4 of the Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs are pretty much one of the most loving pets we could have. Dubbed as “Man’s best friend,” they are known to be clingy (read more), playful, loyal, and overall owner-centered creatures. We always longed to have someone on our side that gives us unconditional love, and dogs can help fill up that space!

Besides being a part of our family, dogs can tackle different roles in our household and society. Learning tricks can be helpful in our house by doing the most simple tasks like bringing the slippers on your feet. Teaching them tricks brings a challenge for many owners as most of them are challenging to teach.

However, there are existing dog breeds that are smarter and learn a lot quicker than most. In this article, we will briefly talk about dog intelligence and list down four of the smartest dog breeds!

Source: The Guardian

Dog Intelligence

There are two types of dog intelligence: instinctive intelligence and adaptive intelligence. Instinctive intelligence is inherent to varieties of breeds. Their ability to think and act according to their instincts is how it is measured. One good example of this type of intelligence is their pack mentality.

The pack mentality is their understanding of their social structure and the role they play. For example, how they act as parents and discipline their younglings or how they are submissive to their person.

Adaptive intelligence, on the other side, is the ability of dogs to learn new tricks and how they acquire information outside their instincts. The categories for this type are language comprehension, ability to execute commands and socialization. Most people think adaptive intelligence is the basis of their dog’s overall intellect, but that is hardly the truth. A dog’s IQ is subjective (link: to the parent/pet relationship. For example, a dog bringing the newspaper to its master might make the owner think their pet is a genius.

For you to measure your dog’s IQ, there are several tests you can try out for yourselves over the internet. These tests can be helpful not just in identifying their IQ but also their temperament. The test must have a point system so you can correctly measure and see which range of points your pet belongs to. Good luck!

All About The 4 Smartest Dog Breeds

1. Border Collies


Did you know who and what breed is the brightest pooch in the world? Her name is Chaser, and that is right, her breed is known as Border Collie! The Border Collies are inherently sharper than most. They are famous for managing herds of sheep.

According to Stanly Coren’s Intelligence of Dogs, they are the brightest dog breeds out of all domestic dogs. Originating between the borders of Scotland and England, they are typically medium-sized and covered in a combination of white and black colored coats.

Besides their high intellect, they are also athletic, acrobatic, and very energetic. Border Collies require daily mental stimuli to keep them sharp and physical exercises like taking walks and playing fetch. For beginner dog owners who recently got themselves a Border Collie, visit Holisatpet and other websites for more in-depth information in owning and caring for the breed. One last piece of information, this breed feels distressed when left alone, inactive, and neglected. Be sure to stay attentive and active with them.

2. German Shepherd

Source: The Spruce Pets

German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the United States, second only to Labrador Retrievers. The German Shepherd is the ideal breed for many roles. Examples of these roles are police-assisting dogs sniffing out contrabands, service dogs for the disabled, and search and rescue missions. They are highly intellectual, trainable, obedient, and have a greater sense of smell than most dogs.

But besides how intelligent German Shepherds are, they are known for their characteristics. These characteristics include their confidence, loyalty, courage, and selflessness in which they risk their lives to protect their loved ones. Because of their traits, they are perfect for being both a guard dog and a family dog.

3. Poodles

Source: AZ Animals

Poodles are stylish dogs and are the national dog in France. Because of their elegant curly hair, they are easily recognizable; most people see them as fashionable. But underneath those curls lies their superior intellect! Originally bred as water retrievers that assist hunters, they have never lost their touch in terms of their skills and instincts of the hunt.

Besides looking pretty, Poodles fit in many roles in our society. They can become service dogs for the disabled, guide dogs for the blind, and even therapy dogs. They are also energetic dogs despite their appearance. Because of their high intellect and active temperament, they require both physical and mental exercises.

4. Golden Retriever

Source: PetMD

Golden Retrievers, just like Poodles, are hunting dogs that retrieve their owner’s game. Despite being bred as a hunting dog, they look adorable that one could not even imagine they hunt! They have a long coat that sheds copiously, and they instinctively love water. They are highly intelligent and can obey simple and complex commands, and can be trained easily.

Just like the German Shepherd and Poodles, they can fit in roles like being a guide dog, sniffers in search and rescue missions, deaf dogs, and disability assistance dogs. But compared to the German Shepherd, they are gentle in temperament, which makes them unfit for being a guard dog. But on the contrary, they are one of the best family dogs you can ever have.

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