Having Trouble Being Sober? We Got You a Solution

The awareness about the treatment of drug addiction has motivated a lot of addicts around the globe to seek treatment at rehab. Many people have started quitting drugs and feel no shame in asking out rehab staff to help them. They have learned to fight for their life instead of bothering with what people gossip about their addiction. Taking treatment of drugs is equivalent to taking treatment for any regular disease but it requires knowledge to make people understand it with time. The variations in the treatment have allowed us to take outpatient treatment as well if we don’t like to share with everyone that we are on drug treatment.

Though inpatient is more uniform and worth trying treatment; outpatient on the other hand possesses flexibility. Both the treatment have own specialties and can be chosen after the detailed assessment by the rehab.

When the path of addiction starts, all the drug addicts start lacking interest in their family gatherings. They start preferring sitting in the social circle where all the individuals are involved in drinking and smoking drugs. He feels comfortable in such a company. All the other activities and hobbies liked by him are kept aside and only drugs are given priority. But when the treatment is given at the drug rehab, the addict learns to fight with the triggers and situations where he sits with the people who use drugs but brings courage in him to refuse the offer.

The addicting nature of the drug is not easy to refuse but this is what all the treatment is about. The addict will go through some painful phases as well to welcome sobriety in his life. He is being told that how he can enjoy the celebrations without taking drugs.


Ways to celebrate without drugs

When a person undergoes treatment, he knows that he has come a long way and can’t risk his sobriety for drugs again. The vibes of changing weather boost our mood. Once the addict leaves the drug rehab center, he wants to feel the contentment of the weather. He recalls the times when he used to enjoy cozy winter evenings and enjoyed the gatherings. But, when a person practices sobriety, after returning to normal life, he may feel difficulty in saying no to the drug due to its addictive nature. It is quite possible that he may consume the drug in a weak moment where he starts thinking that this is just the last time. But always remember the struggle behind your journey. You can’t risk your life again for the sake of temptations. You have to realize that a lot of hard work was done by you and the rehab team to bring you on track of recovery.

But what needs to be done in such complex situations? You can safeguard your hard-earned sober life following these ways. These are some post-recovery instructions for the people who were involved in active misuse of drugs in the past and then took treatment at the recovery center.

  • First, make your mindset strong and recall all the time that how hard, painful and unpleasant was the situation when you used drugs. Recall what sacrifices you and your family has made to bring you to recovery. So, never give up on your sober life.
  • Second, the treatment teaches you about handling stress. Stress is important to deal with initially because it can relapse. Since we can’t fight with upcoming situations and the stressful incident may hit us. In such a situation, recall the triggers you and your therapist identified while on the journey. Keep your flashpoints in mind. Learn from the mistakes that brought painful scenarios. Further, keep in mind interactions with which individuals brought pain in your life.
  • Thirdly, always be prepared that what you need to do when you are in a weak moment or in the gathering where you are feeling the urge to use the drug again. You can use many ways to re-center yourself like ask any friend to help, leave the party and take distance from the place.
  • Fourthly, be part of the gatherings where you feel calm and comfortable. Try to attend celebrations where no alcohol is served. But if you observe that some people are feeling that there is no celebration without drugs then set your time limit at such gathering. The moment you see that alcohol is being used, leave the place. Fix your stay time.
  • Fifthly, keeping a sober friend with you also works best. You get to have a partner with whom you can talk while others are busy drinking. Your sober friend will become a source of bringing confidence in you to survive party without drugs. Also, when you see that everyone at the party is holding a drink, then, try to hold a non-alcoholic drink in your hand because this will give a sign to others that you are not interested in drinking. Hence, they won’t offer you alcohol.

Prefer your comfort

Next, when you take treatment, people in the party will dive into your space and will ask questions about your journey. Some of them might ask that are you comfortable discussing the journey or not but some people lack basic ethics and load your brain with questions. In such a scenario, do what suits your condition.

If you think that you are comfortable in sharing then do share else excuse or give them a short answer. Simply, stick to your comfort zone. After treatment, it is advised to remain in contact with your support team or counselor. Remain in touch with them and talk if some issue is internalizing stress. Keep them with you in your life recovery journey. The early discussion will help to cure the negative emotions that arise later after treatment. If you are struggling and are unable to figure that how to take a turn from drug use then browse this site. All you need is a personalized treatment for your addiction.

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