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Four Extremely Effective Hacks for Casinos


Bets on the outcome of a game are a surefire way to lose what you put into them. Mizner, Wilson.

Like many gambling adages and proverbs, this one has some validity. When it comes to winning money, casinos are not a good bet.

If you’re going out gambling for the first time or have been gambling for a while but want to improve your experience, try using the simple casino hacks outlined here. You can keep more money if you play smart and use this advice.

1. Find the Best Slot Machines with One Simple Trick


The best slot machines are the ones where the house has the least possible edge. Only play in establishments that provide games with a slight house edge to maximize your chances of winning at slots.

There is information online about slot machine payback percentages, but it needs to be more comprehensive and comprehensive. There are so many varieties of slot machines that it would take a lot of work to learn about them all before visiting a casino.

And how can you know which slot machines represent the slightest danger?

You can do it in no time. The lower the house’s edge against you, the larger the base denomination of a slot machine. To know how much a single credit is worth before deciding whether or not to invest in a game, one need only look at the game’s display case.

So-called “penny slots,” where bets can be as little as $0.01, are a good example. Slot machines in VIP areas can cost hundreds of dollars per spin, so there is no practical limit to the size of a single credit.

Slot machines with a $1 minimum stake payout slightly more than those with lower minimums of $0.25 and $0.05.

2. Beat the Casino Fog with Something You Already Have


That casinos aim to take gamblers’ minds off the world is common knowledge. Windows are unusual at gambling establishments. This also applies to watches and timepieces. Everything at the casino, from the tacky carpeting to the soothing background music, is designed to have you play the games more.

I call this state, brought on by a confluence of factors, “casino fog” since it causes me to become obsessed with gaming. When it comes to the law, I’ve often pondered whether or not these processes qualify.

Knowing I was on the right track, I watched as legislation in the United Kingdom was developed to counteract these strategies. Gamblers in legit casinos classified by some sites like will have to “be aware” of the time as per the proposed legislation. The law would require casinos to post visible clocks and instruct staff to remind patrons to take breaks at appropriate intervals.

However, these regulations have yet to be implemented where I conduct my gaming.

As a bonus, you already possess the tool necessary to maintain your edge on the casino floor.

Your smartphone is the ideal anti-fog device. It has the time and an alarm to wake you up, the only two pieces of information you need.

Gambling under the influence of casino fog can lead to disastrous overspending. When you play in a casino, your primary goal is to spend more money. Keep costs to a minimum, as that should be your primary goal.

Let’s put a thirty-minute timer on your phone and play until it goes off. Creating an alarm that goes off at regular intervals is as simple as setting a timer on my iPhone. Following the established timer, I stopped playing once every half an hour. I go out, get a soda, smoke a cigarette while enjoying the sunshine, and fiddle with my phone for a little while.

This works. If I take these breaks every so often, I can better keep my spending in check.

3. Stay Sober to Starve the Casino


Casinos use alcohol, the most popular intoxicant in the world, as one of their most deceptive manipulative tools. Why do you think they serve free drinks at casinos?

Watered-down liquor is still a potent mood enhancer and cognitive fogger, even though it is the norm in casinos. Even when I’m seated at a penny slot machine and making a negligible contribution to the casino’s bottom line, the Atlantic City establishments are experts at putting a drink in my hand.

A blatant casino plot, to be sure. To be sure, it does the trick.

Let’s assume I become tipsy before hitting the blackjack tables. Usually, when I play blackjack, I use the basic technique, but after a few ounces of alcohol, I can make better judgments.

To maintain your composure and avoid unnecessary spending, gratuity, or foul play, it’s best to abstain from alcohol entirely for the duration of your gambling session.

4. This Secret Part of the Casino Houses the Best Games


Casinos deceive customers in several different ways. One of the most theatrical tricks utilized on the floor? Lighting.

When you next visit a casino, play some games that include elaborate and eye-catching light shows. Casinos can make money from these games because of their substantial house edges.

The television show Wheel of Fortune is a great example of this concept. It’s usually staffed by a sultry woman in a low-cut blouse and lighted like a Broadway stage. Of course, you want to stay away from that kind of game.

It’s also possible to employ this strategy to harm the home. The house tends to accentuate its worst games while concealing its finest ones. The best games in the casino are usually situated in a practically- dark part of the floor.

This is especially true for slot machines, though I have occasionally encountered European Roulette tables hidden away in a musty nook. This similar principle can also be used to spot poor wagers at the table. Check out the craps betting layout – the field bets and “any seven” areas are the most colorfully designed.

To increase your chances, stay in the room’s dull, gloomy, and sometimes smelly corners.

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