4 Tips and Tricks for Playing Pai Gow Poker for the First Time

Pai Gow is a domino-like tile game traditionally played in China, but then commercialized and became part of the chance games of chance that are part of casinos. The adapted edition is played with a traditional deck of cards and is called Pai Gow Poker and is available at online casinos as well as in real physical facilities. The rules are easy for some and complicated for others, and because it is a non-standard game in traditional casinos, people are skeptical about it and sometimes avoid it.

But there are those for whom the unknown is more interesting than what is known and they want more challenge in the things they do. Well, so is their gambling. Pai Gow may not be the most dynamic and progressive game you will encounter, but the fact is that it is really challenging and interesting. And if you are still interested, after this introduction, we’ve found it for you.

Although we are used to card games being games of chance, this one is similar to blackjack and requires you to have skills, knowledge, and focus, as well as the ability to make quick decisions, although the dynamics of the game are very slow. It is especially interesting for those who do not want to invest a lot of money in gambling. What you can expect is that it is more complicated than regular poker, so you must know exactly what you are doing and learn the rules before sitting at a table.


1. How to play Pai Gow Poker?

Use a standard deck of 52 cards and one joker, so you have 53 cards in play. The joker replaces any card in the deck, but only in certain situations – if you need to replace an ace if you need to complete a straight, flush, or straight flush. You can’t use it in other situations.

You will receive seven cards and need to make a straight line. With 5 cards you play one hand, and with the other two a second hand. The basics of hand strength are the same as in poker, except that the A2345 combination is the second in force. So, once you get the cards, you combine the strongest on the 5th floor, and the other two are additional. The one who shares also plays.

When you open the cards you have options:

-Both combinations of the player beat those of the dealer

– The one who shares wins the player’s two hands

-One has a stronger five, and a weaker pair or vice versa

When it comes to betting, you can bet against the player, but also against other players.

This sounds complicated, but when you first try it, you will find that the game is a real challenge, especially for your brain and mental capacity, as well as the ability to make quick and effective decisions in your favor.


2. How to properly distribute the cards?

As soon as you get 7 cards, you should split them into 5 by 2. If you do not have a stronger combination, give priority to pairs, trilling, four to one, just like playing poker. The best advice is to combine a pair in your hand with two cards, if possible. Even with the use of the joker, you should be moderate and strategic to set it, but also to evaluate well in which combination it is worth making a replacement. If you know how to play the usual poker, you can easily understand the rules and make profitable decisions. The rule is to combine stronger cards in the stronger hand, but for example, if you have a pair of AA then you can play that card in the weaker hand and it automatically becomes your main trump card in the game.


3. Basics of betting

Depending on what the activity is, you can decide what bet to place. When it comes to money you have the option of distributing it evenly or refraining from large sums at once. You can also balance with a proportional increase. In fact, it all depends on what you have in hand and what you expect from the outcome. The stakes increase is similar to the basic version of poker, and you can play smart by not investing huge sums at once, which will cause other players to continue playing, and thus increase the potential gain. The players who know how to recognize the moment when the opponent thinks he is losing and turn it in their favor. It sounds like a bluff, but it’s actually turning the situation into its own benefit.


4. Play aggressively but smartly

The experienced gambler differs from the beginners in that he is always moderate in the moves he makes, even when he plays aggressively. Pai Gow, like all other games like this, requires knowledge, skills, and focus, but that’s not all. It is necessary to recognize the weaknesses of other players, to monitor their reflexes, reactions, and based on that to adjust your game. Many people say more with body language and facial expressions than with words. Inexperienced especially because they do not know how to establish control over them. A smart player will not abuse that at any moment, but he will know how to position himself against the opponents.


There are no special winning tricks, even when it comes to games that can be learned. It all depends on the happiness you will have when sharing. You cannot influence that. But what real professionals do is get the most out of every possible situation. For this, it is necessary to understand the rules of the game and to know how far you can go in it.

It is up to us to remind you to be smart in how you spend your money, to be resistant to bluffing, but also to be able to control the situation before it takes all the control over you. However, it is a game and you have to accept that in some days you will lose. The art is to keep it all to a minimum and be a winner even when the cards do not want you.

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