How to Know if You are Ready for a CCNA Exam?

Very often when we prepare for an exam, we feel ready. But it can be a false sense of security. And then instead of preparing even harder, we will think we are ready and take our foot off the gas. That is the biggest mistake you can make so you must avoid falling into trap of being too sure in yourself.

But it is also hard to determine if we are really ready, because we never know what questions and assignments will be on the exam. This is especially the case with IT certification exams because it requires a true understanding of what you have learned. It is not something that can be learned by heart, because then you will not be able to apply the acquired knowledge. And the practical part of the exam is the one that matters most so just theoretical knowledge is not enough to obtain certification. We can’t tell you one way to check if you are ready, but we can tell you a few approaches that have proven most reliable in determining if it’s the right time to take your CCNA Exam.

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What is CCNA?

CCNA is an abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Associate, which is one of the information technology certification offered by the famous company Cisco. All their certificates are among the most famous and respected in the world in the field of IT, so they are often the choice of many ones who want to pursue career in IT.

These certificates have gained a reputation because they are very complicated and difficult, which guarantees knowledge once you obtain them. There are 5 levels, from entry level to architect level. For example the entry level is harder to pass than many other IT certificates, so you can imagine how complex are later levels.

CCNA is an associate level, which means first after entry level. CCNA exams have changed many times to stay current. There is no prerequisite to take a CCNA exam, but it certainly requires a great deal of knowledge. Don’t think that everyone can obtain it with little effort just because there are no prerequisites.

The exam lasts 120 minutes and you will have multiple-choice, drag & drop questions. And after that you will get the results as well as a detailed analysis of all your answers. Your certificate will be valid for three years, after which you can apply for renewal.

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How to know if you are ready?

You covered the entire study material

When you set out to prepare for the CCNA exam you certainly got all the necessary study material. This includes the latest editions of Cisco’s books intended for the CCNA. You have also obtained several books on routing and switching. It would be advisable to buy a few more books that are intended to make it easier for you to prepare for the CCNA exam. That should include books on binary mathematics if you are not already familiar with the subject.

If you have completed the whole study material that may be the first sign that you are ready. It is the basic knowledge you need and until your learn it all, you cannot show the required level of knowledge to earn passing score.

You covered it again

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to cover the entire study material just once. You have to do it at least one more time.

The first reason you have to do this is to learn everything you missed the first time. It is almost impossible for you to notice every detail from the first time, which can be very important. You don’t have to devote the same amount of time the second time, but don’t read everything again in 2 days, if it took you a couple of weeks the first time. You need to find a balance.

Another reason is to gain confidence. As we said, Cisco certifications are very complex and with the knowledge, you also need confidence. The more times you read something, the more confident you are in your knowledge once the exam day comes.

You took a course

It is not necessary to attend courses, but it will certainly make it easier for you to prepare for the CCNA exam. There are many educational companies and institutions that offer you courses, so if you see that you are stuck while studying at home, consider attending the course.

Practice in a lab

Although the lab is not part of the CCNA exam, as is the case with CCIE where the lab is the second part of the exam and lasts 2 hours, you definitely have to practice in the lab because that is where you will test your knowledge.

You can create a lab at home or use a virtual one, and both will help you check if you can use the knowledge gained in practice. The CCNA should prepare you to work with network access, IP connectivity, IP services and many other things where you will need to demonstrate that you know how to install, operate, and troubleshoot branch networks. That is why our advice is not only to follow in a lab, but also to build one. As you build it, you will also learn and practice. When you feel comfortable in the lab, it is perhaps the biggest indicator that you are ready.

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You simulated an exam numerous times

You can simulate the exam in several ways. If you visit you will see how ccna sample questions can help you prepare even better.

This way you can simulate the exam several times and see where you are at the moment. If you know the answer to most questions several times in a row, it means that you have done a good job and that it is time to take the exam.


If you give your maximum, you do not need to worry, because it will surely bring a good result. Even if you fail, you can take the exam again soon, so there is no reason to worry and put extra pressure on yourself.

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