What’s The Difference Between Christian and Islamic Jewelry?

Jewelry is an everyday part of a clothing combination or it can be something more than that. It also has symbolic meaning. It can be of different shapes, colors, materials, etc. That is why we have the opportunity to observe different motives when it comes to jewelry parts. Of course, it extends throughout history and has previously represented some personalities, social strata, etc. However, different cultures wore and portrayed it differently. That is why today there are specific types of jewelry such as Christian or Islamic jewelry. By their appearance, they send an important message that is part of the history of a nation.

It refers to their beliefs and values. Things like this are proven by a series of beautiful symbols and styles that above all look very nice. If you want to know more about it as well as the difference between these two types of jewelry, keep reading. Discover the individual characteristics of Christian and Islamic jewelry below.

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Islamic jewelry

So art has always existed. This means that the decoration has always been present, only it has changed over the years. Until the time of primitive man, various elements were used for these purposes. We mean flowers, beads made of carved wood, bone, stone, etc. In that case, any material is welcome to complete the collection. However, this has changed over time as well-known materials such as ivory, copper, semi-precious stones and others have emerged. Of course, the transformation happened with the appearance of silver, gold and precious stones. Then people started to stand out with their looks, and Islamic jewelry definitely the most.

Why do we say that? This is obvious because of their striking motives, which cannot go unnoticed. First of all, it is a ring that every woman wears for her marriage. While there are indeed plenty of these models, some men opt for other gemstones. We all know how expensive diamonds are while there are equally beautiful gems, but significantly cheaper. However, there is a difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The wedding ring is gold and has no jewels on it, and contains an inscription for the marriage.

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Rules of Islam

We must mention that there is not only a difference in the visual appearance when it comes to this type of jewelry. So, if we understand that the symbolism is very strong, we can automatically connect the established rules of wearing jewelry with that. For example, if there is an engraved Allah his followers must be very careful when performing daily activities such as going to the toilet. Then they have a duty to hide their ring well so that they can perform this activity. This refers to removing the ring if it is on the left hand, and after it is finished, they can put it back.

On the other hand, if it is not a ring but a necklace, it is important that it is turned. For example, the side on which it is written Allah must turn towards the person as long as he is in the toilet.

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Women in Islam

In the description of this faith, attention is paid to a woman’s decoration and clothing. We can say that she is more in favor of women in that sense. There is a difference when it comes to jewelry that a woman should wear. Some are allowed and some are not. However, it is believed that equipping a woman with jewelry stems from her innate need to decorate. It is also believed that Allah created them for this very reason – to love decorations and to decorate themselves every day.

If they were denied that, they would not feel nice and they would even feel bad. In addition, a woman should be more careful than a man. In that case, jewelry plays an important role, and if you lost it, it would mean danger. Decorating with jewelry is also an opportunity to prepare it for your man, but we must not overdo it when spending money on jewelry, because it is a waste of material resources.

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Men in Islam

Unlike women, they are not allowed to wear jewelry just to make them beautiful. This would mean that men have a desire to imitate women by using their characteristics. This kind of behavior is extremely undesirable. They are also not allowed to wear gold. But they are allowed to wear allah chain silver, and if you are interested in what it looks like, check here. Although they wear a necklace, it must not contain any images of living beings or any similar element. It is important to note that this prohibition applies to both men and women. If men want to express their religion, they can do so in other ways that Allah approves. For example, they can wear silver rings when needed.

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Christian jewelry

For the believer, the cross around the neck is not just a piece of jewelry, those who wear it know why they do it. This is where the aesthetic limit of jewelry ends, when its design ceases to be just a piece of jewelry. It begins to gain symbolism, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, fashion from the past is returning to the big door, which means that this pendant design appears in various forms. Sometimes it is only a part of the wardrobe, but of course its original meaning is much deeper than aesthetic. There is nothing accidental in its design, the difference is in the people and their commitment to religion.

Given this, there are no wearing rules. However, when we talk about believers, they like to wear some popular items such as rosaries, necklaces with a cross, guardian angel pins… There is a really large selection of Christian jewelry. It is their reminder of their faith in God, but it can also be a gift for the first communion or other religious event in their lives.


Despite all the similarities and differences between these two religions, they are very important for today’s society. Proof of that are their numerous followers who are spread all over the world, because these are whole religions. Either way, jewelry is certainly one of the visible differences. He is very authentic when it comes to the Islamic religion. It is adorned with specific elements that always remain noticeable, because they mostly contain important religious messages. We hope we have helped you see a little better the differences between these two types of jewelry.

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