How Much Should You Spend on a Business Laptop?

Laptops have taken over the traditional methods of working and documenting in most businesses. Therefore, while purchasing a laptop, there is one question that pops up in our minds. How much to spend? We are often unsure how much money should go into buying a good business laptop that does not burn a hole in your pocket but has the best features a laptop can offer.

There are other questions like where do I buy a laptop, because these days, a lot of counterfeit laptops are being sold everywhere. If you want to purchase authentic laptops from reputed online stores, then click here! That is the solution for one question, and this article covers the aspects regarding what factors you must keep in your mind before buying a business laptop.

In the end, the weightage of these factors would decide the expenditure you must make and get the best out of the deal! So check out these factors and make your decision!

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Laptop Designs

Professionalism is a key element of any business, and laptop designs often play a role in judging a company. Too much bulk and color would reduce your credibility. Business laptops should be elegant and comfortable to use.

So, before you think of the money, decide whether the laptop you go for should be a hybrid one or a traditional one. If you aim for flexibility, then there is no doubt that a hybrid laptop would be the standard choice.

Define the purpose

This is the most crucial step before buying a laptop from the market. If your business involves too much traveling, portability is the factor you must give the highest preference.

If working involves a lot of time typing on a laptop, choose keyboards and laptops that are ergonomic so that you do not end up compromising on your physical health.

If your businesses involve a lot of graphics, buying a laptop with an advanced graphics card is crucial. If you buy a laptop with poor graphics, there are high chances that it would dampen the quality of the work you submit.

This would be a significant loss since unsatisfied customers would break their ties with you and find a better company.

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Undoubtedly, the CPU is the foremost important factor that you must consider. Some businesses involve performing extensive tasks on laptops, and therefore, your laptop must have a good processor.

Having a lower-end processor would affect your work’s pace, which might prove costly in the long run. So before you make up your mind about the budget, take a peek into the processor aspects as well as your business needs.

Memory Storage

Since most of the work is done and stored online, memory plays a vital role in deciding upon the budget for your laptop. You need to decide upon how much storage space would be needed on your laptop so that it can store all your essential business data.

There is no point in buying a laptop that is cheap but has insufficient memory space. Because if it has less memory space, you would have to spend vast amounts of money buying external storage devices, which is obviously a wastage of money.

The speed factor is also often considered because, in some businesses, time is a factor that you can never compromise upon. SSDs are a smarter choice these days than an HDD because they are much more advanced than HDDs in terms of processing speed.

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Battery Life

Most businesses would not consider this as a major factor. Nonetheless, you must consider this factor an important one because some companies do not have regular access to power supply for various reasons.

If your business is one of these, then opt for a laptop that has greater battery life.

Now that you have thought of all the factors that must be considered before buying a business laptop, you can check out these ranges and decide which range is the most suitable!

$300 and under

If your business activities are not affected by the low-end machines of Chromebooks and Windows, then this range has got a plethora of fantastic options for you.

However, it is advised not to go purchase laptops under $300 because the built quality is cheap, and with low storage and slow processing speed, your business is likely to get stuck sooner or later.

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$350 to $599

If your business is all about working on basic tasks on a laptop, then this range would be the best for you. You can get mediocre Windows laptops as well as good Chromebooks. Although these Chromebooks do not have much storage space, the build and the display make up for this shortcoming.

However, keep in mind that this range is only ideal if the work amount is on the lower end of the spectrum.

$600 to $999

The majority of your needs are met in this range. These laptops are advanced in speed, processing, and build and offer an extensive range of business-class security features.

If the data stored is highly sensitive or personal, you might consider spending 600 to 999 dollars to prevent any kind of security breaches. Besides, you also obtain the flexibility of working with comfortable keyboards and sleek designs!

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$1,000 and up

In this price range, there is no room for complaints. The extremely powerful builds and portability factors are a boon. These laptops are packages wrapped with ultra-sleek designs and jaw-dropping performance aspects.

This is the perfect range for business laptops if your company deals with design, development, and graphics teams.


Buying a business laptop is not a small decision, and you must never take this decision lightly. Perform a thorough analysis and decide on which features are crucial to your businesses. Sometimes spending a vast chunk of money on buying a good business laptop is unnecessary, and other times it is not worth it to compromise on the quality and build of your laptops.

This article must have helped shed light on the aspects that should not be ignored, so when you go on budget planning, take a last look at these factors, and you would not live to regret your decision!

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