Tattoos: Understand Risks and Precautions


Tattoos are a way of expression. It has a different meaning to different people and holds a vast variety of views. Tattoos have been around for centuries, but have gained massive popularity in the recent world, thanks to globalization. It is a booming business and one of the few things which unite people irrespective of their countries and backgrounds. It has become a common means for people to showcase their love for someone or something.

However, not everyone feels the same about these permanent inks and these have received quite a lot of negative comments as well. Many communities all around the world consider tattoos as lewd and take offense to the people with tattoos.

Additionally, many individuals regret getting one or many tattoos in the earlier stages of their lives. To aid these people, many ways have been and still are being developed. These include tattoo cover-ups and tattoo removals. These services can now be booked online, from the comfort of the homes, via the internet. For more information, users can visit

Getting a permanent tattoo linked to your body is something that should be done after complete and thorough research. The list given below would help you understand the process of getting a tattoo and the things to consider before getting one done. Additionally, it will also discuss the risks and help you understand the same, along with the necessary precautions.

Process of tattoo


Owing to the technological developments, the advancement in medicine, and the easy availability of drugs, getting a tattoo has become quite an easy process as compared to earlier times.

People can book a local tattoo artist who operates in a nearby tattoo shop and get a tattoo done. All this can be within a day and you can be back home with a new tattoo that you can flaunt.

These tattoo shops have a wide catalog that the users can go through in case they are not able to pick a design that suits them the best. Rest is the labor and artistry of the tattoo artist and the fine work of their needle.

Things to consider before getting a tattoo

Getting a tattoo is an important event for many and it should be done only after careful consideration. There are a few things that one should take care of before thinking of getting a tattoo. First is the choice of the tattoo design.

The tattoo design is something that will stick to the skin for the rest of your life. Of course, you can later choose to get it removed, but the scars would be still there, plus it would cost you twice the amount. So it is better to be wise whilst picking up a design.

Secondly, consider a shop which is highly reputed in the market for its hygienic practices and well-trained staff and tattoo artists, as you would not want any future issues and complications.

List of all the risks

If you are considering getting a tattoo done, then you may as well get to know the different risks and complications that a tattoo can bring.

1. Reactions


The human body is sensitive to a wide variety of things, such as dust particles and certain food items. The tattoo ink can also act up as an allergen and can cause a wide range of allergic responses and reactions in the body. This may be specific to a small group of people who have underlying inflammation disorders but can occur to anyone.

The chances of getting an allergic response from the tattoo ink or needle are quite common and people should be careful about the same. Running a blood culture or test prior to getting a tattoo should be helpful, as it can show if the person is allergic to a particular chemical, dye, or ink.

2. Infections

Tattoos gotten from unhygienic places and artists have a higher possibility of getting infected and causing future problems. These infections can hamper the overall health of the body, and can, sometimes, prove to be fatal.

The various infections include viral infections such as HIV and AIDS and bacterial infections such as tetanus. Many other diseases are also spread through unhygienic and unsafe needle practices. It is highly advised to make sure of the artists and their working conditions before getting any tattoos.

3. MRI complications

Permanent inks have a tendency to interfere with various imaging techniques such as X-Rays and MRIs. It has been noted that the various colored inks have effects on the MRIs, and thereby, turn them blurry. This reduces the quality of the images and makes the diagnosis a difficult task.

A few precautions


If you have completely made up your mind, then you should consider the following list of precautions to take before getting any inking done.

  1. Make sure to get the tattoo done from a reputed place with licensed artists. You must clearly not want to entertain any complications after your tattoo. A licensed artist knows how to do their job wholeheartedly and with the utmost professionalism, thus reducing the chances of further complications and errors.
  2. Make sure the artist has sterilized their different equipment right in front of you. This way, you can be completely sure that they are 100 percent germ-free and are not laden with disease. You should insist the tattoo artists on their personal hygiene and also take maximum precautions while tattooing. If they are not compliant or are not following the required set of safety precautions and measures, then you can always choose to walk away and find yourself a better tattoo shop with hygienic staff.


Getting a tattoo is a big step and is something that will stick to you for the rest of your life. Tattoos also affect the way you are perceived in society and are considered lowly and inappropriate in many places.

It is advised to think of all the related things and issues before getting a tattoo, and to follow all the safety-related and hygiene precautions whilst getting the permanent ink on your body.

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