Most Effective Ways To Secure Parking Lots


Leaving your car parked in some open area is not the best option even if you do that in a crowded city. It is much easier when you don’t need to worry about the safety of your car, especially if you are planning to leave it for a longer time.

Even though there is no way for someone to steal your vehicle, there are still some other risks, like the other car hitting it, someone scratching it, and more. If you don’t have a safe place where you could park your vehicle in Australia, you should check out this website. Also, here are some of the best ways to keep your parking lot safer.

Install Cameras


This is one of the easiest ways to make your lot more secure all the time. The great thing is that there are many advanced versions that you can find these days that you can keep connected to your phone all the time. Therefore, you can react on time if someone tries to break in, and easily find anyone who tries that since you will have proof recorded on camera.

When you are installing these cameras, make sure to choose the right models for the required distance, and to buy enough for them to cover all areas. The key is to avoid having any black spots.

Install Sensors

This is rather convenient than a safety feature, but it can be a great way to secure that your spot is always free. This is perfect for companies and residential with private lots. It will track the number of vehicles parked at any moment, but you will also be able to notice if there is something suspicious going on.

Hire Security


This is one of the best options that you can choose if you want to make sure that your parking lot is safe all the time. It is common among companies, but anyone can choose it if they are prepared to spend more on it.

For example, if you are living in a modern suburban area with residential and houses, people living on the same street can pay for it together. There are all kinds of options available here. The security can stand at the entrance of the street, while there will be more people securing the lots and paying attention that there are no uninvited guests.

A lot of modern buildings have lots installed on the first floor. When there is security things are much easier. For example, when someone is having guests, they don’t have to inform all the other people in the building since they will simply tell that security so they can let them use the lot for a limited time.

Secure the Proper Lights and Signs

Even if the lot is in some open area, things will be much different when there are a lot of lights all around the place. That will prevent potential thieves from trying anything. A combination of lights and signs that it is a parking lot, and cameras that will cover every corner is the best solution for lots in open areas. It will also make you feel more comfortable when you have to park there in the evening or at night.

When it comes to the signs, you can use one to simply note to people there is a parking lot there. Also, you can add other details in case that it is only for private use, or if they have a limited time to use it.

Install a Barrier


This can be a good solution for private lots as well, and it became quite common in bigger cities. There is a huge problem with crowds and traffic jams. Also, there are many cities where finding a lot can be very difficult. Therefore, you can ensure that no one will take your place by adding a barrier that only you can unlock. The common practice in the building is to have a bigger private lot, and only people who live there will have a key or a sensor to open it.

This is also common in places where you have to pay for a parking spot. The process is to enter only at a determined place where you will take the ticket and pass the barrier. When you want to get out, you will have to pay the ticket and place the paid one on the barrier so it can open up.

Proper Maintenance

This is something a lot of people forget about. First of all, the place must be well-inspected so you can be sure that there are no accidents possible. In that matter, it is crucial to check the electric installations, water drainage, and the structure of the building.

Even if you have a lot of cameras and lights, they won’t serve the purpose if someone can easily turn them off. Also, there must be a fire pump. You should check the regulations in your state to see how many of them you need for a specific area.

Another thing that is also important is to have good ventilation if the parking lot is underground. Cars will emit a lot of toxic ingredients, and you will have to make sure that people are safe when they are leaving their vehicles and walking through this area.

The Bottom Line


The most important thing about the safety of parking lots is to make sure that there is no way for someone to get in there without notice and try to steal your vehicle, but also for you to be safe all the time while using that spot.

The best way to achieve the highest security is to combine different options. It also depends on the area where the lot is. For example, the features won’t be the same for an underground lot and the one that is placed in some open area.

Some of the most important features that you will always have to add are proper cameras connected to the server and your phone, and lights that will provide additional safety.

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