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Why Is Buying Adult Products and toys still Taboo in 2024


Although sex is talked about more and more openly from year to year, some topics are still taboo – sex toys. Is this really a taboo topic if we take into account the fact that in most countries the sale of sexual aids has increased by as much as 120% compared to last year?

Research shows that sexual aids and vibrators were used even during the time of Hippocrates, to treat hysterical women. Many couples claim that in this way they “spice up” their relationship a bit, bring more excitement and pleasure. They are also often used by singles to satisfy their sexual needs.

There is more and more writing in the media and women are talking about it more and more openly, and social networks are greatly contributing to popularization and a more casual approach. But for those who are buying for the first time, it is not easy to find a rich offer.

It is noticeable that adult products are talked about more openly than when the coronavirus pandemic took hold. The reason for this is the cessation of the practice of one-night stands, and it has been observed that even many permanent partners have moved away during the pandemic. In any case, sex toys found their place under the sun and showed themselves in full glory. Although there are various types of sexual aids, for most the first association is a vibrator or dildo. They can be found on the market today in various colors, shapes, sizes, and different specifications. If we are talking about the male population, the focus of interest is on various lubricants and dolls.

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The first thought of a sex toy could be a solo game because many start from using them when they are – solo, but it turned out that this topic is especially taboo among couples because they are afraid that they will hurt their partner if they show a desire for sexual aid. This is usually understood as an attack on libido and current dissatisfaction with sex life. However, those who decide to take this step are happy to use adult products during every sexual intercourse, bringing additional excitement to their relationship. It is nice to expand your horizons in this field as well and to prolong the pleasure, and sex toys are the best tool for that.

There are a large number of people who would try adult products, but they feel uncomfortable at the very thought of entering a sex shop. Fortunately, today there are a large number of online shops through which you can order what interests you. The positive thing is that next to each product it says everything you need to know to decide what it is that you actually need. It is up to you to click and expect the product at your address. Thanks to new technologies, sex toys can be charged via USB, so you no longer need piles of batteries, and thanks to the silicone material, they can be used underwater, for example in a bathtub. You can learn more about it on Lovify.

Women in their 40s and 50s hardly buy sex toys at all, although we expected the most from that age group. On the other hand, men between the ages of 40 and 50 buy the most. Why this is so hard to say, but we assume that at that age women are very focused on children or careers. Another interesting fact is that toys are mostly bought in pairs, in order to spice up a relationship or marriage. Masturbation toys are bought much less, especially for women. When they do buy them, it’s mostly a gift for a friend. On the other hand, we have young people who can’t even imagine sex without the various toys and products they see on stumbling sites.


Some people have dedicated their careers to the study of sex toys and their inviting influence on the people who use them, as evidenced by Hallie Lieberman’s book “Buzz”. In any case, it has been proven that people who use sex toys find it easier to get pleasure and feel more satisfied with their bodies.

Bringing sex toys into a relationship can be fun for both partners. For most partners, sex life becomes monotonous after a long period, and reaching orgasm becomes a real rarity. Research has shown that 20% of women and 23% of men have trouble reaching orgasm, and some of the main factors influencing this are self-confidence and fatigue. In addition to these factors, there are worries at work and alcohol consumption. But when respondents were asked what it was that would help improve sexual pleasure, most men and women responded to prolonged foreplay, oral sex, and the use of sex toys.

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How do sex toys affect your relationship?

Many will probably be surprised to read that the impact on the relationship is more than positive, and here’s why:

They are very pleasant – Orgasms are longer and more intense.

It’s fun – We’ve already mentioned that the sex lives of many couples become monotonous over time and that sex toys are the ones that bring a lot of the excitement that was lacking. Sharing sex toys affects getting closer to your partner and sharing a new, intimate experience.

Sex is better – We can often hear or read that women have a harder time experiencing an orgasm if their clitoris is not stimulated, and that is exactly what toys do.

Source: O*Diaries

Final thoughts

There are many lies, myths, and misconceptions about sex toys. Needless to say, most of them are not accurate. However, you should always take your partner’s concerns seriously – especially when it comes to sex. Be prepared to face a variety of reactions, including feelings of separation, emotional discomfort, and ignorance. You probably won’t know if your partner is reserved about sexy toys before you talk to him or her but you can predict some reactions based on common attitudes about sex toys.

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