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How to Have Fun With a Hat Outdoors With the Arrival of Spring

The first signs of spring are already appearing, the fresh and slightly warmer winds are coming to cover the entire environment where before there was only cold and snow.  You must surely feel the excitement of going out and enjoying the outdoors and seeing all the beautiful landscapes that spring brings. That is why I bring you some tips to be able to enjoy the spring magic, with these straw fiber hats or similar materials that will surely make you look great.

Hats never go out of style, rather they adapt to the seasons and climates, so look at these fabulous accessories and enjoy the good energies that the beginning of spring brings you!

Source: DesignRarity

Panama hat tradition and history

It should be clarified at the outset that Panama hats are not from Panama, but are  100% Ecuadorian. Ecuadorian weavers are those who do the work of weaving the hat by hand, who spend months weaving to obtain a fine hat. Toquilla straw hats are so precious that they have become an endless trend, you can wear them with a flowery dress on a picnic day, or go out with jeans and a blazer to attend a meeting. The versatility of this classic accessory is that you can combine it and take it with you comfortably. For more information on Panama hats visit EcuadorianHands.

Pamelas a dazzling hat

It is an elegant and dazzling hat for women that denotes personality and strength. It is a hat that, apart from protecting you from the sun to a greater extent due to its wide and wavy brims, tends to be a trend hat for spring-summer. They are light and fresh,  and you can choose them in various colors, according to your tastes. It is a  sophisticated look, with a lot of class and style, and for the most daring I recommend wearing red lips with matching sunglasses.

Source: Chimu Adventures

A sweet Canotier hat

It is a flat, delicate straw hat, wide and rigid brims. It is a hat that will give you the feeling of feeling authentic and different from the rest. And you know what the most interesting thing about this hat is, which is perfect to wear to weddings or parties in general outdoors, on the beach or on the shores of a lake, combining it with your dress will make you look fresh and light. In addition to giving you an elegant and stylish touch. Canotiers is that hat that you can wear with both casual and formal styles. It always gives you an air of security.

Very original straw trilby

The trilby is a hat that suits everyone, it is that hat that always looks good. Many times we see them on the street wearing different types of women, and they are wonderful,  easy to wear, they go well with everything. There is no way to refuse to have a hat of this model. And if you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for, maybe it’s time to have one in your closet. Although there are felt and wool hats with this model. The straw ones are my favorites. For its freshness and ease of taking it to all the places,  you want to go with it. It is perfect to wear with comfortable jeans.

Source: Ruslan Baginskiy

The Cordovan a unique hat

It is a hat that is traditionally used in Córdova – Spain. Well, it is characteristic of  Andalusia. Very well known in Spain, little by little it has become known in other countries, when temperatures are warm Spain is a favorite destination. Comfortable to wear under the sun, since its wings protect you perfectly from UV rays, apart from giving you protection it gives you an air of elegance and comfort. Enjoy the sun with a  Cordovan and feel confident.

Tips to enjoy your day outdoors

When going outdoors this spring, remember to always be attentive and protected, so I  will give you these recommendations on how to enjoy your big day with a wonderful experience full of beautiful memories.

Source: Westend61

Take your sunscreen with you religiously

We know that this recommendation is always there, but it never hurts to remind them, if you plan to go on vacation to tropical countries, remember that the sun will hit you with greater intensity, a certified sunscreen factor 100 will free you from painful burns and terrible discomfort. Also, you should take into account putting on the sunscreen every hour or every half hour if you are in contact with water, so that it does not lose its effect and you feel safer.

Comfortable cotton clothing

Although the hats go well with all styles, if you are going out for a day outdoors, be it in the field or in the mountains. Remember that comfort comes first, you don’t want to feel friction or allergies due to sweat and heat, and I always advise “let the air run.” There is nothing like enjoying a day where you feel totally fresh. Choose your wardrobe well according to the places you visit.

Source: Cookist

Hydrate yourself religiously

Water is that part of us that we cannot forget, hydrate yourself and always carry a pot of water with you. Only if you are sure that the place you visit there is always water,  you can go with confidence. But it is better to bring your own water so you will have your skin smooth and hydrated. Sometimes exposure to high temperatures causes dry skin.

Insect repellent

When we think of vacations to hot, tropical destinations, we forget the detail of pesky insects. Those critters that never seem to rest are always on the prowl. Many skin types are allergic, and if insects like mosquitoes don’t exist where you live, you still don’t know how they can leave your skin red and swollen.

I hope these tips have helped you and most importantly, remember how wonderful it is to breathe the fresh spring air. Enjoy the scent of flowers and trees. The smell of the sea breeze gives so much calm. Look incredibly comfortable and choose the hat that makes you feel the best.

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