5 CBD Health Tips

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When it comes to CBD, it is not difficult to list 5 health benefits associated with it as there are just so many great advantages of the stuff. Here is a bit about CBD and how you can take it, what it actually is, and all the health benefits you could possibly experience from it …

What is CBD?

It is getting more and more popular, it can be defined as one of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. You might have also heard of THC (another cannabinoid in the plant) that’s associated with feelings of ‘getting high’. CBD will not have a high effect but make you feel relaxed, it is usually linked to feelings of well-being. When a user takes it, no matter what the form, it will interact with receptors in the nervous system and consequently help to reduce inflammation around the body. The receptors it interacts with are called cannabinoid receptors and the cannabinoid system regulates our sleep, appetite, feelings of pain, and our immune system. Therefore, if CBD affects these receptors it will influence lots of factors within our body. If you’d like more trustworthy information about what exactly CBD is, you can use websites such as Area 52.

How do you take CBD?

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It is up to you how you take it but you have a few options, most people do for the oil that you simply drop under your tongue. However, some that are looking to give up smoking go for a vape and others like the chewable form, often found in the shape of bears. It is recommended to pick your favourite method, you could test them all out to see what you prefer but it’s only suitable to use one at a given time.

There are multiple ways in which you can consume CBD products. for starters, you can try them in the delicious gummy form. You can also opt for capsules, tinctures, oils and even powder. It ultimately depends on what you are comfortable with and which brand you are going for. CBD has a ton of medicinal benefits that are natural, organic and healing. For more information on the different types of CBD products, please visit cheefbotanicals.com.

Health tips to remember

There are lots of ways it can benefit your health so here are our top 5 health tips…

1. Treat anxiety and depression with CBD

Suffering from either anxiety, or depression, or both is not uncommon, and finding natural remedies and solutions to help can be life-changing. Using it can lower feelings of depression and anxiety, this is usually due to the chilled out effect it has on most people. It is not only anxiety and depression the CBD will target, but positive effects on psychosis and other mental disorders have also been reported. You will only need a few drops a day if you’re taking the oil version of it to help tackle mental health problems. Remember if you are taking other medication you should check with your doctor about mixing them with it or generally taking them at the same time.

2. Use CBD oil straight after exercising

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It may have effects on your muscle recovery after exercising, it will ease the ache and pain you might feel the next day. However, you must make sure you take the CBD immediately exercising as this is when people report the most effective results. Get moving and stay active without aches and pains thanks to this. You will also sleep a lot better if you’re exercising and taking it too.

3. For a healthier heart you can use CBD

Interestingly, correlations between heart health and CBD have been reported, this is luckily due to the anti-inflammatory effects it has. A healthy heart is essential for an all-round healthy body and anything that can promote this should be used. Along with your heart, your circulatory system will also be positively affected by the use of it and this will consequently lower your blood pressure. Just make sure you don’t have low blood pressure if you’re using it to lower it even more. Keeping your blood pressure balanced is crucial for everybody as high blood pressure can be life-threatening and worrying.

4. Cure your migraines and headaches with CBD

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Headaches that lead to migraines are usually quite unbearable and having a go to natural cure can be a game changer, you will be able to carry on with your everyday life and not like pain affect you. Using it has been associated with reducing headaches and migraine systems, this is probably because of the anti-inflammation it has. The endocannabinoid receptors will react to the it and suppress an inflamed head and reduce tension headaches.

5. To clear acne try out CBD

Fighting acne can be a long process and using products to gradually help is a great way to tackle skin problems. If you don’t want to keep trying out lots of different face creams you can take an oil form instead and use a few drops under your tongue everyday. This is proven to help clear up spots and in most cases prevent more coming back, of course you need to keep your skin very clean as well. It’s the anti-inflammatory properties that work to clear skin on the face and it’s not only pimples that can help treat but also eczema and psoriasis too.

If you want to see if it’s really working you could take before and after photos, start these when you start the CBD. There are lots of other methods to help clear your skin, for example, eating vitamin C and antioxidants, so try these out at the same time as taking them and you will get some great results. For those with sensitive skin, this could be your answer as you won’t need to rub it directly onto your face.

Are there any side effects of using CBD?

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Like most things, you might get some negative side effects from using it, to help reduce these you should make sure you are using the correct dosage. Depending on the brand of it you use, you should check the packaging or the company’s website for dosage instructions as it’s best not to overdo it. Make sure you keep track of how much you’re using throughout the day, you could take a specific amount at a certain time everyday to avoid confusion.

The negative side effects reported by some are fatigue and drowsiness, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing this. Sometimes you might just be tired or feeling under the weather so it won’t be the CBD but if you definitely notice these feelings after taking it, you should test out how you feel without it. Others have reported a dry mouth, reduced appetite, and diarrhea. Some people take CBD for the weight loss benefits as it might reduce how hungry you feel but you should still need to eat your three meals a day and not be put off eating. When taking it, it’s always recommended to be mindful of how you are feeling and make sure you consult a doctor before using it if you’re on any other medication.

So, these are the top 5 health tips we love when it comes to it. There are actually many more health benefits associated with it so you won’t be limited to experiencing just 5. Good luck with your CBD, we hope you will reap many benefits from the oil, gummy bears, or vape.

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