6 Urban Fashion Trends You Will Actually Want to Wear in 2024


Urban fashion associates itself with the coming generation; it represents what they like to wear and how they grow in the fashion field. It might be weird for a few as to how what they wear is considered fashion. It’s not that the clothing style is considered fashion but how the youth masses wear clothes and represent themselves through their culture and music.

Many people do research around concerts, and fashion shows to look out for the clothes and colors that the majority of the youth likes. Clothes being the most common way to represent yourself quickly gains a lot of attention without doing anything. It’s not fashion enthusiasts but people who want to look better and hop on to the trends they like and want to look out for urban fashion trends. Especially the latest generation goes through various sites like to get their hands on modern urban fashion.

It doesn’t matter if the person wearing the trendy clothes likes them, but if other people do, they keep on wearing those clothes. They only want to wear those clothes to represent themselves to other people and look their best. At times, it takes an adverse turn later on. To avoid it, you must first understand what precise urban fashion is.

What is urban fashion exactly?

Urban fashion associates the trendy outfits which are associated with the urban culture. This urban culture mainly revolves around the hip hop and rap music industry. The way the youth like to portray themselves and how they are involved in this field tells a lot about their culture. It further shows how the culture and the music are intertwined, which is also represented by the clothes.

In different areas of the world, there is a different cultures, and accordingly, there are different people. These people all around the world react and mix differently with music and represent themselves differently. While there might be similarities in the clothing they wear, how they represent themselves is the difference. When talking about similarities, it could be hoodies, tank tops, oversized trousers, and more.

Urban Fashion Trends For 2024


Over the years, there have been various trends pop up and forgotten; there are those as well, which were carried forward and further integrated. When trying different clothes and accessories, people sometimes return to a previous trend that shoots up in public again. And today’s youth, being obsessed with representing themselves better, rarely miss these trends. These trends again bring people closer and give confidence to each individual.

There are soo many previous urban fashion trends in 2024 which have been repeated by models and soo many people repeatedly that they are coming into the light again. These urban fashion trends could be the long-forgotten trends or the original simple and classy trends which win over the heart of the people again and again. Below are a few of these urban fashion styles which have been prominent in 2024.

1. Bright colors

Going with bright colors can never be wrong. But pairing up bright colors with your main outfit can make you shine more. While not all bright colors go together, combining the right colors for yourself can land you a very bright style. It might be the first time for the younger generation, but they should watch out as those fashion enthusiasts know what to pull out for a bright outfit.

2. Plush Coats


Nights can be pretty chilly, no matter how much energy you have for a concert. Therefore having something soft and small which can fit into your medium-sized bag is more than enough. At times like these, what fits better than plush coats? They are small but not too much small, soft, and protect you from the cold while giving you that classy look.

Though scarves or coats might be what pops into your mind first, one might not give you enough warmth, and you cannot carry the other in your bag. They both are a good option if you can pair them with your outfit beforehand. Yet, the plush coat would still be a more comfortable option.

3. Angular Shoulders

The angular shoulder is a very different style from all the usual clothes, with their shoulders and cuts around the neck. In general, there would be an off-shoulder or boat or turtle neck, but the boldest style would be angular shoulders. For one to dress perfectly in an angular dress or top is hard, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Whereas those who do easily shoe off their boldness and pair it up with bold makeup and accessories.

Angular shoulders don’t necessarily mean sharp or rounded triangles protruding in the dress. Depending on the designer’s creativity, they can be soft, wavy, and whatnot.

4. Monochrome White


The riskiest yet trendy color in 2024 is white and its various shades. White can be paired up with soo many colors and still would give off that clean look. Wearing white might be risky for clumsy people, but you can always pair it up with a darker overall. White is the perfect color choice for you to have a brighter and classy look.

5. Prints

Over time, various prints have come and gone in the fashion trends get. The most trendy ones were the animal prints. While animal prints might look good over the whole dress, you can also opt for those dresses which have partial prints. A person can never go wrong with prints; pairing the right things with your prints will give you more confidence in your outfit throughout the day.

6. Oversized Trousers


You can pair them with oversized trousers, be it crop tops or oversized tops, shirts, hoodies, or others. Oversized trousers are one of the most comfortable and trendy outfits that have been present in the urban fashion style for a long time. It has often made a comeback, and this year too, they are one of the sought after to be paired up with other outfits and accessories.


While urban fashion styles may seem over the top for a few, at the end of the day, they represent the youth. Most trends do not compromise the comfort of the person wearing the clothes. They add strength to their vibe and help them better represent themselves in the hectic lives of youth. These fashion styles might be what the previous generation started, but that doesn’t mean that these trends cannot develop further.

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