Top 10 Casino Games With the Lowest House Edge


One could argue that all casino games are fun, and there’s a possibility that you’ll win money on every one. But not all games are equal! There is a huge difference in how much they’re going to pay out. This is something you need to know before you start playing games at top sites like Jackpot Wheel casino so you can maximise your wins.

Game payout rates help determine the casino’s house edge. This is the statistical advantage that the casino holds in every game, and obviously, the lower this is, the better. Read on for a list of casino games with a higher advantage for the player.

1. Video Poker: 0.5% to 5%


There are rumours doing the rounds that certain Video Poker games have a 0% house edge if players apply the correct strategy. This is not confirmed, however, since casinos are primarily in the business of making money!

Contrary to what you might think, Video Poker is a game of skill. Out of the many Video Poker variants available, simple versions like Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better can be very rewarding. This is true even for novices.

2. Craps: 1.4% to 5%

Craps is an exciting game, which is why it’s so often depicted in films and television shows about gambling. It’s also great fun to play at online casinos, although the relatively complicated rules mean that players are hesitant to try it.

It’s highly recommended that you take some time to learn the bets and rules, however, because Craps offers one of the lowest house-edges out there. The Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets have a house edge of roughly 1.4% and are great bets for beginners to try.

3. 3-Card Poker: 1.5%


3-Card Poker is a fun variant that plays out quite quickly. It’s actually recently gained lots of popularity in online casinos due to its speed. The house and players are each dealt 3 cards, and the payouts get calculated according to the dealer’s cards.

King-high qualifies the dealer and pays the highest returns, but the rules of basic Poker strategy also apply. Beginners should start out with Queen-high to have a better chance of getting their money back and then some.

4. Baccarat: 1.5%

Perhaps you’re not interested in a complicated game and want something that gets down to the basics. Well, then you should try Baccarat. You’ve got 3 betting options here, the Banker, the Player, or a Tie. That’s it!

The game follows strict rules on card distribution, but you don’t need to know them because online casino software takes care of them. Your best bet, statistically speaking, is the Player because the Banker bet has a fee added to it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a game over 600 years old.

5. Blackjack: 1.5%


There are many Blackjack variants, and one of the main differences between them is how many decks of cards get used. If you can find a single-deck game, your chances of seeing a return are greatly improved. This is because the house edge is significantly lower on single-deck games of 21.

Throw in some knowledge of basic strategy, and proper bankroll management, and your chances of walking away with a little more money than you started with are vastly improved.

6. Slots: 2% to 10%

The payouts in slots are not as great as they can be unless we’re talking about Progressive Jackpot slots. But these games are the undisputed favourites of players the world over. The competition between the world’s best developers means that not only are there always new games getting released, but that each one is better than the last.

Special features like mini-games, Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, free spins, and interactive bonus rounds are also constantly getting added. When we’re talking about reducing the house advantage, look for games featuring these extras.

7. Single-Zero Roulette: 2.5%


A game that evokes days of old grandeur, Roulette has a high edge for the player when it’s in its single 0 form. The maths behind this rule is quite simple. The game pays out 35:1 on Straight bets, and there are 37 numbers on the wheel. You don’t need to take too long to figure out that the casino edge on double 0 games rises. Although it features 38 numbers, it carries the same 35:1 payout.

8. Pai Gow Poker: 2.5%

You could describe Pai Gow Poker as a mix of an ancient Chinese domino game and a modern Poker. This blended game is a good one. It gives players double the chance of winning. This is because it lets them form 2 winning hands out of the 7 cards dealt to them.

The owner of the Bell Card Club in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, Sam Torosian, invented Pai Gow Poker there in 1985.

9. Backgammon: 4.82% to 6.39%


One of the oldest games in the world, this dice game offers great fun at the casinos that offer it. The objective of Backgammon is to move your 15 pieces around the board and be the first to bear off or remove them from the board. If you can achieve this while your opponent is still a long way behind, you could see a Backgammon win. This is triple the points and the name of the game.

10. Caribbean Stud Poker: 5%

If you can play Stud Poker, you can play Caribbean Stud Poker. And you won’t have to master bluffing and spend your time practising your Poker face in the mirror! Even if you have the same hand as your fellow players, you may still win. It’s the house you have to beat, not them.

When you play, you’ll first need to place an Ante bet. After that, players and the dealer get 5 cards each. All are facing down except 1 of the dealer’s cards. Check your cards and the dealer’s visible card to see whether you want to fold or raise.

Caribbean Stud Poker variations also occasionally have an exciting extra feature available, the Progressive Jackpot side bet. You’ll need to place a chip in the Progressive Box area of the game to stand a chance to win really big if you’re lucky enough to get a Royal Flush.

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