6 Easy Ways to Improve Readability of Your College Essays


The readability rating of an essay refers to your ability to communicate the ideas you are discussing. The reader should understand the ideas you are discussing without having to look for explanations. An essay that is easy to read is also compelling. The ideas discussed in the paper are easy to unpack and relate to.

On the surface, the paper is appealing. It captures the imagination of the reader, especially through its structure and presentation. Once the reader settles to peruse through the essay, there is no stopping. The essay should be described as a page-turner. The reader should want to keep going.

Readability is important in academic writing because it creates an impression. Before the examiner reads the first word on your paper, he should have every reason to dig into the inner paragraphs because the paper is appealing.

Beyond the appearance, the presentation of ideas makes a paper readable. Shifting through the sentences and paragraphs should be easy. The main points must be easy to pick. The essay should also offer a seamless link between ideas. The best essay offers a roller-coaster ride from the introduction to the conclusion. In the end, such a paper will earn you the best grade.

How do you improve the readability of your essay? Here are excellent tips to consider.


1. Use short and easy words

Sentences with more syllables are difficult to read. It is also difficult to understand the encoded message. Keep your sentences as simple, straightforward, and clear as possible. Readability experts recommend the use of simple sentences in your writing.

A simple sentence has the subject, verb, and object. If you have to add any other element, it should be a modifier. The message in such a sentence is straightforward. It is especially not subject to multiple interpretations.

Avoid commas, colons, semi-colons, and other punctuations that result in a compound or complex sentence. Whenever you change the trajectory of a sentence, it makes it more difficult to understand. Keep the message as clear as possible.

An essay made of simple sentences will still be challenging to read. You are still required to use compound and complex sentences in your writing. However, keep them at a bare minimum. In some cases, you will need a compound and complex sentences to explain your idea. The secret is to use the sentences strategically.

Keep away from jargon. While academic writing demands the use of technical words, they must not overpower your need to pass the message. Writing for a reader who would like to understand your subject without necessarily being a guru on the subject. Simple writing will always be readable.


2. Include compelling ideas

Readability goes beyond the ability to decode the message. It also means that your essay is communicating the subject or ideas effectively. The ideas will make sense if they are strong and academically viable.

Use the strongest and most logical ideas in your essay. Read expertly worded books. Check the library for the latest research materials on the subject you are discussing in your paper. The reader will be eager to delve into your discussion. The ideas will also flow easily through the paragraphs. It results in a page-turner.

Choose strong and relevant ideas for your paper. Once a reader picks an essay, he develops expectations. These expectations should be captured in your paper through compelling ideas. If the ideas are weak and illogical, your paper loses its taste.


3. Adopt the right structure

The physical impression of an essay will affect its readability. Academic writing is guided by strict rules. Each paper has a template that defines the information to appear in different sections. Expert helpers at ThesisHelpers will help you to craft an accurate essay on any topic. They ensure that your essay adheres to the desired structural requirements.

A template will help you to achieve the perfect structure for your essay. It comes with the chapters set, leaving you with the easy task of filling in the content in different sections. You may also use examples to guide you on the right structure. At the same time, follow prompts provided by your title. If the structure is right, the reader finds it easy to follow your discussion.


4. Break down the essay into sections

A lengthy prose section is like a jungle where even the best hikers will get lost. Break down your paper into topics and subtopics. A topic gives the reader an idea of the point you will focus on at that moment. It is a guide that prepares the mind for what to expect.

Chapters and sections also make your discussion memorable. It is a signboard or highlight that brings the mind to one place. Include headings and subheadings in your work to make the paper easier to read, understand, and remember.


5. Mind your language

Poor language is inexcusable in essay writing. A misplaced word or article could change the meaning of an entire essay. Typing errors misdirect your reader, resulting in misinterpretation. Get your grammar right and your ideas will be easier to understand.

It calls for editing and proofreading before you submit your essay. Use editing apps to polish your paper. The apps can be installed as add-ons onto your word-processing software. It will edit each word and sentence as you write. You may also hire a professional editor to proofread your paper before submission.

Editing guarantees precision. It eliminates passive and filler words. It also ensures a smooth flow or transition from one idea to the next.


6. Master formatting

Essay writing requires precision during formatting. Cite all your sources accurately to guide any reader who may want to follow up on your ideas. Use citation and formatting apps or web platforms to guarantee accuracy. Consistently adhere to the formatting style indicated in the instructions. It leaves the reader to only focus on the ideas you are discussing in your paper.

Readability makes an essay understandable. Your ideas will be memorable, raising your profile in the academic arena. Use writing and editing tools to make your paper easy to read. Once you are done writing, edit the paper to eliminate errors that may mislead your readers.

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