8 Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Camera Microphone


Coming up with great content is what every creator puts the effort on. That makes the audience happy and brings revenue that motivates the creators to work even harder. However, all those ideas need to be topped with great audio and video quality.

When it comes to cameras and microphones, many things have to be learned to get the most out of your equipment. Mistakes happen because of a lack of knowledge and experience and they are the reason why you cannot capture the thing you have imagined no matter how hard you try.

To help you become a better creator, and please your audience with great audio and visual content, we made this article. In addition, you will learn a couple of mistakes that avoiding will bring you great results.

1. Lack of knowledge of your equipment

You can be easily overwhelmed by how much information is available for every piece of equipment. It takes time to study everything, but the excitement is making us start filming right away. This usually leads to bad-quality videos that will not please anyone, not even yourself.

Although there are many things that you will learn along the way, make sure you read the basics before you begin. This includes the focusing mechanism, the microphone, and adjusting proper lighting.

Learning these basics does not take long since you can prepare using online guides and by reading on forums. As soon as you understand these key functions, try them out and learn from examples.

2. Thinking the built-in microphone is enough


One of the biggest misconceptions about cameras is that the microphone they come with is enough for good quality content. These devices are primarily made for the visual aspect or to come up with photos and videos. The mic is the only addition and is used only for reference. For that reason, even though you might have a high-quality device, a DSLR camera microphone might be essential.

Fortunately, there are a lot of camera microphone options that you can choose from. They can be wireless and clipped on the person, or as an accessory that goes on top of the device. Besides that, there are many other variants that you should explore depending on your needs.

3. Using an inadequate mic

Because of a large variety of microphones, it is easy to understand that they are intended for a specific situation. Although there are universal mics, using the adequate option significantly improves the audio quality.

For example, if you are doing a talk show, it might be better to use a wireless mic that gets clipped on the clothes of the person speaking. A great piece of equipment to always have in your equipment bag is a shotgun mic. It is the most diverse piece that can be easily used for any dialogue purpose like interviews for example.

Lastly, make sure the mic can be fit on your camera. With much online information, you cannot make this mistake. All you need to do is write your model and see. For example, if we head over to Synco, we can see there are several different sizes that fit different models/cameras.

4. Bad microphone positioning


Another common mistake people do is incorrect positioning of their mic. This is wrong for many reasons, and it should be fixed immediately. Although the mic can still take up the main noises, it will also register unneeded sounds. This interrupts the main audio and completely ruins the recording.

For that reason, ensure you bring the mic as close to the sound source as possible. To do that, attach microphone to camera tripod and bring it closer to the person speaking. That way, the registered sound will come from the intended source, and the quality will be instantly better.

5. Avoid unneeded noise

In addition to the bad positioning of your mic comes the unneeded noise. That significantly worsens the quality of your audio and makes your videos sound bad. Even though you might be having great shots with your costly equipment, you still need a DSLR camera external microphone.

That will help you to register clearer sounds, and prevent including unneeded noise in your videos like the AC or any other humming sensation.

6. Prevent wind sounds


One common thing among the YouTube creators is they don’t pay attention to the climate whenever they take videos. For that reason, we are all witnesses to videos where we get overwhelmed by the wind sounds that the mic registers.

To improve your creations, you need a camera microphone for YouTube that has the fluffy addition on it. The muff is an essential piece that will surely help you in creating more quality content and keep your audience satisfied.

7. Not listening to the recordings

Another mistake that people do is recording without hearing the audio. That way, they cannot notice any imperfections and will be left with no good material.

For that reason, you must have a pair of headphones on you, and hear everything you record. If you notice something you don’t like you easily rerecord. In addition, you will be able to properly adjust your camera and microphone leading you to better results.

8. Thinking you can edit everything later


Lastly, you might be caught with the misconception that you will be able to edit everything at home. Even though many things can be edited and improved, it is always better to focus on providing great audio in the first place. The less work it requires in post-production, the better.

To come up with great audio quality, you need to look for the best camera microphone combination. Look at all your possible options and find the device that suits you most. That will significantly ease your work and will lead to better content that your viewers will surely appreciate.


With so much useful information on the internet, you can easily learn from others’ mistakes and gain essential camera and microphone knowledge. This will make your way to becoming a successful creator smoother, and all your ideas will be presented in the way you have imagined.

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