Which Is The Best Machine Learning Method For Small Businesses

Machine learning is already shaking our everyday life and brings great promises to business. Some describe ML and artificial intelligence as a new generation of software – that can make decisions, learn and progress independently, without human intervention. On the other hand, the belief that this technology alone is sufficient – is not entirely true. Real benefits are obtained when ML and AI results are combined with human experience and decisions.

However, today more and more work is being done on the implementation of machine learning and AI in business. We’ve been newcomers to the ML and hopefully, you will show your understanding and in case we have explained something wrong, please let us know

What Is Machine Learning (ML)?

Machine learning is a type of AI which is developed to enable computer systems to progressively improve performance – by “learning” through statistical approaches. In other words, machine learning is the development of algorithms – that enable even more accurate predictions based on incremental data collection.

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The Concept Of Machine Learning

The concept of machine learning is contained in the fact – that machines are given access to data so that they can learn from them. Unlike ML, AI is a moving goal – and its definition changes as its advances in technology continue to evolve. AI uses a host of technologies that include ML, in-depth learning, inference algorithms, natural language processing, neural networks, and computer vision. These technologies are starting to show promise, despite the hustle and bustle in the market. Artificial intelligence is at a critical point in its evolution – and this is especially true of marketing automation.

How Machine Learning Works

Machine learning usually works best with large data sets by examining and comparing information – to find common patterns and explore nuances. It also automates the construction of data needed for various models of analysis. The concept that lies behind ML is that a computer, based on data can learn, analyze or identify different patterns. In the end, this technology can be able to make decisions even without people. In essence, it allows machines to learn and adapt to experience. Here’s how it works: The system uses probability to make decisions or predictions based on available data. He then uses feedback loops – to find out if his prediction is right or wrong. Predictions are becoming more accurate – and the system is getting smarter.

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The Role Of ML In The Functioning Of Small Businesses

Although most people think that ML and AI are only available to large and developed companies – this is no longer the case today. The fact is that it is used to a greater extent in large companies. However, the fact is that ML, just like many other new technologies – is slowly starting to be available to smaller businesses as well. Moreover, those who are familiar with this technology and economic situation – believe that machine learning with AI will play a leading role in the business of small and medium enterprises in the future. However, the advice for small business owners is not to start using these technologies – until they have carefully considered all aspects and methods of machine learning. Only that way their business could be further developed.

Different ML Styles

There are different groups in which we can place algorithms and you should select one that best fits your intention. The three groups are the following:

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning

Supervised and unsupervised learning differ in one major aspect. The former needs some sort of an educator who collects the data, labels it and helps the machine process it the right way. The latter works without such. Also, there’s reinforcement learning, where the computer gets its information from the environment.

There are different approaches to choose the relevant ML algorithms and train the models, and a good explanation can be found in the Serokell blog.

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Advantages Of ML For Small Businesses

Among all the advantages and typical value additions that machine learning and AI-based tools offer to small businesses –  some of the processes and methods that have proven best in practice stand out, especially when it comes to small and medium enterprises.


When machine learning is implemented in this industry – it can show its true qualities. Namely, with the help of ML, you can view and control all the data that correspond to your interaction with customers. In practice, this means that you can find out everything about previous purchases, types of money transactions, behavior and interests of your customers, etc. Such information will be of great importance to you, not only in terms of improving relationships with your customers – but also in further building your brand.

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Customer service

Nowadays, special tools that can affect your customers are increasingly used. How? Some of them can show their uniqueness with their color – and attract customers to express themselves by expressing feelings and preferences. This allows you to have good insight and customer information – that can help small businesses personalize their customer services through the use of a variety of digital tools and strategies.

Business process automation

This is probably both the biggest advantage and the best method – when small businesses want to increase their efficiency. Namely, business process automation can help small businesses that lack resources and manpower – or want to save on it in the long run. Machine learning in this case can allow you to collect data on customers, choices, and interests in a particular type of goods, transactions, etc. ML technology will help you here, for example, in automatically filling out various forms and the like. It is quite certain that automation will help you with efficiency when it comes to doing business. Check out the business process automation software from Fortra (

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The Bottom Line

We hope that we have managed to explain the concept of ML at least to some extent – and to point out some of the techniques that are most often used. What is of great importance – is the fact that today you can use ML in any sphere of business. It is enough that you have the right access to this technology  -and you can make it even easier for yourself. Although today there are views that ML and AI will in some way endanger people and their jobs due to automation – this should not scare you. This technology is in the service of man and without it, it does not work.

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