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Benefits of Smart Window Coverings And Factors To Consider When Buying


You will find applications of modern technology in almost every aspect of your life, including your home and office, from the access controls in accessing various rooms to the smart-Bluetooth light bulbs. If you’ve had enough of pulling back-and-forth while opening and closing your window coverings, then it’s time to explore smart window coverings.

Smart Windows Coverings

Smart-windows coverings include motorized window blinds, shades, and curtains that you can control using a remote control, a mobile phone, google home technology, or other Smart systems. A compatible device will allow you to tilt, raise or lower your window blinds from wherever you are. The Smart window blinds provide convenience and comfort. Smart window blinds can be found online at places such as for easy ordering and free samples.

Benefits of Smart Window Blinds and Shades

Using Smart window coverings has many advantages for modern homes.

1. Easy To Use

The automated window blinds have built-in motors that allow you to raise, tilt, or lower your window blinds by the touch of a button. Some window blinds can communicate with visual assistants through voice, while others use Smart home systems commands.

Advanced Smart blinds have light sensors that you can set to open slats when the sun rises and close the slats when the sun sets down. Also, the sensors close the slats when they feel hot to the window and open when the temperature drops during the day. The light sensors also help you control the shades depending on the amount of light from outside.

2. Provides More Natural Light


Smart windows blinds can maximize the natural light and at the same time reduce glare and heat in the room. Natural daylight improves the appearance of a room, making it look more appealing while at the same time reducing the need to use artificial lighting. Natural light also reflects colors better, making your room more beautiful and comfortable.

The use of natural light also has many health benefits that include;

  • Natural lighting makes one calm and
  • It helps prevent mood changes and
  • It improves the hours and quality of sleep at night
  • It helps the skin to make vitamin D which is beneficial to your bones and

However, it’s essential to note that sunlight moderation is important since harmful UV rays can cause more damage to your skin and eyes. Hence, it’s vital to consider using Smart window blinds with UV filters.

3. Makes Your Home Safer

Window coverings quickly indicate whether you are at home or not. If your window coverings remain in the same position day and night for several days, it may give the impression to outsiders that you are absent. However, you can preset your window coverings to rise and lower at a specific time with Smart window coverings. You can also control the window coverings using your phone or app to raise and lower the blinds and shades at any time, wherever you are.

Integrating Smart window coverings with Smart Home technology such as lighting and security systems makes your home look occupied even in your absence. Your home lights will automatically go on and off as your window blinds rise and lower at certain times. Further, you will be able to monitor the state of your security remotely. All these intelligently controlled activities will create a sense of occupancy and activities in your home.

4. Lowers Energy Bills


Effectively managing Smart window coverings will help you allow in light when you need it and lower the window blinds when you need to cool down temperatures of the rooms. Consequently, you will reduce the energy you would use to heat or cool down the rooms.

With Smart technology, you don’t have to remember to raise or lower the coverings. The blinds will open when the sensors detect the sunrise and close when they sense sunset, thus helping manage the temperatures of the rooms, thus reducing energy for heating and cooling the rooms.

Factors to Consider To Help You Choose Smart Window Blinds

When choosing Smart window coverings, it’s essential to consider some factors to ensure a return on your investment.

Theme And Appearance

Your window coverings are part of your internal décor, and hence the looks of your Smart window blinds should blend with your theme. The blinds should match with your color tone, texture, and other features you may deem necessary to ensure you don’t disturb the beauty of your home.

Compatible Integration

If your home is tech-enabled, it’s essential to consider the compatibility of the technology. Look for Smart window coverings with technology that can seamlessly integrate with your home systems.

Some Smart-motorized window coverings use internet-based Wi-Fi to communicate. You can control the functions of such Smart window coverings using a phone app or Google Home speaker. You can use a remote control or voice to communicate with your Smart window coverings. You can also preset the operations of your Smart window coverings

On the other hand, some motorized window blinds do not use the internet but use remote control. Remote-controlled blinds cannot use Smart home systems such as Google home, but you may be able to connect them using smart bridges or switches.


The modern world is moving away from labor-intensive homes to high-tech-enabled homes, from security systems to lighting systems, entertainment systems, connected home equipment, and now the Smart window coverings.

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