8 Common Mistakes Destiny 2 Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them


Newcomers to Destiny 2 now have a much better time because Bungie has changed things up with the release of the Beyond Light add-on. Sadly, that doesn’t mean that the game still has problems teaching new people about certain things.

New players often make small mistakes, like not making public events heroic or not throwing a ball in a strike, that aren’t talked about as much as they should be. Guardians who haven’t played Destiny2-sherpa before might want to avoid these ten mistakes.

8 Common mistakes beginners make

1. Focusing On Quests

Destiny 2 has so much new content that many people think they have to do all of the quests and other tasks that have been available since the game came out.

It doesn’t need to be. Destiny 2 does not have a straight line of progress. This game has many quests and activities that you can pursue. There are also many Triumphs that you can try to reach as well. This way, you don’t have to do everything to get to the endgame. The game’s activities won’t be going away any time soon, so focus on what sounds fun to you or has exciting rewards.

2. Ignoring Xur


He is the best friend a new player can have. Every Friday, a mysterious person from the Nine will show up at a random place on your Director. This person will stay there until the weekly reset on Tuesday.

You can buy an Exotic weapon, a random Exotic armour piece for each class, and a Fated Engram that will always give you an Exotic item you don’t already own when Xur comes to your home every time. Every Friday, go to him to finish your collection of Exotic Shards.

3. Ignoring Subclass Trees

In Destiny 2, each of the game’s three main classes has a different elemental “subclass” that affects your abilities and passives. These subclasses are called “elemental specs.” Subclasses are things that everyone has. There are four: Solar, Arc, Void, and Stasis. The Stasis subclass can only be used with the Beyond Light expansion.

Every Subclass has a submenu that you can get to by looking at it while you have it in your inventory. You can get to it by looking at it. These options are found in this menu. You can change your movement speed, grenade launcher, and class ability.

You can also choose one of two (three with Forsaken) Subclass paths that affect your melee skills and passives, as well as which one you choose. These choices aren’t set in stone either; you can change a Subclass in almost any activity, except for difficult Nightfalls and Lost Sectors. To change your playstyle, you can change the path of your Subclass.

4. Completing Milestones Too Soon


Milestones are the goals that show up on your Director, Destiny 2’s map of every playable place and activity. These milestones will give you powerful or top-of-the-line gear if you meet them.

Most new players reach these milestones way too early, as good as that might sound. You can only raise your Power Level above the soft cap with powerful gear. There is a limit on how many people can play Beyond Light at once. Once your Power Level goes above 1,200, or when you hit the cap of 1,250, you should not get Pinnacle gear. It starts to drop below 1,250 and stops at 1,260, which is the game’s highest Power Level cap.

5. Not Joining A Clan

Clans are the most important thing a new player can use. Many Destiny 2 communities are happy to help new players learn the game and help them complete tasks.’s Destiny community forums or Discord servers can help you find a group of people who want to play together. It’s possible to get an invite to join a clan in-game after seeing one that sounds good.

A group of people to talk and play Destiny with is a bonus. If your clan plays together, you will also get special items each week. The banner comes with passive benefits that you get as your clan plays the game.

You get a banner with passive benefits that you get as your clan plays the game, too. These bonuses range from getting more rewards from public events to getting rare Enhancement Cores when your clan meets a goal each week.

6. Hoarding Items


Even your Vault won’t be able to hold every item that comes from the ground. Rares and Legendaries are so many that most experienced players break them down right away, even if they don’t know how to. It’s best for new players to keep the equipment they want to use.

Weapons that are rare and blue in quality aren’t worth keeping because they only have a single perk instead of the two perks that Legendary weapons have. Blue armour is good for levelling, but it’s primarily pointless once you start getting good Legendary armour rolls. Don’t be afraid to take apart any gear that doesn’t fit your body.

7. Ignoring Mods

It is possible to put mighty mods on weapons, armour, and Ghost Shells to make them more powerful. Weapon Mods give your Guardian a slight boost in how they act, armour Mods give your Guardian a significant boost in stats and behaviour, and Ghost Shells are used to boost the economy or get more resources.

As far as Mods go, armour Mods are probably one of the most important. All of the rare gear you find will have five energy to work with, which means you can put in a +10 stat Mod or add an effect that improves your gunplay or skills. Please look at the armour you have and apply Mods to it. Using this makes a massive difference in how long your abilities take to cool down.

8. Forgetting About Collections


There is a tab called “Collections” in the upper part of your menu that you can’t see. This area has a record of all the Exotic and Legendary items you’ve ever found. Even cosmetic items like Shaders and Ghost Shells can be reclaimed for a small fee. The Collections page even has decorative items that can be used again.


Anyone who doesn’t have enough Shaders or wants to make an Exotic can do so from this menu. Almost all legendary weapons can’t be taken back from collections because they have different roles.

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