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The Secrets Of Successful Sports Betting

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Any process implies a working scheme, a mechanism, a combination of components that provides the result. This is what happens in the production chains of industry, in absolutely any business. Even an artist, in order to paint a picture, prepares a canvas, mixes paints, applies a base, and only then goes from large strokes to small details. Since even such a creative business has its own algorithm, there must be one in sports betting. And in this review we will talk about the big picture and the components of the mechanism, the elements of the “puzzle”, which, when put together, provide a successful result of the game of bets. The topic is very important, conceptual. Without understanding the big picture and working through each component, long-term and stable success in betting is not possible in principle. So it is recommended to take this material seriously, otherwise your ceiling will be only occasional, sporadic haphazard flashes of positive game, on the background of the general negative trend and sliding into minus.

Let’s name the key blocks of the successful betting system, and then briefly characterize them.

  • Triangle: Goal, Bank, Range.
  • Financial Strategy.
  • Game models.
  • Analysis and forecasting.
  • Insurances.
  • Working on mistakes. Point of growth, development, progress.
  • Psychology.


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At the heart of any successful venture is planning. And the basis of any game plan should be clearly defined parameters:

  • The starting pot – how much money is specifically allocated for the game;
  • Distance – how long is planned the game segment (in weeks or in the number of bets);
  • Goal – how much money is planned to earn.
  • Because of the inseparability of these three components, it is best to represent them as a triangle.
  • Next in the hierarchy is the financial strategy. It is the algorithm for the allocation of funds that sets the rules of the game and must ensure the planned profit, the achievement of the goal.

A game model, or several models in parallel, are called to serve the execution of financial strategy with bets. A game model or strategy is a set of reference points, parameters which are used to select matches and specific bets.
The game model includes:

  • A set of conditions, team selection factors and application of the model;
  • A specific type of bet (or several similar types of bets);
  • Recommended championships and tournaments to search for matches.
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Direct game models help to generate predictions, which will fill the distance of the game segment. So the block of predictions directly interacts with the block of game models. In case of each prediction, each bet the player checks the event for compliance according to the principles of a game model. And in the process of analysis and forecasting he makes a decision, whether to play this bet or look for another one.

It is necessary to be attentive to bets. Do not just bet and forget, sit back, “smoke”, wait for the result, have a bag ready for the money. Only beginners and fools do that. A pro, who is going to achieve his goal, makes sure to accompany each of his bets! This consists of following the changes in the information about the match, both before it starts and already in play. Some games are watched live, others according to infographics and statistics in real time.

This control allows, if necessary, to use insurance or live insurance. It is about bets on the opposite outcome, in fact – forks. Sometimes the information changes so dramatically that the previous forecast becomes irrelevant. In this case, the player decides whether to take a risk and wait for the match to end or leave it with minimal losses before it is too late. Thus, losing 10-15% of the bet amount can save the rest. This kind of insurance is done in the pre-match or already in play, but until the score changes.

There are also in-play insurances, which allow you to fix the profit. For example, we have bet on the victory of the team. Now it is already leading by 2 goals. Experience says that this kind of score often relaxes, and the players may lose the thread of the game. If a particular team has been spotted in this kind of slovenliness, it is better to use the insurance and overlap in play on X2. Similar actions are also relevant for other types of bets: totals, forfeits and the like.

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An important block of the mechanism is feedback or work on mistakes. Many inexperienced players completely exclude this phase, thus depriving themselves of any point of growth and progress. Well, you bet, something didn’t go well, well, minus – forget it and move on… This is one of the biggest mistakes that separates a successful player from a minus player. A professional, or a player striving for that level, always goes back to the past matches and calculated bets. Some games are watched in full in broadcasting, some are analyzed by means of short video reviews and statistical calculations. This is the only way to understand where the bets have passed legally and it is possible to fix the arguments that led to a correct prediction. Or if a bet is successful, but it is based on luck, you should make a note in the future that this outcome with these teams does not inspire confidence.

It is the same with losing bets. If you predicted the game correctly and force majeure is to blame for the loss, you can not make any conclusions, just take it as a given. It’s part of the process. And if a lost bet was a direct consequence of a wrong prediction, misinterpretation of information or omission of any important circumstances – then there should be a most serious work. Conclusions are drawn from the mistakes. About the team that failed, the appropriate entries are made in the profile. This is critical, so that a wrong opinion won’t be transferred to future predictions and lead to more losses. To do all this analytical work on your actions as objectively as possible, you also need to learn to recognize the causes and consequences of the results. This comes with experience. But you must learn that this phase is very important. Only through the debriefing phase can you learn and grow as a professional. If this is not done, you will bet, operating with a large proportion of irrelevant information, which will inevitably severely affect the passability of bets and financial results.

Completing the picture is the thinnest shell of our betting mechanism – psychology. An even state of mind is very important for making right informed decisions. Such negative phenomena as gambling, excessive greed or fear, haste, euphoria, the desire to win back quickly after losing can kill even a very well thought-out and built mechanism. So, sports betting is a game of chance only for the layman, who can’t get anything out of it.

A professional knows how to read his emotions and “grab himself by the hand” in time. This allows you to put the brakes on, to pause until the psychological background is smooth again. A man who cannot control himself, who succumbs to base instincts, is not able to derive from bets a long-term and any kind of stable profits. The fate of such “hot” individuals – rare flashes of winnings on luck, against the background of constant losses, largely just because of their impulsiveness, generating errors. Naturally, the rare moments of good luck does not cover the constant sinking and in general – these are deeply minus players. Ew to be like that!

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