Battle Royale Tips


The genre of shooters based on the battle royal has densely occupied a niche of popularity among many players.

Many gamers like to play Apex Legends, PUBG, Call of Duty Warzone, Escape from Tarkov.

Each gamer finds something of his own in such games, someone enthusiastically engages in Apex boosting (read more here, someone gathers his group and goes to PUBG for squad fights, someone loves the Call of Duty dynamics, someone likes dark alleys and realism Escape from Tarkov.

The main idea of the royal pursuit genre is survival in the best conditions in the best traditions of action movies. When there are only enemies around and you can expect only yourself and the squad.

To emerge victorious from the royal battle with a high probability, you need to consider the following tips:

  • Disembarkation
  • Drop Collection
  • Shootouts
  • Avoiding Dangerous Areas
  • luck factor


When you start playing a match and just fly by plane – analyze the game map and mark for yourself a place where you can safely land and immediately find basic weapons and armor.

You should not land on big cities – skirmishes and deaths will immediately break out in them, and you risk dying if your opponent gets to the weapon first.

You should not choose small farms for one house either – it may not contain equipment and armor, in addition, you will have to get to the next point on foot, and you risk spending too much time, getting into a dangerous zone or even meeting an armed enemy.

Choose medium settlements for 2-4 houses. You are guaranteed to find basic equipment and weapons, the first medicines and a helmet in them.

Track the landing of others – if you see a lot of parachutes on the same point – change plans. Look for other points on the map – it makes no sense to fight in the first minutes, especially since luck may not be on your side, and you will go unarmed to an armed enemy.

Your main task is to land as quickly as possible using a parachute as a pendulum and at an accelerated pace to find the first weapon and preferably armor. In the first stages, a pistol will do, but it is better to look for a machine gun or an assault rifle


Drop Collection

The drop and equipment that is scattered throughout the game world should be taken seriously, but without fanaticism.

You should not run and collect everything in a row, or stand for hours and look at the characteristics, I think which helmet or pistol is better.

Always look for:

  • Automatic, or assault rifle.
  • Helmet
  • Bulletproof vest
  • ammo
  • sniper rifle
  • Aim
  • first aid kit

You must be ready to fight at any distance, always strive to improve your equipment and always have resources to restore health and armor after the battle.

The ideal option is when you destroy the enemy from afar, it is not always possible to get closer, and therefore you need to look for long-range weapons in the first place.

An assault rifle with a good scope is also great. The main advantage of the rifle is that it has a faster rate of fire than a sniper rifle. You can conduct aimed shooting by releasing several bullets at a moving target ahead of time and be as dangerous as possible in case of close contact with the target. A sniper rifle in close combat is often a death sentence. There is very little time to switch to a secondary weapon.



Skirmishes are the logical end to collecting good equipment and determining the winner in the royal battle.

If at the beginning of the map you should avoid skirmishes in favor of accumulating resources and equipment, then closer to the end you need to confidently engage in battles with the enemy and defeat him.

Since a huge number of players play on the game maps at once, situations will not be rare when you see opponents fighting among themselves, and given that the essence of the royal battle is every man for himself, do not miss the opportunity to destroy several opponents at once.

Avoid shooting from disadvantageous positions – if you are in an open field and the enemy is in the house – you should not open fire. Due to the cover factor, the opponent can shoot you, and the match will come to an end.

Avoiding Dangerous Areas

In any battle royale shooter, there are dangerous zones, and they have several tasks.

Forcing players to move and engage in combat with each other to add dynamics to the game.

Full implementation of all objects on the game map, since most threats can be experienced indoors, or with the help of additional protective equipment – a gas mask and other things.


Luck factor

A very important but almost uncontrollable aspect of any game. More than once it happened to everyone when a random enemy bullet hits exactly where it needs to be and the match needs to be started all over again.

But luck can be controlled and increased by the right actions.

For example, it’s hard to call a failure in a big city and getting a bullet from the roof – it’s rather an incorrect assessment of combat capabilities and danger.

But to land on a small farm of three houses and find a rifle and cartridges for it there is good luck, but it also coincided thanks to thoughtful and correct actions.

Control the indicator of luck by analyzing a favorable and unfavorable outcome, and then the factor of luck will never have an influence and decisive significance on you, but will simply be a pleasant bonus to actions.

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