How Effective Are Mothballs for Rodent Control – 2024 Guide


Nothing worse than having uninvited guests like rodents at your home, as they ruin everything from the food kept in the open, crockery, clothes, etc. When you notice a rodent manifestation going around the house, action must be taken immediately instead of letting it spread even more.

More often than not, people believe in rumoured home remedies to solve such problems. One such remedy people think works is mothballs. However, that is not true, as mothballs are an ineffective form of solution. Instead, you can consider seeking help from a rodent control company as they offer effective solutions. The truth is mothballs are ineffective on anything except moths. Rodents need to be tackled professionally with help from outside the house.

Why Rodents are Unaffected by Mothballs


Although commonly used as rodent repellants, mothballs do not show results. As mothballs have little portions of naphthalene, it is only enough to repel off moths from fabric surfaces. That is why these are kept in winter clothes when they are packed away during the summer months.

These mothballs are supposed to be kept in a closed space for them to be effective, and leaving them open for rodents is not ideal as the smell of naphthalene gets very dissolved and light.

The amount of naphthene to ward off rodents is much higher and can be dangerous to humans.

That is why it is not readily available in the market. But if you consider hiring a professional for this task, your home will be rodent free again.

As rodents can sense foreign objects easily, they are much more likely to dodge mothballs and never even come near them. Also, the size and shape of mothballs make them dangerous if in reach of children or pets.

Having mothballs lying around the house at all times can lead to kidney and respiratory problems in kids and adults both. Nausea and migraines are other discomforts to these.

Mothballs also give away a toxic chemical-like smell which is not safe to breathe in regularly.

Other Effective Ways of Rodent Control

Here are some other effective ways that you can implement for rodent control.

1. Strong Fragrances


A good home remedy for repelling is using a strong fragrance like peppermint oil, soaking a cotton fob in it, and keeping these around the house. The most favourable places to keep the soaked cotton are where you think rodents can enter. Or perhaps at places where you often see rodents around the house. But this method will not last you many days as the fragrant oil will evaporate fast.

2. Catching Traps

You can place traps for rodents all around the house, especially at places you see them often. Traps are available in different materials like steel, wood, etc., you just need to keep a little food in them, and the rodents get caught. This method is preferable to be performed mostly during night hours. Just leave the traps and go off to sleep, rodents usually come out at night, and they will be caught at that time.

3. Sound Repellants


These days there are many electronic rodent repellants are available in the market. These repellants give off a high-frequency sound that is not audible to humans. Rodents can hear these sounds and are affected by them. It is a good non-harmful method that can scare off rodents from the house. But a drawback is that you will never really know if it is working or not until you see fewer rodents around the house.

4. Getting Professional Help

If you feel that the rodent nuisance at your home is getting out of hand, then hiring professionals for the same will be a good choice. They have special medicines to kill or repel rodents. Many professional service providers also offer guarantees for a few months and offer free-of-cost service if rodents are seen again. Thus, going for this option gives a long-term solution to rodent problems around the house.

5. Maintaining Cleanliness


Keeping the house clean is the best possible thing one can do to keep away rodents. Avoid keeping any food in the open; keep your house moisture free and fragrant. When these rodents will not find anything to binge on in your house, they will probably move to a new place eventually. This method will also prevent any more rodent invasions in future.

How To Check For A Rodent Infestation At Home

When rodents invade your home, there might be several signs they are leaving behind. The first sign you will notice would be chewed cardboard, bits of paper, and food packets bitten from corners. A strange odour and sounds like scratching and shredding also become common around the house.

As rodents can reproduce rapidly, look for any nest built by them in dark areas of the house. If you find one, then chances are that they have either already given birth or are about to.

Why Rodent Control Is Important


Rodents are known to carry serious health issues with them, these can include Hantavirus, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and rat bite fever. The symptoms of any such disease can be chronic.

Similarly, rodent invasion at home can also cause significant money loss. Constantly spilling food, curtains, sofas, and vital documents that need to be kept safe. Other than that, rodents love to chew on electrical wires; they can damage almost every electrical appliance at your place.

Another big reason to control any rodent issue soon is that they do not have a long life, and when even a single one lies dead, the smell it will give off would be awful. You will not even be able to locate it immediately to get rid of the smell. That is why letting professionals handle this issue is the best advice.


As an old saying goes “you never have one mouse at home” is indeed true. If one comes to your notice, there is a high chance of more being around. The best way to stop this issue from spreading more is to get in touch with professionals as soon as possible; if your home remedies do not seem to work anymore. They know their work very well.

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