5 Most Common Live Sports Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


The topic of betting is a never-ending pool of information and advice, which is normal since we as gamblers are all different with different betting styles, strategies and wagers.

Betting is something we all love since it is made to give you a chance of winning big or investing small. It is in the gamblers DNA to constantly test the limits of what they can do, for how long and with what amount of money. We all understand that there are slim to none chances to get filthy rich from betting on sports but we still do it for different purposes. Some simply love sports betting as a way to test their intellect where the money is not as important or is a bonus and some wager specifically for the winnings.

Now betting comes with a lot of risks which is why most of us tend to plot strategies and wager amounts to achieve as much as possible for as little as possible. Most of us make mistakes in betting as well and most of the mistakes come from trying to reclaim what is lost, from anger, hope and so on.

Article here today will tell you about the most common mistakes in live sports betting we are all making and we will tell you just how to avoid them, with a little help from


1. Watch the game

If you are a betting man and you enjoy live sports betting then the dumbest thing you can do is bet live on a game without even watching it. Live betting is intended to be followed and acted upon by the information you are getting live. You will not see any serious gamblers betting live without watching the game like a hawk. There are numerous information you can pick up if you watch it from start to finish. The playing style of teams, playing field, if they are trying or not, do they have weak spots and much more. These are just some of the information that can aid you in either predicting or counting on a certain thing to happen during or at the end of the game. If you are only following the results and a part of the stats coming from the game you will never have a full picture and you will not allow your eyes to see and brain to think about what is happening. Watch the game and you will have the edge needed to make the right bet at the right time.


2. Making too many bets at once

Live games tend to get us all carried away and we try to utilize as much as possible all at once. This is a bad idea because this way you stand to lose a lot of money at once next to making only one or two bets where maybe both or at least one will go through. What is an even worse thing to do is to make multiple bets in a short period and to tie them all to each other in a way where if one falls through all other falls instantly and you lose a lot of money in the process. The live games should be utilized in an informational way – look at the game follow what is happening and make a single decision in time and wait to see what will happen. If it is good then nice if it falls through try and picks up the next thing that has a probable outcome and wager that. So all in all just take it slow, analyze and make one wager at a time.


3. Make a plan

What live sports betting usually does is let us get caught up in the game and all the action and makes us jump the gun and make unpredictable wagers. Although it is a live event you are watching and acting on the action you see it is a good idea to have at least some sort of a wagering plan before the game. With this said it is good to do a little research before the game and try to handicap the event before it starting. This way you will give yourself a bit more edge and a bit more chance, and the rest will depend on how the game develops. Planning and strategizing is important everywhere, but somehow we believe that it is the most important thing here. No matter whether you are witnessing a live betting or you placed a wager and are waiting for the results, you are always better of with research and a plan.


4. There is no room for overconfidence

Live betting is a tricky thing and you can make a bet or two early on that manage to get you a win. What happens next to many of us is that we get caught up with that moment and we tend to make more bets that aren’t thoroughly thought through and we start wasting money left and right thinking we are on some lucky streak. This is the thing that has costed many gamblers and it can cost you. If you did this then you know how lethal it can be to your budget. Doing anything while on a “winning streak” is highly dangerous and it will cost you in the end.


5. Set a budget

This last mistake is made in every type of gambling, meaning that live sports betting isn’t any different. It could easily be that this is much more important here than anywhere else. Live sports betting can get you to lose a lot of money if you don’t set any kind of limits. It is easily overwhelming especially if you have a win a bet or two scenarios after which you start making a lot of bad decisions. This is where most of us start trying to bail out and end up losing much more than we have or plan. So set yourself a strict budget and hold on to it for dear life and don’t allow yourself to go over it no matter how good and stable a wager seems.

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