What Is the Difference Between Soft and Hard Enamel Pins

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If you are thinking about designing your own enamel pins, you have surely come across the two types of these – soft and hard ones. They look fairly similar, so what is the difference between them? This is a question many people have, and it usually requires them to conduct research to get the answer.

Creating these is always fun since you can come up with a unique design that the manufacturer you choose will turn into reality. Plus, you can use them to promote your business, raise awareness of a certain issue, express your attitudes, or simply use them as accessories. In the following article, we will discuss the features of both of these types and help you decide whether you should go with soft or hard ones.

Design options

The main feature of soft lapel pins is that they can feature both simple and complex designs equally well. This is due to the fact that these don’t go through the polishing part of the process, which means that all the edges stay sharp. Depending on the design you choose, this may not be important. Nevertheless, if you want to go with an intricate one, you need those edges to stay sharp because otherwise, the design will be blurred. Basically, there are no limits when it comes to creating a design of your enamel pins. If you want to go with something complex that includes numerous details, soft lapel ones are the safe choice.

On the other hand, since hard items go through the polishing steps, they are not the right choice for intricate designs, but their main advantage is that their surface is smooth. This is an important requirement for some people if they want to create a traditional-looking item. If you are looking for design inspiration for hard enamel pins, visit the Enamelpins website.

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It is quite obvious who the winner is in this confrontation, right? Obviously, we are talking about hard ones. These go through numerous rounds of baking, which makes them scratch-resistant. This is the reason why hard items are considered to be high-quality products, but it doesn’t mean that soft ones are easily destroyed. To increase the durability feature of these, as well as customer satisfaction, manufacturers cover them in epoxy, which protects them from this type of damage.

Some manufacturers like even go one step further and provide you with additional warranty protection. They have a lifetime guarantee on their products, so make sure you check out their website. You can also ask them to add epoxy to your soft lapel pins, but be aware that this will increase the price of the product.

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Metal plating options

We have already mentioned that there is a significant difference in the production process of these two types. When it comes to hard pins, before they go through the polishing step, they are first filled in with enamel. This cannot work with some finishes, so hard ones are a great option for you if you want to go with something more traditional in silver or gold plating.

Nevertheless, this is not the case with soft ones, which is one of the reasons people prefer them. Since the metal plating process is done first, you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing the colors of your design. It is why these are recommended to customers who want to include intricate designs and numerous colors. In a nutshell, the sky is the limit here.

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The difference between these is probably obvious to your by now. If you want to go with an item that has a smooth texture, hard lapel pins should be your choice. We have already mentioned several times that they are first filled in and then polished, which is why they have a clean and flat surface.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least consider going with soft ones. Why when they have a textured surface? Yes, this is true, but remember that some manufacturers cover them in epoxy to protect them from scratches. Well, when this step is added to the production process of soft pins, the final product also has a smooth surface.

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Now, when it comes to deciding between these two types of pins, you should think about why you need them. Do you want to use them as promotional material to advertise your business? Do you want to use them to raise awareness of a significant issue that is currently affecting many people? Do you want to use them to express your personal opinion about a certain topic or simply decorate your bag or jacket?

At first, these may not seem like important questions, but the truth is that they are essential. Why? Well, because these answers will inform you about the appropriate look of these items. No, we are not only talking about the design itself. Instead, depending on the intended goal, you may or may not need pins that are elegant.

For example, if you want to use these as a part of a marketing strategy to promote your company, it is crucial to go with simple, elegant pins that demonstrate your professionalism. Potential customers need to take you seriously, which is why hard enamel ones are the perfect choice for you. Yes, you may also go with soft ones, but only if millenials and teenagers are your target audience because they will find them entertaining and appealing.

On the other hand, if you want to use these to boost your outfits and make them more fun, you should go with soft pins. As already described, these enable you to create intricate designs and use any color and shade you want. Plus, without a doubt, it will be more fun designing these.



Finally, there is the matter of cost. Due to the multiple steps of the manufacturing process, hard enamel pins require a higher investment, which means that they are more expensive than soft ones. This is to be expected since pins are filled in with enamel multiple times and polished at the end to give them that flat surface. On the contrary, soft ones are filled in with enamel only once, making the production process not only shorter but also cheaper.

Nevertheless, when choosing between these two types, you shouldn’t make your decision solely on the price. Yes, the hard ones will cost you more, but you should consider the above-mentioned questions and answers to make the right choice.

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