5 Types of Workouts You Can Do at Home


Most people are insecure about their bodies and this is due to a lot of factors — improper diet, poor sleeping habits, lack of exercise, vices, and too much intake of fattening foods. This is why people have to work out and go to the gym to burn all the carbs and unwanted fats in the body. But the question is, do people have the luxury of time to go to the gym? Or do they have the strength to drive or walk themselves to the gym? How about you?

People may have all the motivation to work out, but oftentimes they become hesitant to do so because of different factors such as the proximity of the gym, traffic, or unavailability of gyms near your residence or work.

That is why in this article, we will give you all the possible workouts which you can totally do in the comfort of your own homes. Many fitness professionals and enthusiasts have suggested workout tips that you can do at home because they realized that most people have the motivation to move a muscle but are too preoccupied to go to the gyms.

Without further ado, here are the home workouts that you can try:

1. Yoga


Say yes to yoga because, for countless reasons, yoga isn’t just a physical workout, but also a mental workout too. The most popular and most followed yoga position is Hatha or Yin. These positions are relaxed, but if you opt to try some complicated ones to really make the most of your home workout, you can look at some tutorials found on the internet.

What is also good at doing yoga is that you will be starting at simple formations and gradually progress to sophisticated ones. As you can see on the videos, people start with sitting positions and then go to bending and being upside down. For obvious reasons, yoga does something on your level of endurance. Another good thing about yoga is you don’t have to spend on equipment: just your yoga clothing, yoga mat and relaxing music.

2. Cardio


You know that dancing is also a form of cardio exercise, right? How about Zumba? Yes, they do something good into our bodies because through dancing, we break a sweat. And the more intense our dancing is, the more sweat is excreted from our bodies.

You can look for many videos on the internet for dancing exercises. Most of these videos discuss certain movements that are appropriate to make our shoulders or legs sturdy. It would be better if you just didn’t simply dance. Choose those dancing exercises that explain what the dance step is for so that you’d be able what part of your body is being worked out. However, you should not do this right after you eat. Wait for a couple of minutes before you do dancing exercises.

3. Aerobic exercise


A simple example of this is walking upstairs. Walking upstairs is an exercise? Yes, it is. Walking is a good exercise for your legs. It will help improve the endurance of your legs, especially if you make this a routine. One good thing about walking exercise is that you can be creative.

At first, you can do walking from the lowest point to the highest point of your stairs, then repeat. You can also try stepping up them stepping down, then repeat. If this is easy for you, you can step from lowest to highest point then do push-ups. Of course, you won’t need equipment for this. Walking exercises also help improve your breathing. It is like doing two exercises in one way.

4. Isometric Core Exercise


Although this is a very simple-looking type of workout, if you got to perform it, it wouldn’t be the case. Planking is popular amongst those isometric core exercises for people who want to improve their core and upper strength. Side planking is one particular way of doing it.

It can be done by lying on the side of the floor. Stack up your legs on top of each other. Then, push your one arm against the floor and try to stay in that position as long as you can. The body should be straight and front to face out. Then try the opposite side. The other type of planking is the forearm plank which is a type of plank where you do a push-up form and make your forearms, shoulders, and elbows support your weight.

5. Dynamic Strength Exercise


If planks strengthen your upper part, it would be logical to strengthen your lower parts, such as your buttocks and thighs. According to Jaquish Biomedical, Squats are a great example of a dynamic strength exercise, and it should be performed where you will make sure your feet are a hip distance apart. The hips should sink to the lowest level possible behind you as you’re sitting in the chair. This type of workout improves the lower muscles, and the more you do this, the more these muscles become sturdy.

Final Words

There it is! These are only some home workouts that you can feasibly try at your home. They are beneficial in so many ways. They help you achieve the kind of body you long for and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After all, working out isn’t for vanity’s sake. You should be motivated to work out at the most convenient place and time possible to improve your strength.

It would also be good to do some research and go beyond these tips. Nutrition is also essential, and things like protein shakes and apple cider could help you reach your fitness goals faster. You can find more information about these from reliable websites like Nody.

Lastly, do not just rely on home workouts to achieve your fitness goals. It should be accompanied by a balanced and healthy diet, lessened vices, and proper sleep. All this hustle and workout would be useless without these. Now that you know that you can work out at home, that gives you no excuse not to have a daily workout.

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