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Most Popular Poker Variations for Beginners


Poker for Beginners: Best Games to Try

Poker has been around for centuries. The game originated in China and was played by French nobility during the 18th century. After the Civil War, it became popular in America when soldiers returned home from battle with a taste for cards, particularly poker.

Today poker is hugely popular both online and offline—but it’s always been about more than just money! Let’s start with the most popular game of all time, Texas Holdem and go through to more intermediate poker games. If you’re not sure what games count as intermediate then this BorgataOnline article should help you out!

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is an excellent variation on traditional poker. It’s perfect for people new to the game or who want something less complicated than other variations like seven-card stud poker. The best part about Texas Holdem is that it can be played in groups of any size, with each player getting two cards face down and five cards face up (known as “community” cards).

Playing in this way allows players to use their knowledge of what others have in their hands to make better decisions when they’re betting. The game also moves quickly since there’s no waiting for someone else before you can act, so games often end in one sitting!

It’s also more friendly than traditional poker because you can chat with your opponents and make friends while playing.



Omaha poker is a game that is easy to learn and can be played by anyone. It consists of four cards dealt face down, with the player having the option of exchanging any two cards for new ones. Omaha also has an optional betting round before each deal, making it fast-paced and exciting. The best part about this game? You don’t have to memorize complicated rules or know how to play another card game to enjoy it!

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends on the weekend, Omaha might be just what you need. It’s easy to learn and offers some of the best odds in poker. Players can play Omaha as low stakes or high stakes depending on their preference, which means that it’s perfect for everyone, from beginners learning how to play poker games up to experienced players who want an exciting challenge. You can find more information on

5 Card Draw – 5CD

Poker is a fun game for anyone to play, but what if you don’t know how? 5 Card Draw Poker is a great card game for beginners as it’s not too complicated and can be played with 2-6 players at most tables. The goal of 5 card draw poker is to have the best five cards in your hand. To win, you need one or more pairs, three of a kind (trips), two pairs, four of a kind (quads), or better yet – all five cards as a straight flush!

5CD is popular as it only has five cards, but it is unique in that you get to choose the best of your hand. This game can be played with 2-8 people and takes about 10 minutes to play. It’s quick, easy, and fun!

Although it may seem simple at first, people who want to gain an advantage over their opponents should learn basic methods. 5CD could be the game for you, especially if you’re good at calculating odds.

Razz Poker


Razz Poker is a poker game for those who love to play poker at any time. Razz is played with a regular deck of cards and is described by fans as a cross between Crazy Pineapple and Texas Holdem, but without the flop, turn, or river rounds. The goal in Razz Poker is to have the lowest hand possible when all five community cards are dealt face-up on the table.

In this case, your hand must be lower than 8-low, which means that you cannot have an eight or higher card in your hand, so if you’re looking for some great entertainment while playing poker, then look no further!

Crazy Pineapple

Crazy Pineapple (a variant of poker) is a fun variation that you can play with your friends and family! CP was created in the 1980s by an unknown person who thought mixing up some popular card games would be fun.

This hybrid poker game combines Texas Holdem and other poker variants. With three participants on each side, one player will deal the cards, and the dealer gives five face-down cards to each player.

The high card starts by turning their hand over one card at a time until everyone has seen them. Once this happens, the betting begins! The best part about playing with fruit is that it’s easy to learn and can be played anywhere with any number of players (except for four).


Badugi is a poker game for beginners who love to switch things up. It’s also known as triple-draw lowball, and it’s the only poker variant where players have to work with three cards instead of five.

In some ways, Badugi can be seen as a more complicated version of draw poker because many different combos can happen when playing this game. One of the most exciting aspects about Badugi is that not every player has an equal chance at winning- some hands are just better than others, depending on how you play. For example, if the dealer deals you a King and two nines in your first hand, then you’ve got one heck of a strong starting hand!

Now you’ve tried the accessible games. It’s time to move up to 7 Card Stud Poker or 7CSP.

7 Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud is a game that has been around for centuries.  It was one of the first poker games to be played, and it’s still popular today.  The game requires patience and an understanding of the odds.  If you’re looking for a more challenging game, 7 CSP might be for you.

Final thoughts

Whatever game you choose, remember it’s only fun when it’s entertaining. When the entertainment factor leaves, it’s time for you to get your coat and leave!

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