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How to Write an Essay Under Time Pressure

This request is much more popular than you would even think. Students are the greatest procrastinators out there. That is why they often find themselves in situations when the deadline is scarily close, and essays are not finished yet. In this article, we will try to figure out how to write an essay on the time pressure without compromising on quality. We bought you know that it is not difficult to type two or three pages within 2 hours, but will it be our quality as a? We thought so. These tips can be useful not only for critically urgent essays but also for situations where you just want to get rid of your assignment faster. We don’t have too much time, so let’s start.

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Limit Time for Research

Standing too much time just reading about the topic instead of writing about it is one of the reasons why diligent students have problems with deadlines. Research is one form of procrastination, even if you think that it truly makes your essay better. Of course, you need to research the problem, collect some information, analyze it, find relevant sources, make arguments and thesis statements based on all the above. However, writing a simple essay doesn’t require hours of research and Analysis. That is why we strongly recommend limiting the time you spend on it. If later, in the process of essay writing itself, you understand that you critically lack information or valid sources, you can get back to research. In our experience, it hardly ever happens. First of all, because you don’t have enough time. Second of all, because you have enough information already. Diving into research for hours mostly means postponing essay writing itself. Don’t get into this trap.

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Freewriting — Let Your Creativity Out

We strongly recommend spending 15 minutes on freewriting on the topic you are dealing with. Once you are done with some basic research, close everything and spend 15 minutes just writing whatever comes to your mind about the essay topic. Those can be arguments, questions, conclusions, just random thoughts. When you are not tied by the structure, your brain works differently. Of course, you cannot submit free writing in any form, but your creative self will strengthen.

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Write an Outline

Manna students decide not to write an outline for a simple essay because it is not so critical for short pieces of writing as it is for research or term papers, for example. This Choice actually is bad when you are under time pressure. Creating a writing plan or an outline for your essay will save time, not waste it. When you work on the time pressure, you are stressed. When you are stressed, your cognitive abilities decrease. If you have a plan to follow, you will work fast without losing concentration. Also, you create an outline when you are not too tired yet, and later no matter how tired you are, you just follow that plan. Your creativity can rest a bit.

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Assess Time Left, and Ask for Help if Needed

After completing an outline, please assess the time left before the submission date, the deadline. If you understand that you need extra research, your outline requires work, and you are not sure you can deal with all this on your own, on time, ask for help. You can address reliable online writing services, such as WriteMyPaperHub, and pay someone to have an essay written for you. All you need to do is formulate your request, share the details of your assignment specified on the deadline, and receive the required paper sometimes. Students choose the option as a plan B which allows them to proceed with their education without problems. Of course, we don’t offer to use such services very often, but it is a great way out when you need a professional writer to deal with your essay while you deal with other tasks on your to-do list.

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Note Down Your Arguments

And we are back to writing essays. No, when you are done with the outline, you need to feel it. Start with arguments. They create the body of your essay and should be logical, concise, well-organized, and creative. Many recommend starting with writing a thesis statement or even conclusions, but we believe that starting with the most informationally valid part will help you to deal with the remaining paragraphs much faster. Use your free writing piece to look for arguments. There aren’t many recommendations regarding how to structure arguments, the most important fact. From our point of view, you don’t have time to waste on it. The only important thing here is to finish the argument that is easier than others to turn into a conclusion.

After you are done with the arguments, you just need to finish the word introduction and conclusions. Remember that they are basically consistent with that same information. You cannot add new information to conclusions. And introductions, you need a positive statement, and in conclusion, you repeat it, repeating your arguments casually as well. It should not take too much time, considering the fact that you have already returned all of your arguments.

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Use a Citation Generator

And now we come to the point when you need to deal with formatting. There are two strategies. The first is to deal with formatting in the process of writing. The second one is to deal with formatting once you are done with everything. It only depends on how it is more convenient for you. We have a little command to add to the site once you are done. You will use a citation generator and formatting style guides, so it won’t take too much time.

You are almost done! The only thing that is left is to make some brief grammar checks. To save time and increase efficiency we strongly recommended using online services. If your budget allows, sign for a paid version, it will do great grammar and style check and affect the quality of essays immensely.

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