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The fact that medical supervision and help is a key component for the recovery of a drug addict or an alcoholic should not be overlooked. His treatment may require various medications injected as intravenous drugs or orally. The medication will help to make the patient stable and provide a focused mental state which will be beneficial during his recovery plan. Moreover, each patient has varying health conditions which are why the medically trained staff is perfect for taking care of clients because their vast experience and knowledge will make them able to help the clients in case an emergency arises. Look at this site. Patients with drug addiction disorder require a thorough treatment plan, the start of which is detoxification. The recovery process can’t proceed unless detox has been done, keeping in mind that it should be monitored medically round the clock. Medication is used to minimize withdrawal symptoms during detox because the patient can become very sick as his body reacts to the absence of a substance on which it had become dependent for a long time. Rehab facilities pave way for a high level of care and treatment for their patients. In addition, their environment is set up to be very peaceful so that the patients will feel like they are in the safety of their homes instead of a drab facility that looks like a jail. After all, the primary goal is always the well-being of the patient.

Why do addicts resist getting treatment for their disorder?


Addicts sometimes feel that they are not strong enough to quit their drinking or smoking habits. Other times they also feel ashamed and guilty while asking for help in case they want to get treatment. Moreover, some rehab centers do not have high success rates of treating and helping their clients which may also lower the spirits of an addict who wants to get better. Another reason might be that they are scared of detoxing because the patients who have been a victim of addiction for a very long time experience a very difficult detox and get extremely sick. However, at good rehab facilities, there are professionals who calm the patient and walk him through the whole process and everything he is going to experience so that nothing comes as a negative surprise during his treatment that may want him to quit recovery. They also assure him that he will be cared for at every hour of every day and will be provided with whatever he needs because his health and comfort are the first and foremost goals in their books. Rehab facilities offer various types of treatment depending on the type of substance that caused addiction. After identifying the type, the client’s treatment is chosen accordingly.

Accelerated Micro Induction (AMI) Protocol


The AMI treatment program targets the opioid problem that is increasingly becoming common these days. One of the most regular drugs is fentanyl. Patients who suffer from opioid use disorder (OUD) with fentanyl are helped in such a way that they do not have to face a rough recovery process, rather their stay will be relatively shorter and even more comfortable. As more and more people started testing positive for fentanyl in various rehab facilities, it became a challenge and a necessity for them to generate an almost painless treatment program with the highest possible success rate. Fentanyl is a painkiller drug and it is even more effective than morphine by almost 5 to 100 times. Its working in the body is such that its withdrawal symptoms can be effectively treated even before starting the detox process. Some of the most common symptoms of fentanyl or other opioid drugs withdrawal include trouble while sleeping peacefully, cramps in the abdomen, vomiting and almost constant nausea, anxiety, accelerated heartbeat, blurriness of vision, muscle cramps and pain, diarrhea, excessive sweating, high blood pressure, teary eyes, and restlessness, etc.With the AMI treatment program, these agonizing withdrawal symptoms are significantly minimized and the duration of withdrawal is almost 7 to 8 days.


With this new treatment program, the patients were constantly monitored in the start to discover whether or not this treatment was effective and successful. For this purpose, the severity of their withdrawal symptoms was checked and compared constantly through the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) score, which lets the professionals learn how severely a patient is feeling the withdrawal symptoms. It was discovered that with this method, the patients were experiencing withdrawal with a significantly low score. Moreover, this treatment program had quite a high success rate and there was a considerable decrease in the depression rate along with other mental disorders so it has been clinically proven that this detox method reduces depression in a relatively short period.

Aftercare programs


If a person has an addiction disorder and wants to get better then he should be given help. In other cases, sometimes, people get significantly sick but do not get treatment, in which condition, his family and friends should try to convince him to check out a good rehab facility because if he does not get treatment at a proper time, things will become even worse and in many cases, people have lost their lives to addiction. Moreover, when he does get treatment, he will need the constant love and support of his loved ones because when he knows he is not alone and he has unconditional love and support of his family, it will work wonders during his treatment and he might even get better within a relatively short amount of time. Later, after his treatment is completed, he should attend aftercare programs because returning to his daily life can be hard on him as he may pass through places or experience situations where he previously used drugs or he may see or meet those people who provided him with drugs in the past. It is harder to stay strong at such times but aftercare programs teach them certain methods to tackle these situations and his family can also help him stay sober.

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