4 Things to Know Before Using Wow Carry Services for the First Time


Having a hobby you are passionate about is important for the overall enjoyment of life. A source of pleasure like that is crucial if you want to balance everything and generally feel well. If you fail to do something fulfilling in your free time, you will soon start feeling depressed and miserable since there will be nothing to counter your job and home responsibilities. One of the most popular hobbies nowadays is playing video games. It has been for decades actually, but it is only getting bigger.

Gamers’ Troubles

However, as much as it is capable of giving the players fun and pleasure, it also comes chock full with stressful situations. Often times, gamer literally breakdown while playing and for multiple reasons. Sometimes the games are just too hard and impossible to complete. There are maybe better players online so it is difficult to get a win. The internet may be slow that day, or the game company’s servers may be failing. Whatever the case, gamers are no stranger to moments during which they rethink their choice of game.

The Grinding Issue in WoW


There is another issue that is often far worse than any of these common ones, and it is called grinding. In games like World of Warcraft, one of the most popular and famous titles in the history of gaming and one that has been dominant for almost two decades, this is arguably the most obvious. Grinding is a collective term for any sort of gameplay element that implies completing tedious challenges over long periods while doing often boring things. Collecting, slaying the same monsters, and repeating the same content does get pretty boring and pretty quick, no matter how much you may love the game.

In order to reach endgame, you have to level up. Reaching max level already implies playing the game for dozens of hours. It is however only when you do this that the real game begins. From that point on, you need to be constantly keeping up with the new content and increase your player power in order to battle the harder enemies and better enemy players. You cannot do that without the right gear, and to get the right gear you need to beat the hardest enemies and beat the best players! Do you see the conundrum and the paradox?

To get there more quickly and to enjoy the game as it was meant to be played, many players decide to skip a large portion of the grind and get to the fun content immediately. The only way you can do this is by being carried/boosted. In this article we talk about what you need to know before you use a carry service in World of Warcraft for the very first time. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out

1. Know Exactly What It Is


Although it may sound familiar to you or, and even if you know what it means in other games, carrying in WoW is a bit different. In World of Warcraft, boosting or carrying comes in two distinct forms. It can either be done in PvE or PvP. In PvE, it is done by having players with the best gear available grouping with you and practically finishing Mythic+ dungeons and raids for you. They are so strong that it does not matter that you are weak. They can more than make up for your lack of stats. By defeating bosses, you get the progress and the all the gear drops, as the others do not need it. In PvP, it works in similar fashion but you team up with those who are good arenas and battlegrounds. By constantly winning your rating grows and you win more conquest points and honor, meaning you get to buy the best gear available.

2. Do Your Part

With all of the above being said, it hardly means that you can just walk around a Mythic+ dungeon, raid, arena, or battleground and do nothing. You still have to do your part and partake in the fighting. If you are a damage dealer, you still need to attack. If you are a healer, make sure to cast healing spells and shields to protect your comrades. They will not always need it but you will practice the gameplay and know what to do when you can finally do it alone. Boosting is not a crutch. Although it is a chance at freeloading, it does not mean you should be an absolute freeloader. Participate and you will be finished faster, know your class, and get the hang of the boss mechanics or battleground strategies.

3. You Still Have to Know the Game


Since you are already max level, you already should have some knowledge of the game. Being carried does not work if you still have no idea what is happening around you. You are using a boosting service in order to get to the fun part of the game faster. You cannot get there if you never pay attention and if you are not interested in the game itself. WoW is a huge game with many mechanics, systems, and gameplay elements. Just like other players, you have to know the basics. If you are a human paladin, you have to play and behave as one. Your talents and enchantments have to be right as well as your spell rotation. Know the world, where everything is, and what the latest content patch has in store. Being new can only last so long before you become a slacker.

4. It Can Be Very Expensive

Last but not least, you have to know that carry services do not come cheap especially for the upper Mythic+ levels and higher arena ranks. The players and services that offer carrying make a living out of it and it is their number one priority. They are good at it and there are numerous customers out there willing to pay the prices. If you are not, they will not miss you. Sometimes you can pay in-game with enough gold, but if you are low on gear you are probably low on gold too. Therefore, real life money is the only way. Remember that it is also a one-time deal for most players. Once you are carried and well-geared, you can take over and do things without anyone’s help.

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