Turn Back Time: How Microcurrent Facials Can Reverse the Signs of Aging

People look for ways to stop, slow down or reverse ageing. They do this either for health or cosmetic reasons. Reversing ageing can have a lot of benefits. It can help in reducing wrinkles and dark spots while also making the skin look smoother, flawless and glowing. All these results can be achieved by various methods like using the right type of anti-ageing cream and getting the right nutrition and exercise. But all these treatments can be very time-consuming and require constant efforts from one’s side.

So, along with using the above methods for reversing or slowing down ageing, one can also opt for microcurrent facials in Flower Mound TX. Microcurrent facials use a special type of technology that works by stimulating the skin and muscles to improve a person’s skin and look. Below are ways in which microcurrent facials work to reverse the signs of ageing:


1. The Equipment Used

To know how microcurrent facials work, it is necessary to know the equipment used to do the treatment. Such a treatment can be done by a handheld device which is used to shoot minute electric currents on the face. This electric current is of very low intensity. These devices contain two electrodes on one end. This is the main part from which the electric current is delivered to the client’s skin.

Such equipment can either be used at home by oneself or one can even visit a professional to get it done.

2. The Purpose Of Electric Current

Since this type of facial is done by passing an electric current on the skin, one needs to know the actual role of electricity in it and how it affects the skin. So, how the electric current works is by building up the facial muscles. These face muscles will then give the skin the effect of lifting and tightening of the skin.

Some claims say that when the electric current is passed on the skin it leads to the production of collagen, which is said to be a great anti-ageing protein as it makes the skin plump and avoids the sagging of skin in general. But more research about the same is needed to confirm this.


3. The Benefits Of The Facial

Even though microcurrent facial is said to have anti-ageing properties, certain benefits of this treatment allow it to give that effect of anti-ageing. Those benefits are:

  • Revitalize Facial Muscles:

One of the biggest reasons why anti-ageing effects are provided by this treatment is its ability to revitalize or revive the facial muscles. In simple words, this treatment allows the facial muscles to get stimulated in such a way that it leads the overall skin to become much tauter and reduces wrinkles.

  • Better Circulation Of Blood:

Another reason why the skin looks much younger when a microcurrent facial is done is the better circulation of blood in the face. As more blood flows to the facial skin, it improves the overall health of the skin cells and increases the glow and plumpness of the skin.

  • Quick Healing Of Wounds:

A microcurrent facial also allows quicker healing of wounds. This is achieved as a result of an increased blood flow in that area and a reduction in inflammation. This improved skin health, along with wound healing properties, can help in healing different types of wounds and even forms of acne on the face. This is also accompanied by the repairing and regeneration of skin cells.


4. The Time Taken For Results To Show Up

One more reason why microcurrent has been becoming well-known for its anti-ageing properties is the quickness with which it works. Some people who use this treatment can experience an instant lift and glow to their face even after their very first treatment. Over time, many more benefits can be experienced by people who regularly take this type of facial. It can be taken as often as once every month or three to four weeks.

Long-term use of this treatment within the limit as prescribed by a professional can lead to benefits like getting an even toned face and the disappearance of dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines while also getting a natural and lively contour on the face.

5. Helps In The Reduction Of Other Skin Problems

Besides its anti-ageing properties, other skin issues can get targeted using a microcurrent facial that will eventually lead to more anti-ageing benefits. The problems which can get targeted using this treatment are puffiness and weak muscles. Weak muscles are one of the leading causes why the facial skin of people becomes saggier with time. It eventually leads to the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

But, this sagginess can be tackled using a microcurrent facial by improving muscle strength of the facial muscles. It will eventually solve the issue of puffiness of the face as well.


6. Helps In Maintaining The Elastin

One of the things that can lead to signs of ageing is the lack of elastin in the face. Elastin helps in making the skin seem smoother and brings about that natural glow of the face but due to ageing, the production of elastin reduces. This treatment leads to an increase in the production of elastin by 14% which can help in regaining a healthier face by keeping the skin tight and glowing and also reducing wrinkles.


Microcurrent facials may soon become the widespread way in which people reduce the signs of ageing on their faces. Due to the various benefits provided by this treatment like increased blood flow and glow on the face, better health of facial muscles and even the production of collagen, it has become a favourite among many and many people have started opting for it. It works in a variety of amazing ways by increasing blood circulation, wound healing properties, and protein synthesis which provides these benefits. Not only this, but it is also a faster, cheaper, and safer alternative to traditional surgery.

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