Are Shipping Containers the Sustainable Building Blocks We Need?

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Every change starts with us. That’s the main rule of sustainable living. If we don’t get rid of plastic, we can’t expect others to do that. If we don’t use eco-friendly products, we can’t tell our kids to do that, because they have no role model to show them how these things should be done.

The approach to sustainable homes is similar. Surely many of us have seen documentaries about families that have managed to fully embrace the concept of sustainability and choose remote homes or homes that are made from alternative materials, such as shipping containers.

In that context, it is worth mentioning practicality and saving, because many of us are actually trying to find frugal functional solutions for our everyday life.

Why are shipping containers sustainable?

With the global distribution of goods and materials, many shipping containers remain at their final location. Returning empty containers is an expensive process, and shippers no longer need to deal with it. For example, a large number of non-returnable shipping containers arrive in Europe from Asia, which should be converted in some way, so as not to leave a lot of waste.

The same is happening in the United States. People there often use such containers to make a home for themselves and their families. In this way, they save energy that would be used to recycle the materials, but they also manage to make a habitable building in a short time.

Some use shipping containers for restaurants, schools, and even mobile hospitals, as was the case at the time when COVID-19 peaked.

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What are the benefits of container homes?

At first glance, it may seem impossible to live in such a home, especially due to the adaptation to weather conditions. However, we must emphasize that the world is a global problem with the waste of any type and it is good to find a practical and usable solution for utilization.

Container homes have many benefits, such as:

-Sustainable solution for eco-aware people

-Possibility to use more containers for a bigger home

-A cheap way to feel warm and safe

-Adjustment can be quick and efficient

-With proper insulation, you will not have problems with heating

-You can often perform the project yourself

-They can be great as sustainable apartments and hotels

-They can be a nice addition to your main house

-You can always use them as storage

-Many times you can get a container for free

If you visit this website, you will also see that there are construction and real estate companies that advocate this kind of sustainability. They can give you an offer on your new home and you can have the eco-friendly house you’ve always wanted. Is there anything better than that?

At the same time, when you choose a container home, you help reuse and recycle as many materials as possible, that would otherwise be wasted. With this, you contribute to the development of awareness about sustainability, and also reduce waste around the world.

Traditional homes use a lot of labor and building materials, so they may not be the most practical solution for those who are fighting for the environment.

With the help of insulation panels, you can make your home energy efficient. You can also change the appearance of the home without investing a lot of money in it.

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Can container homes be used anywhere in the world?

Although they seem like a practical solution, sometimes these containers cannot be used as homes. The reason for this is usually the weather conditions. In many countries around the world, the wind and cold are too harsh and can easily destroy your container home. However, somewhere you can’t use anything other than the classic solid construction.

But don’t see that as a bad thing. On the contrary, the fact that one part of the world decides to be sustainable gives a chance to those where it is not possible to build a more functional home for themselves. In the end, it’s always about balance.

Also, in parts of the world with a lot of heat and humidity, containers quickly lose quality and are impractical as homes. However, they can still be used as spare storage rooms or guest rooms as needed.

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Sustainable hotels and accommodations

Shipping container hotels are another solution that we really like. Namely, owners of hotels and villas came up with the idea of ​​investing in shipping containers and turning them into comfortable hotel rooms or villas. All we can do is marvel at the great idea.

In principle, they used more containers in a smaller space, which means that waste is reduced by a large amount. At the same time, affordable and sustainable hotels and accommodation facilities are being built, so that an apartment can be offered to anyone who wants to go on a more economical vacation.

We must emphasize that this solution is really practical and sustainable in the long term. At the same time, it is profitable for those who maintain the hotel or villa, and the guests are provided with a warm and safe place, where they will feel really comfortable.

Of course, we also admire those who managed to build a home entirely from shipping containers. It is a really big and serious project and it deserves all the praise in the world.

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Shipping containers are popular, sustainable, and practical. However, in some parts of the world, it is impossible to replace tiles and blocks, mostly due to climatic conditions.

But if you can do a good deed by “homing” such a container, we are sure that you will find a practical purpose for it in no time. The least that can happen is to have a corner where you will be alone with your thoughts or work on your creative tasks.

This topic is really worth thinking about. That’s why we recommend you consider the options, and even help friends who want a new and sustainable home at an affordable price.

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