5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Gaming Mouse

Using a mouse to navigate through your game makes the gameplay convenient and easy, especially when your TouchPad is not functioning properly. It is because of the benefits offered by this tool that people prefer buying it. Though it is an affordable piece of equipment, when it comes to the gaming segment, the same equipment tends to cost a bit more than the usual ones.

This is because a gaming mouse comes with numerous advanced features and often has an aesthetically pleasing look. Furthermore, people recommend not to go with the cheaper options, as they are not only inconvenient to use during gaming but they also have a bland look.

The higher end gaming mouses are more expensive than the usual ones. This is because of the integrated features and the material used to manufacture the equipment. Moreover, such devices also have some sensitive sensors that add to the cost. Several companies also invest a good amount of money in marketing their product, and this is how the final price of a single equipment is high.

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How is the Cost of a Gaming Mouse Calculated?

The cost of a single piece widely varies based on several different factors. Moreover, the final price also depends on the manufacturer, which is why they are available at several prices. The country in which a manufacturer is situated also plays a major role in deciding what will be the cost.

Sensors make up the most expensive part of a gaming mouse since they are crucial for gamers. The number of sensors a mouse has, how precise it is and the sensitivity level, all adds up to the cost of the device. One of the major reasons why people recommend you not to buy a cheap gaming mouse is because of the sensors. Gaming mouse available at lower costs usually have the sensors at a range of 1,600-3,000 dots-per-inch, which disrupt the gameplay.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Cheap Mouse

The more money you spend on buying a new device, the better quality you will get. This doesn’t mean you will have to spend a fortune on a good quality mouse, but you need to pay at least a decent amount to buy a good quality mouse that meets your expectations while playing games.

1. No Wireless Technology:

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Wired devices are usually cheaper than wireless technology. While playing games wireless devices provide utmost convenience and operate seamlessly. As a result, you can play even from a distance.

There will not be any limit and boundations of using the device only upto a certain mark. That being said, if you don’t spend a little extra money, you may not get a good quality wireless device.

2. Sensors:


Sensors play a major role in any gaming device. They also contribute greatly to the final cost of a device. If you go for a cheaper option, you will not get all required sensors, and even if you get all of them they may not be able to perform adequately. Sensors play a major role and hence you need to ensure that they work adequately to help you achieve goals.

They are the most expensive part of a gaming device. A sensor that can easily detect more DPI (dots per inch) costs more, as compared to the ones that cannot detect much. A model that is less responsive will cost less when built and vice versa. Reputable mouse making brands buy their sensors from the best players in the market such as Pixart or Avango, and hence they cost more.

3. Buttons:

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You must have heard a lot of people say, “what is the need of having so many buttons on your mouse, they just add to the cost”. The above saying is partly correct and partly incorrect. Buttons do add up to the overall cost of your device, but it is not that they are useless. Only a true gamer will understand the use and significance of buttons in your device.

Different buttons are used to do different actions while playing a game, just as the different keys of a keyboard. If you don’t have the desired button to fight back in your mouse, you may lose in front of your opponent. They help shoot the bad guys. Hence, make a good choice, even if it is costing you more.

4. Latency:

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Latency is the time frame it takes for your mouse to register your actions on the screen. Generally, it doesn’t make a delay of even a microsecond in registering a movement, but some cheap options may make you face such issues. This will impact your game to a great extent, and it only takes a few seconds for someone to lose against their opponent. Hence, we recommend gamers should not go for cheaper options or else they may keep losing their games because of delays in action against an action.

Expensive mouse performs great and has reduced latency to help gamers make the most of their games.

5. Comfort:

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We live in a digital era, and we don’t see a future with less screen time. Rather, it is only increasing with each passing day. You should go for a mouse that provides a great level of comfort while working and playing as well. Good mouse plays a major role in providing comfort. Being manufactured using high-quality materials, the manufacturers design them keeping comfort in mind. A high-end gaming mouse may feel like a big investment initially, but you are going to obtain benefits because of its build and comfort.

When you play your games at ease, without hurting your wrist, you will be productive at work as well. So, spending a little more is justified and worth it!


Using a cheap quality mouse for a long period may give you a mouse shoulder or carpal tunnel. Hence, we recommend using a good quality mouse even if it means investing a bit more. Wrist pain hurts a lot and ut will not let you write, cook, or do anything else. With a good quality expensive gaming mouse, you can easily rest your wrist and improve your gameplay.

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