Why All Video Makers Are Not Created Equal

When choosing your online video maker, you’ll first need to know your overall goal and needs. It’s also important to know how much time you have and how skilled you feel about video editing. Having said that, most video maker tools are relatively intuitive with some differences that you might want to explore, as detailed below.

As a starting point though,’s editor is one of the easiest platforms to use and offers a large range of business templates as well as fun and unique ones for individuals searching for ways to either express themselves, or their business.

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Key Themes when Choosing an Online Video Maker

Here are the main differences of what you can expect from an online video tool:

  • Templates library
  • Music and audio files
  • Editing Functionality
  • Customer support
  • Ease of use and video compatibility
  • Connection with social media
  • External feature options
  • Pricing and signup process

Templates library

It all starts with the video templates. For instance, do you want business templates or do you prefer something a bit more crazy? Each online video maker out there has developed a library of templates based on their style and expertise. Some are specifically designed for business focus but others are more about creative fun. Also, the size of the library ranges from in the thousands to even in the millions. Regardless, they all provide an easy drag and drop option for any personal content you might want to include.

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Music and Audio Files

Not all online video maker tools offer a music library although all allow you to add your own audio. You’ll know if this is an important factor for you and what you’re trying to achieve though. Either way, when you make videos, you definitely want to think about the right music that will help keep people engaged and connected.

Editing Functionality

The more advanced online video maker tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro have a vast range of settings for fancy effects and animations. Having said that, it has kept a relatively intuitive interface so you can still use the basic options as a beginner and gradually learn the full spectrum. How comfortable you feel about doing that of course completely depends on you. You might therefore initially prefer to focus on the beginner platforms in the beginning.


Customer Support

This option is actually relatively unique to who takes pride in the support they give their users throughout the video-making journey. You might even ask them for tips as to what could work well with your own customers when you make a video.

Ease of use and video compatibility

As you might expect, some platforms will feel more natural and others will look awkward to you. This is a bit of a personal choice but the good news is that pretty much all online video maker tools offer a trial or free basic option. You can therefore play around and get a feel for what works for you. It’s also worth reviewing what formats you can download your video and which ones are compatible with Mac or windows, depending on what you prefer using. There are some differences and not all platforms offer everything.

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Connection with Social Media

Some online video tools are specially designed for social media so their templates are optimized to work well on Facebook, for example. You can also download directly onto your social media platforms with some of the video tools available.

External feature options

Depending on what online videos you want to create, you might appreciate those video editing tools that allow you to connect a Multicam or even Virtual Reality equipment. Again, not all of them offer this so just check before you get started.

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Pricing and signup process

There are clearly differences in price, mainly due to the various functions they offer and what formats and compatibility options are available. Regardless, most platforms have a free basic option and then the subscriptions tend to be within the tens of dollars although some do go into the hundreds.

Last but not least, we all love a friendly signup process. Some video maker tools make theirs overly long and complicated with multiple checks along the way. You might therefore want to check out the ones that let you play around with their video editor straight away.

Final Thoughts for Choosing your Online Video Maker

Choosing an online video maker is a personal thing and only you will know what features you want to prioritize. Having said that, you can also research the reviews and see what other users are saying. Then, it really comes down to what you want to use your video creator for and how easy you want things to be. Then again, sometimes you have to jump in and have a go. All the platforms guarantee good quality so you can practice making videos and see what comes out. You might be pleasantly surprised with just how good they look.

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