How Does the House Edge Work on Slots Machines?


Gambling is everywhere in a lot of different forms. We gamble every day and it all starts from waking up. Thanks to this it isn’t that hard to grasp why humankind loves gambling so much. There is something to it that constantly draws us in and we all indulge in it comfortably.

One of the most famous gambling habits is without doubt cards and slot machines. Card games are probably the oldest and most loved, while slots are holding a very close second place. There is plenty of info online that state that slots are probably taking over or already have taken over cards, especially in the past 10 years or so. The reason for that is that slots are simple to play and understand and they are fast-paced and fun.

Like any other gambling game, you can expect us to develop a whole bunch of ridiculous believes and some of the most popular ones are don’t leave a slot machine when you are running hot, don’t play on a slot machine on which someone else won big recently, don’t use the autoplay feature and so on.


As you can see the theme of the article today are slots, how they work and where is the house edge on these machines. If you like slots, especially online ones, read this through carefully and enjoy SlotoCash ones right after.

You all know by now but it doesn’t hurt to state again – all of the slot machines being on land in brick-and-mortar casinos or online slots on a web page work on randomness. It is programmed by math and its programming always favours the casino or the house at least in a statistical advantage over a longer period. This is what makes these casinos run for so long and always manage to achieve a very profitable business. Thanks to this there are a lot of theories along the way that state how casinos are always rigging these machines to take all the money from you but that simply isn’t true. If you play at a licensed and reputable casino you will never run in these cases. The same goes for the online ones.

One thing that explains why you that think that casinos are rigging their machines are wrong is thanks to these facts:

  1. They don’t need to do it simply because they already have an advantage thanks to the game mathematics and the house edge which is something that guarantees their profit over a certain period. Yes, some might get lucky and score a huge jackpot or two but casinos don’t sweat over that because thanks to the time and a high number of gamblers they will make a profit for sure.
  2. Casinos don’t want to do it because if they rig their machines to increase their profit by taking away the randomness factor, they are also leaving their finances wide open to smart players that can crack the machine and figure out its patterns. Also having your machines rigged means that you will lose your license and reputation that is virtually impossible to get back later on.
  3. Casinos can’t do it. Respected casinos with good licenses can’t do this because, for one, casino games are operated by a game provider not a casino itself. This way casinos can’t influence the results of any game and the places that do this are without licenses and game providers will be unfamiliar and new. With most of the games in any casino, you will see several of the oldest and most reputable providers in the world, everything rests falls into a shady category.

There is a thing that is legal and that actually can increase the odds in favour of the house. It is by adding slot machines in different versions with a different return to player ratio or RTP. This is where you legally have an option to increase your edge over time and not be called a fixer or cheater. Game providers that make these games offer these versions to all casinos where the casinos then choose the version that suits them the most. With some of the versions of slot machines, the RTP can drop below 85% which is rather low and by utilizing these variations casinos gain a bigger advantage over players in the long run. This is why doing your homework is important and before playing any slot game, or any other game in an online casino or on the land one you should familiarize yourself with every machine, its rules and its RTP which should be visible to all.

After all, this has been said it still has to be noted that casinos can’t influence the randomness of the slot machines which is achieved by random number generator or RNG. With RNG the reels can look like they are physical but they are not. The reels in this are defined by the programmers that designed the game. So, what you see is just graphic but what is going on behind the screen is just a bunch of numbers being crunched by a sophisticated machine. The true RNG uses physical phenomena such as electromagnetic noise to create numbers instead of using algorithms.


To conclude the article, there is no reason to believe that a casino is rigging its slots, at least a reputable casino with regular licenses. There are always bad and rotten apples and there always will be. If you gamble at a reputable place, you have nothing to worry about. As you could read casinos don’t have to rig their machines and rip you off because, in the long run, they have their profits guaranteed by the house edge. Now the amount of that edge depends on the slot machine and the RTP. As you could also see there is a legal way to increase their edge and lower the RTP by having several different versions of the slot machine. Each of those versions offers a different RTP and this means, statistically less edge for you more for the house.

So the casinos, really operate legally because they have to and because they don’t have to cheat you. They always win in the long term and that is enough for most of them.

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