Is It Healthy to Drink Japanese Matcha Every Day?


Drinking tea is healthy. Japanese Matcha is a well-known product all over the world. But, as you know even the healthiest things are best when taken in good measure. So, when you are consuming tea, even if it’s this one, you need to know a few things about it beforehand. We can already tell that we’re on the same page considering that you’re reading this article. Our subject for today is going to be Japanese Matcha. Are you wondering the same thing as millions of other people all over the world? You probably are.

The question that is most common when you talk about this particular tea is the same. Is it healthy to drink Japanese Matcha every day? We hear this one asked almost every day. This is why we took some of our precious time and decide to write this article. This is a fine question, and one worth answering. We are going to talk about how often should you drink this tea. Why you should consume it in the first place, and what are its biggest benefits? Once you finish reading this piece you’ll know enough about Matcha tea to be able to consume it freely.


How Often Should You Drink Japanese Matcha Tea?

You are interested in this tea, so we can assume you have heard about its health benefits. Most people who are aware of how good this tea is want to consume it as much as they possibly could. But, how much is healthy? There have been many studies regarding this tea. Luckily for you, as a fan of it, it is recommended that you consume it daily. So, the answer is yes, you can consume this tea on daily basis. What’s even better it is recommended that you take two or even three servings a day. What you know now is that this tea can be your life companion every day. The best part is that you can divide the consumption rate and have one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

But, if you want scientific advice the best time of the day to consume it is in the morning. After that, you can have it mid-afternoon. Many people use it as a means of losing weight. If that’s the case you can have it half an hour before a workout. Now that you know this much we can assume that you’re eager to buy more Matcha than ever. So, if you’re in for some ceremonial grade Matcha you can find it at, and outlet that excels in this type of tea. Considering that it’s healthy to consume daily basis let’s take a look at some of its biggest benefits.


The Benefits of Japanese Matcha Tea

First of all, you need to know that in its essence Matcha is a green tea. So, the benefits of the two are similar. The best part is that Matcha has the same properties only stronger. What this means is that if your drink it on daily basis it will improve your concentration, general brain function, and overall mood, and even reduce the risks of heart disease. But, considering how good it is, let’s dwell into details.

It’s High in Antioxidants

Yes, here we are talking about one natural antioxidant. A great one at that. With daily consumption, you’re reducing the risks of various chronic illnesses. If you add this tea to your diet you’re reducing the risks any free radicals in your body can cause to your organism and are reducing their inception in the first place.


Liver Protection

The liver is one of our most important organs. As you know it is in charge of handling our body’s toxins. It’s good at it. But, that doesn’t mean that we do not need to provide it with additional help. If you consume Matcha tea you are giving your liver the additional help it requires. It is also beneficial to our kidneys. It prevents damage t both organs, which is a great benefit you must admit. All you need to do is to consume it on regular basis.

Brain Function

With age, our brains tend to work slower as they grow old. This happens to everyone. But, you want to keep your cognitive functions on the top level as long as you can right? We want the same. Some studies have proven that this tea is of great help in aiding our brain cells in operating on good to great levels even while we’re growing old.


Cancer Prevention

This is a long shot, but it is true. At the moment the only studies performed were done on animals but the results are promising. In rats examined it was proven that drinking this tea prevents the growth and expansion of breast cancer. Matcha tea is rich in EGCG which is an element that has anti-cancer properties.

Heart Health

This is what you want to hear. In addition to being good for some of our internal organs and our brain, it also positively affects our hearts. Consuming this tea can go a great length in preventing heart disease. Regular consumption aids in keeping our cholesterol levels controlled and even reduced. Due to this, the chances of someone consuming this tea having heart disease or a stroke are reduced. It will keep your heart healthier longer and provide additional protection against heart diseases.


Weight Loss

While for most of us the benefits from above are crucial, for some people this paragraph means the world. Many weight loss supplements are based on green tea. Matcha is the concentrated version of it and gives the same, if not better results. It is well known that these types of tea aid in weight loss. So, in addition to promoting internal health, this tea can also help with any external issue we might have. Losing weight is no easy task. But, knowing that a simple thing such as drinking this tea can help must come as a relief. As we already mentioned. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to drink this tea thirty minutes before a workout to maximize the results.

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