Fashionable Accessories for 2024: The Trends That Celebrities Have Helped to Launch


If you consider yourself as something of a fashionista, then you are no doubt eagerly collecting the relevant garments and accessories that are apparently very ‘in’ for 2024 and especially for the winter season.

There are many great items that are proving very popular already, as well as those that are set to become must-have items for spring, summer, and beyond, and you’ll want those too, but one season at a time.

A great many stylish fashion trends are either launched by celebrities and personalities of note, or they are used to help push them by fashion labels and stylists who are keen to see a particular fashion craze take off.

Here are a number of great elegant accessories that you should make sure you have in your closet for 2024.

Personalized Jewelry


The number of celebrities who have frequently been wearing custom-made jewelry continues to grow, and perhaps most tellingly, these are personalities that come from a variety of walks of life, proving that the trend is very much one that covers a wide cross-section of the public.

From Rihanna and Taylor Swift to Beyonce and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, all manner of stars have taken to wearing personalized jewelry. You can find types and styles that suit all sorts of occasions and outfits, from great initial necklaces like these to other elegant name necklaces and custom pieces.

The great thing about personalized jewelry is that it says something about you, the wearer, and can be entirely unique to you and your style choices. This makes what is essentially a luxury item an even more valuable option when it comes to accessorizing your ensemble and the time is right to invest in these as buying them online is a very inexpensive option at present.

Fendi Baguette Bag

Okay, so this accessory is on the expensive side, but it’s the kind of investment that will last for years and will help complete an awesome look. The Fendi baguette bag has become the accessory of choice for many A-Listers, including Amanda Seyfried and Emma Roberts.

This look harks back to the 90s and is perfect for 2024, as the retro styles from that decade are likely to make a big impact this year. This also has echoes of Sex and the City, the peak years, which of course goes hand in hand with the latest iteration of the show, And Just Like That, which sadly does not include the real star of the original, Samantha (Kim Cattrall).

If you like this style but don’t want to use any animal products, consider a vegan leather alternative. Companies like Doshi offer vegan leather bags and other accessories that are just as beautful and durable, but a 100% cruelty-free.

Netted Beret


The Beret is making a comeback in 2024, and this is a nice stylish take on the timeless headwear option. The upgrade sees the classic Beret coupled with a nice netted accompaniment that seems to effortlessly elevate an already elegant item, and it works well for many occasions.

It’s the right side of high-end to go with a night out on the town or to a swanky restaurant on a date, but it’s also formal enough to work for day-to-day activities, albeit you will look super stylish while visiting the local grocery store.

This look owes a lot to the success of the Netflix show Emily in Paris and is a look that you can expect celebrities indulging in this year, so why not beat them to the punch?

Double Chain Necklaces

The double chain trend was getting going in 2024 and is carrying on into 2024 with a resurgence. This look is sophisticated and edgy and works for many styles; whether you are going for an upscale outfit or even a punky ensemble, this works on many levels.

Opt for thick layered chains, and silver and gold work well, and see how you can match them to different necklines. Whether those are plunging or more reserved, the layering of jewelry is very fashionable right now, and if you haven’t already taken the leap, then now is the time to do so.



This is probably not the first time you’ve been told this, and believe us when we say it’s hyped for a reason, but pearls are very much on point for 2024. It doesn’t matter in what way you wear them, just wear them!

You can elect to have them as part of a classic pair of earrings, or as a necklace or, in our view, the best way, as a choker. However you choose to display the pearls is up to you, and once you do so, you’ll realize just how versatile they are as an accessory.

There is something classic about pearls, but at the same time, they are chic and adaptable enough to work on various looks and styles, so don’t feel constrained to go with something obvious. Live life on the edge when you have your pearl accessories to hand.

Prada Gloves

Much like our push for the Fendi baguette bag, sometimes getting an accessory with a ‘name’ is just something you have to do. These are delightful and obviously ideal for the winter but just as effective for a night out in the summer.

These definitive items have a vintage feel to them and are very much a retro item that works in 2024. You can spice things up with a burst of color, and remember purple is very in this year, or you can elect more neutral colors for a more demure look.

In 2024 they would be paired with oversized coats and tops, but it’s not clear yet whether the push for chunky clothing will be as big in 2024 as it was last year, such is the speedy ever-changing world of fashion.

These are just a handful of accessories that will breathe life into even the stalest wardrobes. Pick and choose which ones work best for your tastes, and then enjoy the effect these items have on your existing clothing choices or even as a base from which to build a whole new look.

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