Can You Drink Tea and Coffee With Invisalign? Everything You Should Know


One of the very first things to get noticed whenever you step out or meet new people is your face. And your smile plays a leading role in this. A good and dazzling smile would give you an unmatched level of confidence that is bright enough to make your day. Luckily, there are many ways that you can enhance your smile and look more beautiful than ever, thanks to various inventions due to technological advances. One of them is Invisalign.

Invisalign are the clear braces that have emerged as a shining armor that helps people align their crooked teeth and leave them with a dazzling, beautiful smile. They are the modern day alternatives to the regular wired braces that were used earlier, and have been a favorite amongst all age groups for a while now. They are easy to use, maintain and are almost invisible, so they go usually unnoticed by other people while you are with them. You can book an appointment for your Invisalign fittings and procedure here.

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These clear braces have become quite a trend in the market lately, and are greatly censored and marketed by various celebrities as well. But one of the major concerns that prevail with these revolve around the choice of food that can be consumed with them on. Such as can you have any beverage – tea or coffee – with these Invisalign? The following article would try to give you answers to that and many other questions:

First Things First – Why Invisalign?

Well, the answer to this is quite simple – to have a flawless set of teeth, that look good and feel amazing. Of course it is an additional treatment, but you live only once, so why not make the best of it whilst having the most wonderful time. And for that, you would need to have a radiant smile that could make your way even through the hardest battles.

Can You Drink Hot Beverages?

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Well, technically, the answer to this is yes, you can enjoy some of your favorite hot drinks with these invisaligns on. However, it is very much advised that you avoid doing so. Even though these are made from medical grade chemicals, such as polyurethane resins, these are very prone to heat damage. And it is pretty obvious that you would not want to do that. So, it is advised to take them off when you sip hot tea or coffee.

Moreover, lukewarm drinks such as warm water or soup should be okay and would not cause much damage. But do not forget to thoroughly rinse your mouth, and brush as soon as you can to reduce any damages whatsoever.

Okay, So What About Cold Beverages?

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Interestingly, these aligners are designed to handle subtle and regular temperatures nicely. You can have cold beverages, but be careful not to have anything too cold, as that could lead to tooth sensitivity and abrasions on your aligners. For your cold coffees and day old teas, you can use a straw to savor the taste, as it would help you keep the drink far from your aligners. A word of caution here. Be mindful of the drinks that are known to be staining, such as coffee and wine.. These notorious drinks can leave marks and stains on your invisible aligners, and can make them pretty visible to everyone.

What About Food?

Again, the answer remains the same that you can eat with the retainers on, but you should not do that. Not only would it get uncomfortable for you to chew your food properly, it would also get stuck between your aligners and teeth, making it quite a task to clean the mess. Moreover, it can seriously damage your aligners as there are many foods that can be abrasive to the soft materials of these aligners.

So the answer remains quite simple, no matter if you are consuming your favorite beverage or having a meal, make sure to take your invisalign off and keep them aside. This way you would be on the safer side of the equation, as it would protect them from damage, and be friendly to your pocket. This would also increase the longevity of the aligners and make them go on for the required time frame without having to change them unnecessarily.

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Invisalign:

These are not very hard to maintain if you take care of them on a regular basis. Remember a few points that are mentioned below and you should have nothing to worry about related to your aligners:

Take them off

This is the one point that can not be emphasized enough. Even after knowing all the health hazards and points, there is still a good number of people who do not take their aligners off when it is needed. You are required to wear these for about 22 hours a day, which of course includes the sleeping time. So that leaves you with plenty of time to take them off and take care of the other stuff. Make it a point to remember to take them off every time you pop something in your mouth.

Dip and soak them

Another important point to remember is to soak your aligners when you take them off on a daily basis. This does not only help you keep it flexible and clean, it also does not hurt your gums and inner lining of skin. Just dip them into some lukewarm water and let them relax for a while.

Clean them regularly

Just like you are supposed to brush everyday, twice, similarly it is important to brush your aligners everyday. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean them out, and be gentle with them.


Invisalign has become a boon for many people, and has been helping to boost their confidence for a couple of decades now. You can drink tea and coffee with them on, but it is advisable not to do so. Also, be careful while taking them off, and be a bit gentle whilst handling them.

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