9 Common Betta Fish Myths & Misconceptions Most People Think Are True

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Are you planning to buy betta fishes for your aquarium? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the myths and misconceptions of betta fish. In this way, you will figure out if it is suitable for you or not. Betta is one of the most beautiful fish in the world. Many people want to have it in their aquariums because it looks unique and vibrant. Also, betta fish don’t need special care like some other fishes.

You might be surprised to know that there is so much misinformation about bettas that most people believe in it. Due to this, the reputation of these fishes has decreased with time. People now hesitate while buying them. However, you can eliminate this misinformation by researching well before assuming anything.

As we mentioned earlier, bettas are known for their beauty. They are available in different colors and patterns. The most famous of them is red betta fish and you can find out more about it on this website. Other colors include blue, turquoise, yellow, white, and orange. So, you have the option to choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns. But before selecting the one, you must know if it’s suitable for you or not. Let’s dive into the same without wasting any more time.

What are the myths and misconceptions about betta fish?

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The following points will clear your doubts regarding this type of fish-

  • They are lazy and do not move around: You might have heard that betta fishes are lazier than others. However, that is not true. These are active and like to roam in the water tank or aquarium. If you find your betta always sitting on the ground, there might be some health or any other problem.
    The most common issue behind it is the temperature change in the water. Therefore, you should keep checking it to keep your betta active.
  • Filtration is not needed: Filter is essential to keep the water clean and avoid bacteria from building up in the aquarium. But the main question is, do bettas need it? Well, it doesn’t matter what type of fish you have in the container. Filtration is beneficial for their health in many ways. Good bacteria gets produced that help maintain their health. If the filter is there, you don’t need to worry about changing the water from time to time.
  • Bettas don’t need a heater: It is another misconception about them. You will find many people saying it to you, but you shouldn’t listen to them. It is crucial to know that they need a heater because their bodies remain cold. Although they can survive without it, a heater is essential to maintain their body temperature.
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  • Bubble nests mean they are happy: If you have a betta in your aquarium, you might have seen bubble nests sometimes. Some fishkeepers claim that these fishes make them because they are happy. There is not any substantial evidence to prove the same. According to experts, the formation of a bubble nest means that the betta wants to mate.
  • They prefer small tanks: Small tanks have a higher chance of getting pollution after a short period. If you don’t want to go through the cleaning process frequently, you should always buy medium tanks. Also, bettas are known as explorers. They love to roam in the tank and want places to hide to feel safe.
    Don’t consider getting information from various advertisements. Instead, you can use Google to gain extensive knowledge about them. Some companies spread myths and misconceptions to attract customers to their products.
  • Dangerous to others: You might be wondering if this type of fish is harmful to other ones present in the aquarium. Well, you should not worry because it has not been proven yet. It might not be easy to set up a good community with all the other fish. If you think that your betta will harm others in the tank, you can follow these steps-
  1. Don’t add similar-looking ones in the tank. The color, pattern, body structure, etc., should be different.
  2. It is better to make space in your tank so that the fish can move around. Otherwise, your tank won’t be considered fantastic to look at. Also, take care of the amount of the current in the same.
  3. Fin nippers are the ones that can harm your betta fish. So, keep them away from them.
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  • They are always hungry: You might have met some fish keepers who say you have to feed your betta for two to three minutes. If you keep doing this, there will be some significant health issues. Also, it will make the container filthy after some time due to an increase in waste. It will also be written in the package of the product you are using. In reality, all you have to do is feed them in small quantities once or twice a day.
  • The life span of two years: Some people hesitate to purchase them. It is because there is a myth that they can’t live longer than two years. If the water is not clean and there is bacteria build-up, it might be possible. On the contrary, they can live up to five to seven years in healthy water conditions. Also, it is crucial to feed them properly to maintain their health.
  • They eat plant roots: Many people think that bettas eat plant roots. You must know that they are carnivores and survive on various insects when they are in water bodies.
    You can get good quality food from the market to feed them while they are in your aquarium. So, you don’t have to worry about providing food anymore.
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The Bottom Line

From the above information, we have concluded that there are many myths and misconceptions about betta fishes. So, you must always double-check and research well before believing in everything other fishkeepers say. We hope this article helped you in clearing all the doubts you had regarding bettas. You can now easily decide whether you want to buy them for your aquarium or not.

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