5 Different Types of Home Safe Options to Protect Your Valuables

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When it comes to protection, nothing is too expensive, too safe or too unreachable. Those of you that have a lot more valuables or other things you would like to preserve from home invasions, intruders, and robbers need to read this and find what is the best home safe options out there.

A lot of us do invest a lot in the safety of both ourselves and our beloved ones but in our valuables as well. Some of us build safes in our homes, some hide them after they move in, some make spaces like panic rooms while others decide that the bank and their safe deposit boxes are the best solutions. For now, we will leave out all other options but the home safes and today you will read about the best ones out there and why they are considered to be good.

The Best Home Safes of 2024 | SecurityNerd
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For any more details or for some special offers you can check out biometric safe and see what is available for you today. But before you buy read this to the end and learn something new. Without any further ado let’s dive straight in, shall we?!

Sentry safes

These might be considered old school, type safes that are tough and durable. They are highly praised and they are designed to withstand scorching hot and sub-zero temperatures for a certain amount of time. They are made out of durable materials that can also hold their integrity if they fall from up to 15 feet (max limit depends on the type) and they can withstand water deeps as far as one foot. There are other security measures such as digital combinations, secondary locks and keys, pry-resistant hinge bars, steel constructions and two to four live locking bolts (again depending on the size and the model). These can be bolted down to the place where they will reside and it is highly recommended since it prevents easy removal and taking off.

Amazon Basics

If you are looking for something that is somewhat protective but at a reasonable price then Amazon Basics safes are the answer. With these, you will get a programmable keypad and a backup manual key for quick setup. This is available in several configurations and sizes with a decent enough material – carbon steel with an 8-gauge door and 14-gauge body. It also features two live bolts and a pry-resistant door hinge. This safe also comes with wall mounting and securing holes so if you get broken in, you at least make thieves a bit harder to get the safe altogether.

The Space Safe

The Space Safe - The first real smart safe by Space — Kickstarter
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When it comes to biometric safes there are a lot of them out there but not all of them are good. Space Safe is the one we would recommend for many reasons. It is designed to be burglar-proof and to fit in any room or space, meaning discretion is guaranteed. The size is more than decent and it will fit all of your valuables inside. The best thing about this particular biometric safe is the fact that it can be used by your whole family. Thanks to its large display on the outside you will have access to creating a separate account for each user, meaning no more pin sharing.

With its top-notch 360o live fingerprint sensor you do not even have to make a pin that you can forget, all you need is one of your fingers. Since this is a smart safe as well you will be able to see who is using it, when and for how long and you can grant or deny access to that safe instantaneously. Another good thing about it is that it has a small discreet camera inside that will allow you to peek in the safe and check up on the valuables as well as see whoever opened it, when and why.

Barska Gun safes

Amazon.com: Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet) : Sports & Outdoors
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Now most of us worry about our things like jewellery, watches, cash, and documents but there are people out there who like to have guns and they like to keep them locked up and secured. This can be especially true if they build their own firearm using an 80 lower. Barska gun safes are awesome for this and with its biometric locking mechanism, silent mod and solid steel construction and DOJ-approved design this safe is all you need if you have guns and want to keep them safe. It has 100% steel walls, temper-resistant inner edges and two built-in pry-resistant steel dead bolts. The biometric scanner on this safe will grant you access in 2.5 seconds and thanks to that this means you have a very high quality that can save up to 120 fingerprints.

Tiger king safes


This safe maker has a line of safes and all of theirs have proven to be tough, durable and good. This is why we are including them in this list as well. Tigerking makes safes for a while now and all of their safes are both fire and waterproof and they can withstand more than long abuse before they give up. Now maybe some of you won’t like this but all of these safes will eventually be destroyed if the burglars have enough resilience and time to get in.

Tigerking safes come in several varieties bigger and smaller with either a fingerprint biometric sensor or keycode and key combo. It all depends on the model you choose but whatever you pick you won’t make a mistake. It will come with 2 to f4 and 5 bolts that are more than sturdy and it will come in various colours and designs. It is a steel safe that can be 3-5 mm thick so you know you don’t have to worry about your valuables. They also make gun safes so make sure to check what they have to offer.

As you can see you have a lot of choices when it comes to home safes. From smaller ones that will keep money, documents and jewellery to the bigger ones that are meant for guns and the valuables of the entire family. Sizes and materials are good, and protection and safety are above the standard so you don’t have to worry about anything. All you need to decide is which one you like in design, dimensions and where you are going to put it or hide it, it is up to you.

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