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9 Effective Bet Sizing Strategies for Online Gambling Games – 2024 Guide


There is no one ‘perfect’ bet size or rule that you can use in order to win the game. Also, there is no ”one size fits all” approach since everyone’s budget, playing strategy & tactic is different. However, you can apply some key rules & common knowledge when placing bets online if you want to better your odds & chances of winning. With them, you will be a lot more careful and cautious with your money. Keep on reading as we talk about & discuss them down below!

1. Play tactically & increase your preflop when around a weak player


By doing this move you are going to get a lot more money from the weaker player. This also betters your chances and odds of winning the game. Although it might not be fun to play around or with weaker players, it helps if you are in need of cash. You can tell that someone is a rookie if they play the same move over & over again + they worry about getting outside of their comfort zone.

2. Preflop bet sizing

If you plan on playing Texas Hold’em poker online you should know that the game begins with the preflop round. Once you get two cards it is up to you to figure out if you plan on playing them. When it comes to preflop bet sizing, most players agree that you should have a pretty consistent sizing regardless of the strength of your hand. For most, this is 2x or 3x. You don’t want your opponents to figure you out or to read you like an open book once your hand crumbles.

3. Postflop approach


Proper post-flop bet sizing is even more essential than the previously mentioned preflop. Once the flop is out, players will bet & play because of the following reasons:

  • Try to get your opponent to lay down the best hand (you are bluffing)
  • To get them to pay you with a worse hand (value betting)
  • To give them a wrong price to try and out-draw you (protection & safety)

However, you should approach and size your bet based on the board texture and the opponent’s perceived range.

4. SPR and your bet size

SPR stands for the stack-to-pot ratio, which is an important factor for those who want to play different bets, more games, as well as higher bets. For example, if the pot is $500 and you have $2000 behind you, the SPR is 2000/500 = 4. This strategy will assure that you don’t go broke and that others don’t spot your bluff. This also allows you a lot more playability and options to win more hands without a showdown.

5. Adjusting your size & the bet


You shouldn’t change your bet sizes as the game goes on and as your cards get better (or worse). Aim for unexploitable approach & tactic that is bulletproof and hard to read. You shouldn’t downsize your bet just because you have such a big hand or because you’re worried about how to play it. If you’re playing against someone who never folds, there isn’t much point in playing or c-betting with air. Adjust your size & the bet per new opponents and test out different tactics to see which one suits you the best.

6. When you want your opponent to fold

Let’s imagine and say that you got a medium-strength hand and you are ready to raise a pre-flop. However, your opponent calls and makes continuation bets to raise your pot equally. In this case, you can’t back out since you don’t want to show that you still haven’t won something big. But you can bet minimum, for instance, 2/3rd or half the pot instead of risking too many chips.

7. When you want them to call


This means you got a good hand and you want your opponents to call. When they do you will manage to grab a lot of chips by eliminating any future possibilities of your opponent’s hitting a better hand from the start. This is a good tactic for bigger & more serious players. Make sure that you value bet to the highest amount you believe your opponent is most likely to call at a given moment.

8. If they are sending mixed signals

In a game of online poker, it can be impossible to read a player. It is way easier to understand someone and their tactic in real-life games. However, when playing online, if your opponent takes the lead by raising pre-flop but doesn’t bet post-flop, here is what it means:

  • He or she has missed the flop and doesn’t want to place more chips
  • They have a big hand and is slowly going to try and win
  • They are playing with okay/medium cards but they are afraid that you may have better cards

9. When they go all in


When an opponent goes all-in with their chips, this leaves you with only two options- match the same bet or fold. This is where & why playing that first move is recommended. If your opponent goes All-in, you can match their game only with high-end cards such as AA or KK. Once you have played enough games online it is up to you to discover and understand all the different categories, approach options & tactics.

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