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How To Make A Perfect College Essay

Writing a college essay is one of the most challenging tasks that you might get. Students have to make sure that they craft the perfect ones to receive a decent grade in their assignments. This article will shine light upon some tips that might help you write the best essays.

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Explore Essay Prompts And Select A Topic

Before writing an essay, it is essential to make sure that you find the perfect topic for it. Always choose a topic that is close to your heart. Picking out a boring topic will make you uninterested, and you won’t be able to work up to your potential. On the other hand, choosing a fun topic is easier to write. For instance, if you like cars, writing an essay on Formula 1 racing would automatically pique your interest, and you won’t have to worry about boredom.

Exploring other topics might also be a good option. Go to the internet and look for different topics. This will help you get a better view of your essay, and you can easily pick out the one that brings you joy. These topics also come with different prompts. Most professors give out several topics with their prompts for students to choose from. If you are in a similar situation, try to identify the topic which is the easiest to write.

If you are still unable to write an essay, several online writing services will get your work done. For instance, is a well-reputed writing service that has experienced writers from all over the world. These writers will take your essay to the next level and ensure that you receive a decent grade.

Be Authentic

Whenever someone asks me how to write a college essay, we always tell them to be authentic. Writing something from your knowledge and research positively impacts the professor. Always try to make it about something worth writing. Pick out a topic that has an impact on the environment or society. Teachers love meaningful essays. Most students are on thin deadlines. They try to take the easy way out and copy-paste them from the internet. Never try something like this. Your essay must be one of a kind. Try to stay away from plagiarism so that you can avoid embarrassment later on.

All of them go through plagiarism detection software that clearly shows the copied text. If you write an un-authentic essay, you might be liable to a penalty that rewards you an F grade or even worse. Sometimes taking the easy way out seems feasible, but always remember no shortcuts in writing. One little mistake might have drastic consequences. Your professor is probably bored of seeing the same old essays. Write the one that stands out from the crowd. This will give you an edge over the other students, and you can easily score a decent grade.

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Stay Away From The Thesaurus

Whenever someone asks me how to start a personal essay, we always tell them not to use a thesaurus. A thesaurus is the kind of dictionary that tells you synonyms and antonyms of different words. Most students are tempted to use this to add fancy words to their essay for college. However, a thesaurus will only take your essay to the downfall. Professors appreciate ones that are easy to read. They don’t need fancy words because this causes unclarity to the text.

Try to be as straightforward as possible while writing it. Use simple but strong vocabulary to grab the reader’s attention instantly. If it gets too complicated, it might get difficult to read.

Another mistake that many students make is using software to paraphrase an already written essay. This is similar to using a thesaurus because this software looks for synonyms of words and replaces them. Little do they know that using spinbot software makes the essay impossible to comprehend. It used fancy words that make no sense. So if you want to write it never use these shortcuts to avoid plagiarism. Try to write with a clear head and make sure that your writing is authentic.

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Use Specific Examples

While writing a college essay, always make sure that you use sufficient examples. Doing this will increase its worth, and it will fetch you a decent grade. Using examples will give the reader an idea that you didn’t just write the essay out of thin air. He will know that you researched the writing process. A good impression in front of your teacher will take your essay to great lengths.

For instance, if you are writing on “The Best Way To Quit Smoking Is Nicotine Patches,” it might be relevant to give examples of some people who left smoking using nicotine patches.

Always remember to use references at the end. Citations are an integral part of writing, and you will significantly benefit from using in-text citations. Each example that you quote must be cited to a proper reference that is credible and can easily be traced back to the origin.

You can go online and check for good college essays as samples to check how to use examples. Looking online will give you a basic idea of how to craft the perfect one with several examples. Don’t copy-paste the examples, but use your own by extensive research.

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Proofreading is the last and most crucial part of essay writing. After you are done with it, try to re-check it several times. By proofreading, you can quickly identify and correct the mistakes in it. Even the most professional writers have to re-check their essays because mistakes are inevitable.

Many software like Grammarly can help identify the mistakes and help you correct them using different suggestions. It might also be a good option to ask a friend to proofread your essay. A new set of eyes will give your essay a new perspective and look for delivery issues in the text. After proofreading it, run it through plagiarism detection software and send it away. Try to manage your time while writing the essay and always work in a peaceful environment.


The tips above will help you a great deal in crafting a perfect college essay. Try to spend more time researching the topic and write down all the arguments on a piece of paper. Doing this will make it one of a kind, and you won’t have to worry about the word count. Happy Writing!

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