6 Benefits of Self-adhesive Labels for Your Brand

Labels are an essential detail of your products’ packaging. They display the name of the item, your company’s logo, and several other information. What’s more, labels are also crucial for brand recognition since they grab the customers’ attention, and therefore, increase sales.

Now, choosing a label type can turn out to be a bit of a challenge simply because options are abundant nowadays. Due to this reason, we will introduce you to self-adhesive ones in this article and also tell you about the things you have to consider before placing your bulk order.


1. Variety of shapes

The most significant advantage of using these is that they can complement your merchandise perfectly. Not many people think about this, but the truth is that a label can take the overall design of the packaging to the next level. Your main goal is to implement something appealing to your target audience, something that will persuade them to choose your product instead of your competitor’s.

Therefore, you need to consider the packaging’s shape and size when choosing self-adhesive ones. You cannot use the same one for a box, bottle, and container. Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. If you go with the wrong shape, or even worse, size, you can jeopardize the overall appearance of the item. Naturally, this is something you want to prevent, so you should investigate different options on

2. Printed vs. handwritten

While on the subject of design, the next benefit of these labels is that you can go with the printed ones or, on the other hand, the ones you can write on. If you go with the latter, it opens a whole new world of possibilities for you. In a nutshell, you will be able to customize each one of these, add a personalized note or details. This feature will help you boost your brand’s image and customer experience. The thing is that people like feeling appreciated, and you can easily achieve this goal by sending them a handwritten label that includes their name or a quote you like. However, keep in mind that customizing and writing each of these will consume a lot of time. Therefore, this is only a good option if you run a small e-commerce store and can afford to dedicate time to every customer. It is why most business owners decide to go with printed ones.


3. Design options

Furthermore, when you work on designing the self-adhesive labels, you can create whatever you want. We cannot stress enough how beneficial this can be for your brand. Yes, it is a whole other process you need to complete step-by-step, but in the end, it will enable you to boost brand awareness.

Clearly, you want to create something that represents your business perfectly, conveys your goals and aspirations. However, at the same time, you have to consider your target customer to design something they will find appealing. You can use any color and pattern you want, and you can even go with transparent ones or decorate them with a distinct finish. In fact, there are no limits when it comes to designing self-adhesive labels.

4. Durability

One of the main features of these labels is that they are really durable. This can prove to be quite significant if you pack your items on your own and ship them all across the country. As you know, things can get damaged during transportation, but this is something you won’t have to worry about since they will be delivered to your customers in pristine condition.

Moreover, these are resistant to all kinds of substances, such as oils and even water. Why is this important if a person already has your product? Well, maybe they got it as a gift, or they want to recommend it to someone. Whatever the case is, they cannot find your brand or logo if the label disintegrated. Not many business owners think about this feature when choosing the label, but as you can see, there are some instances when it can prove to be vital.


5. Time-effective

Let’s propose a scenario where you run your business from your home and hand pack every single product. It is how most businesses start nowadays, right? It doesn’t matter what you are selling because you need to take some time to pack the item perfectly to ensure your customers will be in awe.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal. You just place it in a box, seal it, print the address, and ship it. Yes, this is true, but there is one step you have to complete before this task. That’s right. We are talking about applying labels.

Well, these self-adhesive ones will save you a lot of time and significantly shorten this entire process since you won’t have to use any additional product to apply them. You can literally do it in two seconds. This feature will not only facilitate your work but can boost your business as well. How? Well, basically, you will be able to pack and ship more items in a single day, meaning that you will be able to accept more orders, and therefore, grow your business and increase profit.

6. Budget-friendly

If you run a small business that is yet to get off the ground, you need to be careful about how you spend each cent. Sure, you have to invest it in your merchandise, marketing, packaging, and so on, but still, you need to have a detailed budget for every item on the list.

We understand this struggle, which is why we believe these self-adhesive labels are the right choice for you. As already stated, you don’t need to use any tools to apply these. Hence, you don’t need to make any additional investments. But instead, you can use that money to upgrade your products or create new ones. All you have to do is find a company that produces them, put in your order, and wait for them to get delivered.


Obviously, you have to consult your budget restrictions when looking for a company that can provide you with these. Their design can also affect the overall price, so make sure to investigate this thoroughly. It goes without saying that you should always stay within your price range.

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