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Don’t Let Drugs Trick You, They Are Not a Treat


Due to the fact that drug addiction has become extremely common, a large number of people have used any means necessary to raise awareness against drugs and alcohol. A majority of these people are those who have been affected by these substances either directly or indirectly in their lives. These substances harm people physically and mentally and these negative effects stay damage their bodies in such a way that creates problems in the long run. Before discussing the effects of drugs and alcohol, it is important to know what forces people to get addicted to them in the first place.

Why do people get addicted to alcohol and drugs?

  • Peer pressure is one of the most common reasons for substance addiction which is why it is important to keep good company. It is common sense that a person who cares for the well-being of his peers is a true friend as compared to the one who tries to pressure his friends to use drugs with him or drink alcohol. Parents should keep their children aware of such dangerous things from the start and if this happens, their child will be more responsible and he will say no right away if someone tries to force him into doing drugs. This method may be able to avoid substance addiction problems in teens and young adults.
  • Another major issue is that drugs are very easily available nowadays. Making alcohol legal is another problem because it is available in markets freely and underage teens with fake identification cards can buy it. These things need to be supervised more strictly because children are the future of the country and their well-being is of great importance.
  • People who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety and depression often become victims of substance abuse when they try to find an escape somehow from their disorders. The relief provided by drugs is fairly short-lived and the long-term usage may result in addiction.
  • People who have to face pressure from authority figures on a daily basis also tend to turn to drugs and alcohol. They may be students whose parents want them to excel in their studies or adults whose bosses are hard on them. Moreover, a person who is under the influence of drugs is not consciously aware of his actions and his family may become a victim of physical violence in case he is in a fit of anger.

What is holistic healing therapy?


As drugs deteriorate more than the physical condition of the person who uses them, their treatment also requires a holistic approach where the target for improvement is not only his physical health but also his mental health and spiritual well-being. Browse this site. Treatment varies from individual to individual and depends on various factors that include the duration of addiction, type and amount of drug used, medium of taking the drug, patient’s medical history, and mental health. Holistic healing therapy employs various techniques and the workers at rehab facilities can check which of them work best for any particular patient to help relieve the physical and mental symptoms of detox and withdrawal.


The technique of reiki finds its roots in Japan and it is the process of healing things through energy. Japanese held the belief that the energy flowing through a person’s body can become static at a place in case that person has suffered a physical injury or some kind of psychological trauma. So they devised this technique where the healer puts his hand on the person’s body where the injury or trauma happened and then invisible energy is said to flow from the hand of the healer directly into the body of the patient and heal the flow of energy. Reiki heals emotional pain, stress as well as a minute amount of physical pain.



The aspect of mindfulness that makes it unique from other methods such as meditation is that it teaches a person how to be self-aware at all times. Consequently, a mindful person becomes aware of each thought and sensation going through his mind whether he is engaged in a specific activity or not. This method heightens the self-understanding of the person and the way he communicates with others is also improved because he is fully aware of his own thoughts and emotions.

Personal training


Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of the exercise is not just to lose weight or extra body fat, in fact, it does so much more than that. The composition of the body, its flexibility and balance, overall physical performance, and even heart condition can be improved by exercise. Personal trainers make customized training programs for each patient after calculating his body, mass, and height. It also makes a person physically fit and with a sound mind and body, he can make better decisions and even get rid of his problematic habitual behavior like excessive alcohol intake.

There is no doubt that the workers at rehab centers work extremely hard at their jobs and put in all their efforts to make the lives of their clients better. People have carried out innumerable experiments and published papers with scientific evidence, many of which are effectively used in the treatment of these people. After all of this effort going into their recovery process, these people should also give their best and coordinate with their doctors and health care workers so that they can be able to live normal lives again as soon as possible. Moreover, as recovery is not an easy procedure, the family of the patient should let him know clearly that he has their constant love and support because when his family and loved ones are with him, even a difficult process can become somewhat bearable. During difficult times where the patient feels devastated, anxious, or depressed and wants to use drugs or drink alcohol again, he may be reminded of the love and support given to him by his family and they may serve as an anchor and help him stay sober.

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