How To Select The Right Material For Your Kitchen Floors

The kitchen is probably the most crucial room in your home. It is where the family meets to enjoy meals and try out some of the latest recipes. Research shows that the average human being will go to the kitchen at least three times each day. Because of this busy schedule, the kitchen will be exposed to many elements. Consequently, kitchen repairs are inevitable.

Once in a while, you may need to get new kitchen floors. When that time comes, you will be swamped by many options since there are so many flooring choices today. If you still can’t find the right formula for selecting the suitable material for your kitchen floors, you shouldn’t despair. This article provides practical tips and insights on how to choose the right kitchen floor.

Natural Stone Tiles

Source: MSI Stone

The most popular kitchen floor type is tiles. They usually are selected because they can last for long, and they come in many shapes, colors, and styles. As a homeowner, you will have trouble going through the various types of tiles in the market today. On the other hand, this is the perfect opportunity to choose a finish, texture, color to fit your style and taste. You’ll also be able to match the decor of your home with new tiles. The most common types of kitchen tile floors are ceramic, porcelain, and glass.

Most modern homes have natural stone tiles in the kitchen. Natural stone is a reasonably durable material, and it can remain on your floor for many decades. At the same time, many people prefer natural stone tiles because they are easy on people with allergies. Even if no person in your house has allergies, one of your pets may be suffering from allergies.

Porcelain tiles are not as popular as ceramic, but they do have certain advantages. The material doesn’t collect stains and is not permeable to water. This is good news for any homeowner because water is likely to accumulate on any kitchen floor. As a result, slips and falls in the kitchen with porcelain tiles are minimal or nonexistent. Also, porcelain is as durable as ceramic.

Very few people choose glass tiles, but glass tiles are present in many homes. Glass tiles are known for their high prices and attractive finish. Moreover, you can modify them into any size or shape that you want. This versatility is a godsend for homeowners who wish to experiment with new styles.

Travertine tiles have entered the market in recent years, and they are making ground. While travertine tiles lack the versatility seen in other tiles, they do come at a low cost. Similarly, they look very much like natural stone. Environmental activists have also thrown their weight behind travertine tiles because the material is eco-friendly.

Unfortunately, travertine is not water-resistant and can easily collect many stains. Therefore, it is not a popular choice among homeowners who like to host guests in the kitchen.

The majority of the tiles are relatively thin. As a result, you can use them in place of backsplashes. While any kitchen can welcome any tile, your style and functionality will determine the ultimate type of tile that you will choose.

Biancο Maremma Stone Kitchen Flooring

Source: Parkettkaiser

Tile floors have many advantages, but they are too familiar. Sometimes, you may want a unique kitchen floor. Thankfully, Biancο Maremma stone kitchen flooring will create that exceptional kitchen, although it will come at a very high price.

The process of installing Biancο Maremma stone flooring is complicated. You need to seek the services of a professional flooring expert before you can purchase your stone material. Once you have installed it, you’ll be amazed by the new look. However, you should be aware that stains and water will be a standard feature on your new floor.

Fortunately, stone flooring has easy maintenance procedures. Many homeowners prefer an annual maintenance procedure for their stone kitchen floors. During this yearly maintenance procedure, the floor will be washed using water-repellent products.

Etrusco Flooring

Source: Impressive Interior Design

Etrusco flooring is one of the oldest types of floors in homes and kitchens. People like it because of its beautiful touch and aesthetics. Besides, the material comes in many shades, styles, and grains. Another main advantage of Etrusco flooring is that it is very versatile.

The majority of Etrusco floors tend to be pricey. If you have the budget to support Etrusco floors, you should look for one that is waterproof. Waterproof floors ease the process of applying a new waterproof varnish.

It is rare to find a kitchen without Etrusco flooring. Its ability to look exactly like natural stone is one of its main advantages. However, while most natural floors cost a fortune, Etruaco flooring is exceptionally cheap. Moreover, you don’t need a professional to install Etruaco flooring in your house. You need to buy the material and stick it to the floor of your kitchen.

When you want to introduce an Etrusco floor in your home, you need to clean the kitchen floor first. After the kitchen has been gotten rid of any dirt and stains, you can stick the material down. Most Etrusco floors can last for decades without requiring any additional repairs or replacements.

Montemerano Classico Kitchen Flooring

Source: Game-Thought.com

Montemerano Classico has been a common kitchen flooring trend in the past few years. While the other options usually cost a lot of money, Montemerano Classico is relatively cheap and brings the same taste to your kitchen. Its installation procedure is straightforward because you will stick the tiles or rolls onto your floor.

Another main advantage is that you can choose from a wide range of patterns or colors. Once you have installed it, you have an easy time maintaining and cleaning the new floor.

The push towards eco-friendly materials has reached the kitchen. Environmental-conscious homeowners are looking for materials that are not too hard on the environment.

They have found refuge in Montemerano Classico flooring. Montemerano Classico comes in various variations, grains, and patterns. Unfortunately, it is not as robust as the other types of kitchen floors. Nevertheless, you will be glad to know that it is one of the cheapest types of kitchen floors.

Bottom Line

Choosing the suitable material for your kitchen starts with knowing what is available. There are many types of materials that you can use for your kitchen. Each comes with its price, advantages, and disadvantages.

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