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How to Get A Better Sound from Your Home Audio System?


We bet that you relate the term “high-end audio,” to highly expensive. Well, that is not the case. You can easily get an impressive home sound system on a budget. With the correct setup, even inexpensive equipment may provide high-quality sound. Wondering how is that possible? Read this article to know more. Also, you must know that making these tweaks doesn’t need any special training in audio.

Choose A Space That Has Good Acoustics

Having excellent room acoustics is just as vital as having a decent speaker or receiver to get the most out of your music. Also, the room’s size and layout may have a significant impact on the sound and music you hear via your home theater system. Check this out to know more.

Numerous sound reflections may be created in a space with many hard surfaces. Additionally, a room with a vaulted ceiling might make it difficult to hear what is being spoken.

Position Stereo Speakers Positioned Against A Wall In An Open Space


Cushioned furniture, carpets, and draperies reduce reverberation and enhance the listening experience. It’s possible to create a significant impact just by moving furniture. Consider installing acoustic treatments in your selected place if you want to enjoy an amazing experience. This way, you will hear less of the room and more of the speakers.

Ensure that the Speakers are Positioned Properly.

Standing waves (or resonant modes) are frequencies that increase or attenuate depending on a room’s dimensions. You don’t want the best listening position to be right in the middle of the room’s walls. In order to get the best sound from your speakers, you need to arrange them in the correct position.

Subwoofer placement is a no-no in terms of acoustic considerations. Using this technique often results in muddy, boring, or boomy bass. To get the most out of your subwoofer, take the effort to set it appropriately. Be open to the possibility of rearranging some of your furnishings.

A Traditional-Looking Home Theater


Optimized speaker placement reduces resonances while preserving the excellent image and soundstage features for stereo (or even multi-channel) systems.

A five-foot increase in speaker height improves sound quality. Speaker stands should be moved away from the back wall to improve sound quality. To ensure the correct stereo image, make sure they’re also appropriately placed from the parallel walls.

Ensure that each speaker is securely attached to the wall to avoid undesired noises being introduced by vibrations. Consider “toeing” the speakers a little depending on where you’ll be listening to the music.

Locate The Sweet Spot

As the saying goes, “location matters” may be applied to just about everything. You won’t be able to hear the music very well if you’re positioned out to the side and somewhat behind the speakers. For the most enjoyable listening experience, you should be able to find that “sweet spot” in your listening environment.

On paper, locating the “sweet spot” seems to be an easy task. Equipment, speakers, and furnishings will need to be calibrated. There should be a perfect equilateral triangle formed by the left and right speakers, as well as the sweet spot. As a result, if the distance between the stereo speakers is six feet, the sweet spot will likewise be six feet away. The sweet spot’s size and location may be altered by moving the speakers closer or farther apart.

Make sure the speakers are aimed exactly towards the sweet spot once you have set them up. A point behind your head is where the sound waves concentrate, not at the tip of your nose.

Utilize High-Quality Speaker Wire


Quality speaker cables of the proper gauge affect the sound that emanates from your speakers. You can hear the difference by playing a test track. The ability to supply sufficient current is a key feature of a quality speaker wire. Refer to your speaker’s specs as a starting point when it comes to thickness. In other cases, the speaker’s accompanying cable is so tiny that it’s like using dental floss.

A minimum of twelve gauge speaker wire should be purchased. Wires with greater numbers are thinner. So don’t use anything less than twelve-gauge, particularly if the wires have to go long distances. If your speakers aren’t powered properly, you won’t get the optimum sound.

You may increase the overall sound quality by bi-wiring your speakers if they have two sets of rear binding posts. An additional cable is all you need if you’ve previously set up speakers and other devices. The receiver has to be able to accommodate the proper, accessible connections. If this is the case, adding bi-wiring to your audio system might be a low-cost option to enhance and modify the sound.

Check and Make Any Necessary Modifications to the Audio System

There is a menu system in most stereo and amplifiers to alter different sound functions. The size of the speakers, the bass output, and the volume of the speakers are all critical factors. The receiver’s frequency range is determined by the speaker’s size.

When it comes to bass output, you may choose whether the lows will be reproduced by the speakers or the subwoofer. With this feature, you may tailor the sound to your own tastes. If you like a deeper bass, you may enable the speakers to play the lows as well. It’s also possible that your speakers can only reproduce highs and mids, in which case a subwoofer would suffice for low frequencies.

Experiment With Stereo Equalization


Dolby, DTS, and THX are just a few of the complex decoding algorithms found in many receivers and amplifiers. When activated, appropriate audio sources, such as movies and video games, may provide a simulated surround sound impression with an extended soundstage.

Don’t be scared to experiment with stereo equalization to fine-tune the sound coming from your speakers. Presets are available on many receivers, allowing you to alter the sound of your music.

Final Word

We hope this article helped you understand how you can get better sound from your home audio system. Follow the above-mentioned steps to improve your audio system.

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