Is GTA V the Best Grand Theft Auto Game of All Time?

The video game industry would hardly be recognizable if it were not for a few certain titles that have changed everything we knew up until their release. Over the course of the last few decades, there have appeared some truly special and amazing video games that have stepped well beyond the borders of mere pastime activity and grew into worldwide phenomena. One such game is Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth instalment in the famous, ground-breaking series of titles.

So far, there have been about a dozen games and expansions with the GTA title. All of them were major hits during their time, from the second instalment and its birds eye view gameplay to the latest online mode of the fifth installment. Whenever there is a new one announced, gamers far and wide lose their minds because they know exactly what is in store. It is not farfetched to claim that the series is the most popular game ever, especially if we take into account all the games together. But which one is the best, and could it very well be the latest, fifth one? Find out in this article. In case you are a video game fan who wants to explore more and play some of the best games available right now, make sure to check out GamingBeasts.

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About the Series

The long-running series of action adventure video games by Rockstar Games is responsible for numerous mechanics and gimmicks other games and studios have tried to copy and implement. The game first came out in October of 1997, with the game simply called Grand Theft Auto. The premise is usually the same, as there is always an open world setting of the fictional United States of America where you control an up and coming criminal. Driving and shooting are two core mechanics as most main story missions and side quests revolve around them. The story and the characters are as fleshed out as possible and the humor, cutscenes, and music of these games are legendary.

The time period of the games varied from the 1960s to the 2010s and most are set in Liberty City (New York), San Andreas (Los Angeles), and Vice City (Miami). San Fierro (San Francisco) also appears, as do versions of other cities like London. Rising through the ranks of the criminal underworlds of fictional (but obvious real life) cities is entertaining, fun, and challenging, and there is so much to do and explore that the games are more like entertainment experiences that simply games.

So far, the main series has featured 7 titles, including Grand Theft Auto, GTA 2, GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, and GTA V. There are also four expansion packs in total and four handheld console games. For the purposes of this article, we will explore the fifth and latest installment and determine whether it is really the best one.

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About GTA V

The game came out in September of 2013, originally for PS3, Xbox360 and PC. With the appearance of next-gen consoles, it later became available for PS4 and Xbox One, and then recently for PS 5 and Xbox Series X / S as well. Rockstar North developed the title, Leslie Benzies and Imran Sarwar are the designers and producers behind it, while one of the original creators Dan Houser wrote it. The lead artist responsible for the world in the game and all of its elements is Aaron Garbut.

At the moment, the game is the second most sold video game ever. There have been more than 140 million copies sold around the world over the last 8 years. What is more, the title has long become one of the most successful entertainment intellectual properties of all time, both critically and financially. It shattered records and became the most sold entertainment title in history, something that requires enormous amounts of respect. What this means is that no other video game, movie, or music album did better, ever. On the first day alone it made $800 million and it crossed the $1 billion threshold in just three days. As of right now, it has earned more than $6 billion in revenue. Most recent data shows that 20 million copies were sold in 2024, a year during which the game was also free to pick up from the Epic Store. This injected millions of new players who flocked to finally try out the game, if there were any who have never played it in the first place.

Not only that, but thanks to its Online edition, it is still one of the most played video games almost 8 years later with hundreds of thousands of players playing at any given moment and hundreds of thousands more watching GTA V content on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. All of this data clearly states one thing. To answer the question from the title, yes, GTA V is absolutely the best game in the series, but not just because of the numbers.

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What Makes It Good

The title changed a lot when compared to the rest of the games in the series. It gave the players what they wanted while removing what they did not enjoy in the previous installments. Most of all, it features three titular characters that were always advertised together. Previously there was always a single character, others only being controllable in DLC (downloadable content) expansions with shorter stories. This time, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are equally important to the story and their lives intertwine and complement each other well. It all comes down to one final mission where there are still choices regarding how you want to finish things.

To finish the main story alone, you will need around 30 hours. However, doing only that is a huge pity since the whole game offers more than 100 hours of fun. With such a wide variety of vehicles, clothes, and weapons, and the customization options for all three, you can do so much and not even touch the content that can be completed. The graphics still look amazing 8 years alter, and so does the gameplay. The attention to detail at every corner is breathtaking as the game is a pleasurable experience both to play, look at, and listen to. The richness and diversity of the world makes it look and feel alive, especially if you are familiar with the real-world Los Angeles and its surroundings.

And then there is the Online variety where you can do all of that, plus countless other things, with your friends and strangers. Things are increased and cranked up tenfold in this version that actively receives updates, patches, and collection packs. It also feels more personal and closer because you create your own character and make up your owns tory as you go. There is simply too much to say about the game which should tell you exactly why it is so good and beloved. There is nothing quite like it in the gaming world, or the entertainment industry as a whole.

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