How to Improve Your Skills and Make Some Money From Playing Video Games?


A gamer needs to make sure that he is skilled in some fundamental skills, which will make it easier for him to make his career in the field. So some skills have been discussed below and their reasons for how they will affect your gaming performance. Once you are well skilled in these skills, then you will possess the best skillset.

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The most crucial gaming strategy is to be open to risks and new ways of gaming; same as, it earns you some good extra pocket money with little effort., the proof is that earlier people used to play using two fingers and an easy console set up.

But now, some people play with a three-finger gaming setup and even a four-finger setup, so it is always wonderful to meet the players who are open to risk to develop a better and advanced gaming method.


Patience and Perseverance

Victory is not the final result of a game; it always matters how much effort you put in it and your performance. While playing some games, your team might lose, but when you see the scores, you notice that your entire team scored good kills, whereas, in other teams, a solo person made almost all kills.

So you need to be patient and let your skills advance with time because patience is the key to becoming the best.


There are various instances in games when you are supposed to make a quick decision based on the moment’s seriousness. So users must be well skilled in the art of problem-solving so that they must overcome any issue and solve any problem instantly.



A good strategy is the core functionality of a game, so while gaming, one needs to make sure that their entire team works on a strategy and puts their best to make it successful.

If you are playing a shooting game, for instance, Call of Duty, you need to always come up with a different strategy based on the map; for the crash site, you would use SMG, whereas, for Nuketown, you would go for katana. So strategizing is important, so before you begin gaming, plan your strategy.


Concentration enhances the overall pleasure of the game and allows the users to use all their skills and transform them into his performance, by which he can make his game even better. So you need to concentrate on your game and have a great tuning with your devices, as said in sword training that believes it to be a part of your body.

So you need to make sure that your console can reflect what your mind thinks.



When you are a team leader or clan, you need to act instinctually because you cannot rush to the conclusion as it can harm clan harmony. Sometimes, when clans lose the battle, senior players blame the lowermost players, but this is not the symbol of leadership.

You need to make decisions properly, and when the mistake is committed, you need to blame for the same.

Critical Thinking

It’s well said that a gamer thinks faster than a normal person and implements it in the best way possible; you will know instantly that you are talking to a gamer based on his thinking and habits. So for a gamer, it’s important to make critical decisions instantly because based on these decisions, your performance in the game depends.


Pattern Recognition

The art of understanding gaming stats by looking at them is an excellent skill of a gamer, so while you are playing with an opponent, you should understand the attacking pattern of the opponents. Studying the pattern of your opponent, you can always develop a strategy that can ensure your victory.

This question will surely pass your mind: why is there a need to advance your skills and invest in gaming? So further in this article, we will discuss the financial benefits of developing your future in gaming. So there are some fields in the gaming industry that come up with great monetary benefits for the people ready to be intense gamers.

Game Tester

There are similarly food testers in companies: companies hire top-ranking gamers to play the first edition of their games and provide feedback. The position of a game tester is an official position in the company; the developer consults the tester to add features based on his experience in gaming.

The package for game testers is huge, and all you have to do is what you enjoy, and that is gaming. So if you are good in your skills and hold a good name in the field, you can always be a game tester.



Now Esports stands as the globally recognized industry, and companies are organizing huge gaming events to promote their products. So if you are the best player in your league, you can always participate in these tournaments because when you win these tournaments, you get sponsorship from these companies and cash rewards.

It’s always a good choice to be a gamer by profession if you believe you can be the best because it earns respect and money.

Live to stream

Nowadays, live streaming is in high demand because gamers with good skills and abilities share their gameplay on Youtube, and people willing to learn and enhance their gaming skills can watch their videos. There are three ways to earn by live streaming.

The first way is by brand affiliation; you can always mention the name of devices you use, and brands pay you for the same.

Secondly, you can earn by Ad-sense as you can place advertisements on your videos which is the official way of earning on Youtube.

The third way of earning is by Superchat; when users like your gameplay, they can always pay some amount to you, and this way, gamers can generate a decent amount of money.


Developer and bug bounty

Some gamers are also earning a big hand in the field of bug bounty as in this field; they have to play the latest released games and find the bugs in the game. Sometimes these bugs might be a loophole in some location of a setting combination that bypasses game rules.

This field of bounty is a tough one, but it does come in with huge monetary rewards.

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