What Are CCTV Cameras & How Do They Work – 2024 Guide


Ensuring the safety of your home or place of business is the number one priority for every person. We try to do our best to install proper locks, to have the right type of lighting, and to do everything else that would minimize the risk of someone breaking and entering in one of the places that are the most important to us. If you are looking for a way to protect your home, your family, or your company and your employees, you’ve come to the right place. In this 2024 guide, we are going to tell you what are CCTV cameras and how do they work. Keep on reading if you want to learn more about the benefits that come with them, how they can help you, and what you should pay attention to when choosing the right model for your needs.


What are CCTV cameras?

Let’s first start by giving you more information on these units and why they are so important for every private household and place of business.

The abbreviation stands for closed-circuit television, and its main purpose is video surveillance. What this means is that the devices are used to help you monitor your property, and get a live feed of what is happening in or around it.

Some people choose to install these units just outside so that they can see what is happening around their home or office, or they choose to put devices both inside and out. They can be used not only for protecting your home, but you can also monitor the production process, and see if everything is done in the right way.

Depending on the models that you choose, you can have units that give you a live stream of what is happening or you can have a device that does not allow you to see the footage live, but you can watch it later on your TV or other devices of your choosing.

Note that with the technology advancing so much, you can opt for the right device and features for your needs, and the recording depends solely on the model you choose. Some models are best placed outside, and they will not get damaged by outside conditions. Other devices are made just for indoor uses and they should not be placed outside where they can get wet or where they can get knocked over by high winds.

Know that depending on the type of CCTV system you choose, you can go with cameras that are mounted in place and that will not move, while other devices are made to record at a wider than 180-degree angle. Some units can be set to record with a 360-degree angle, but you should steer away from them because there will be a lot of points on your property that will not be covered.

Depending on the size of your home or your place of business, you can choose to install just one camera that will cover the entrance of your home, or you can choose to get more than one that will help you see the whole front or back yard.

Remember that users who have these devices installed on their properties are much safer, since CCTV is not used only for monitoring, but it can also send you notifications if there is any movement, and it can help you increase your safety.

You should always do your research and learn more about the options that you have, the types and models of CCTV that are going to benefit you the most, and if you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, you can collaborate with a professional service that will help you set them up and install them.


How do they work?

Now let’s talk about the way that these units function and how do you get the feed into the device of your choosing. The easiest way to explain this is that the units take constant sequences of pictures or images that are then transmitted to the recording device and then the screen.

Note that the transmission can be done via a cable that is attached to the recording device, or the whole thing can be done wirelessly. There are positive and negative sides to both practices, so it is up to you to choose the transmission method that is the best one for your needs.

If you choose to get a wireless system, you should know that in most cases it will need a stable internet connection, and if there are any issues with it or the power, the image sequences will not be transmitted properly.

In addition to this, most models require constant power to work, while others have backup batteries that will allow the unit to continue recording even if the power is off.

Some of the models are made to record at night only, while others record best when there is daylight. You can also opt for systems that can provide good quality footage at any time of day or night, and they are especially beneficial for large factories or city and communal monitoring.

The most important thing with these systems is proper placement and installation, since if you don’t choose the right spot, and if you don’t connect them correctly, the investment will be to no avail. You need to be aware of the positive sides and the drawbacks of the model you choose and depending on your needs, you should invest in only one camera or more of them that will cover the whole space.

Depending on the camera that you choose, you may be able to zoom in the footage, you can do that during the recording process or after when you watch the feed, and you can also opt for models that will allow you to automatically or manually move the device depending on the angle that you want to see.

These systems are the best way to protect yourself and the best way to be able to prove your case in a court of law. You can use them as proof in case there has been a theft on your property, you can use them to increase safety and react right away in case there is a fire or other type of hazardous situation, and you can also utilize them for medical monitoring and diagnosis.

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