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How to Purify Your Home and Protect Yourself From Bad Energy?

Do you have the feeling that you are not alone at home? Do you often feel down and tired?

Are you uncomfortable in certain rooms of your house?

They may not be the first tenants or owners of your home. It is also possible that the entity that shares your home is not nice to you.

Evil will always exist, whether physical or non-physical, we must learn to protect ourselves. Lucky for you. There are natural ways to protect yourself from more or less strong and negative spirits.

We have listed for you in this blog post which are the most effective methods to clean your home and protect yourself from negative entities.

This blog post is straightforward and should be taken seriously. There are also many cases of possessions around the world that unfortunately some people lost their lives.

Source: Times of India

Escape From the Spirits Purifying Your Home

We strongly recommend that you purify your home to disinfect your home and get rid of bad energies that can circulate inside.

So what are the best methods to purify your home?

Purify your home with incense or sage

One of the quickest and easiest ways to clean your home is to burn Palo Santo incense. This incense has the peculiarity of repelling the spirits purifying the energy of the place, and it does not matter if the spirits are good or bad. The shamans of ancient  Inca cultures or civilizations used the smoke and essential oil of Palo Santo Bursera graveolens to protect themselves from evil spirits and hexes. However, this is unique protection, as soon as the smoke and smell disappear, the spirits will be able to return.  Therefore, it is still a very good protection to use quickly in an emergency, but to be transmitted by another method if the spirit returns or clings to you or your home. You can also burn sage, it will have the same effect, although it is a little less effective than Palo Santo. For more information about Palo Santo products visit EcuadorianHands 

Source: Lifehack

Purify your home with coarse salt

Coarse salt is known to absorb negative energies. To purify your place of life. We invite you to place several molds with the large one only in the four corners of the room to be cleaned. We recommend the use of unrefined sea salt. Remember to regularly check the color of the salt. if it tends to fog up, it will need to be replaced. Usually. We recommend that you replace your salt once a week.

Purify your home with a Tibetan bowl

Tibetan bowls have been used since the dawn of time in Asian countries to ward off negative energies. In fact, the vibrations of singing bowls emit a vibrational frequency that naturally drives away negative waves. We recommend the use of fairly large Tibetan bowls (about 20 cm) because the vibrations will be longer, deeper and, therefore. more effective. You will have to hit your bowl with a mallet to make it sing,  vibrations of several minutes will be necessary.

Source: Silent Mind Singing Bowls

Purify your home with essential oils

Essential oils are very popular these days. You can use them to purify and clean the air inside. You can use an essential oil diffuser or else put a few drops on a cotton ball that you have in the appropriate room.

Essential oils that help ward off bad energy:

Source: Konadu Body Care By Nature

Stay Away From Spirits Protecting Your Home

To avoid attracting or bringing back certain entities, it is important to have certain items or foods at all times to maintain effective energy protection against evil. Protect your home with certain spiritual symbols

The cross is probably the most powerful spiritual symbol to protect you from evil. Because? The cross refers to Christ, who is the symbol of good and unconditional love. Therefore, he is the main enemy of evil and negative energies. You will understand why most exorcists use this symbol during their sessions. We highly recommend that you wear a cross if you are used to waking up around 3am, why? Jesus would have died around 3 in the afternoon. the opposite hour (the energy of evil)  is therefore 3 am … Therefore, you must be careful if you wake up frequently around 3  am and hear noises around you. Therefore, you can carry this symbol around you as a  pendant, for example, or hang a cross on the wall of your room

On the other hand, if you are not a religious person and have a certain attraction for spirituality, we recommend that you use symbols of sacred geometry such as the Metatron’s cube or the flower of life for example … These are geometric symbols that transmit very high vibrational levels that will help protect you from evil.

Source: WeMystic

Protect your home from lithotherapy and stones

Minerals emanate different energies that can be completely different depending on their color. shape and variety.

You can buy pebble-shaped stones of the same variety preferably, or you can buy a  stone large enough that you only have to place in the place that requires energy protection. You can also wear protective natural stone jewelry. In addition to being a  very good protection tool, stones are wonderful decorative elements. All black stones are excellent stones for protection against negative entities.

Protect your home with garlic cloves

It may make you smile, since garlic is often called vampires, but not in vain some series, movies or books have used or mentioned this seasoning.

Garlic has been known for centuries for its protective power. We recommend that you place a few cloves of garlic in the rooms of your house where you do not feel comfortable. you can place them behind a piece of furniture, under your bed …

Source: Ana-Maria Bogdan

Get rid of all your old junk!

Start by getting rid of all the items and things you no longer need, all the junk you don’t uses.

Indeed, it would seem that entities cling to disorder and objects leave an energetic imprint, which keeps the memory of what may have happened in places. Antique furniture is often steeped in history and has a much higher energy load. Therefore. it is time to proceed with a great aspiration to reactivate the circulation of  energies. I know that is harder said than done as you may have inherited items from your deceased loved ones. But attaching elements is not beneficial! Give the least importance to everything material and you will feel much lighter. Believe us! I hope this article is very useful for you and you can live in peace and harmony and free from negative energy.

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