much more than actual glass allowing bright sunlight into the room.

2. Grow Bamboo wood

Bamboo wood is all the rage right now and is a favourite among eco-friendly enthusiasts. So what makes bamboo wood different from other wood materials? It is moisture-resistant, durable and grows faster than normal wood. Growing it needs fewer pesticides. You can take the help of qualified landscape professionals such as rocdog.ca, who will not only install the bamboo wood in your garden but also make it stylish.

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3. Use formaldehyde-free cabinets

One of the most common and dangerous materials used in household products is Formaldehyde. It is very toxic and you don’t want it near you, specifically you, specifically your home. Look for materials involved in making products when you look for decorating your home. There are many options for VOC and formaldehyde-free furniture such as kitchen cabinets and counters. Even wall paints with no formaldehyde help keep the house toxins-free.

4. Go solar

This is a no-brainer. The most efficient way to make your house more eco-friendly is to install energy-efficient sources and solar energy is the best option. Buy solar panels and replace them with your main power source. These panels store the energy of the sun and give you electricity that lasts the whole night.

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5. Install a low-flow toilet

Recent news on climate change might have given you an idea of how much water shortage is a problem. Sometimes we don’t need as much water as we tend to use. Do your part in saving water by installing low flow faucets in your kitchen and bathroom. You won’t notice the difference in water pressure but you will be saving a whole lot of water without knowing.

6. Install grass carpets

Planning an eco-friendly renovation of your home might seem difficult but it’s not, especially when you have a little open space. You can make use of your balcony or rooftop and install grass carpet easily. This will not only help conserve the environment, but it will also give you a nice, positive feeling that being close to Mother Nature always gives us.

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7. Use VOC-free Paint

Wall paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which produce harmful molecules that have an immense negative impact on a person’s health inhaling it. VOC paints have chemical components that get absorbed into the atmosphere as the paint gets dry. These chemical fumes when inhaled by a person can cause serious health issues. So, opt for VOC-free paint for your home and office so you or your family is safe from harmful chemicals.

8. Donate Your Items

This doesn’t seem like an idea for renovating your home but it sure has an impact on your carbon footprint. Donate or reuse your preloved items such as clothing, tools, furniture or any other item which has not been in use for a year. This allows free space in your home to decorate or make use of. Also decluttering is a huge advantage that comes with giving away your pre-loved items.

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9. Install energy-saving appliances

The best way to live an eco-friendly life is to save as much energy as you can. This means not using unwanted and unnecessary electrical appliances. You can install energy savers such as LED light bulbs. There are brands out there that deal in low-electricity appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, fans, air conditioners etc. Installing energy-saving appliances not only helps you reduce your carbon footprint but also helps you save money on electricity bills.

10. Deconstruct not Demolish

Before renovation begins, take a walk through your home and take notes of which place you might want to remodel. Renovating a home requires demolishing the space and it destroys the useful resources from which the house is built. So rather than demolishing the house, make use of the resource materials and use these in remodelling the face of your home. Do not discard the wood, bricks, cement or any other material and make it of use in any way you can.

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11. Install Renewable Heating Systems

Every house needs a heating system in times of cold weather and if you reside in an area that is generally cold you might need an additional heating system. These systems are high cost and require additional electricity which further puts a load on the environment as well as your pocket. Opt for natural heating systems such as ground-source heating pumps which extract heat from the ground and transfer it into the home. These pumps do not require much electricity and also do not cost as much.

12. Install Water Filters

While you are renovating your kitchen, opt for a water filter rather than using disposable plastic water bottles which are an immense threat to the environment. Water filters eliminate the need to buy unnecessary water bottles and it is easy to clean them every few months. Good brands have water filters that can work for months and years without worrying about replacing or buying a new one.

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